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This page lists all active United States and Canadian Area Codes and is updated on a regular basis. To obtain more information about a specific area code, click on the area code below. Some area codes are from countries and terriorities located near the United States, such as Barbados and the Carribean Islands.

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What is an area code?

An area code is a three-digit number that is used to designate a specific geographical region in the United States and Canada. It is placed in front of a seven-digit phone number to make a complete phone number. For example, the area code for a phone number in New York City is 212, and the complete phone number would be 212-555-1212. Area codes are used to route phone calls to the correct location, and each area code can be assigned to multiple cities or regions. Some area codes are specific to a single city or state, while others cover a larger area.

How are Area Codes created and managed?

The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) is responsible for the administration of area codes in the United States. NANPA is managed by a private company, Somos Inc, who serves as the ambassador of area codes and periodically assesses the need for new area codes and implements them as required. The introduction of new area codes can happen every few years in a given region, but the exact frequency varies widely state to state. Nationwide, new area codes might be added or planned several times a year across different regions to accommodate the need for more phone numbers based on population growth.

Understanding Area Code Results

Every area code page contains specific information about the area code itself, including additional information such as:

Time Zone: The current time zone for the area code.

Parent NPA: Some areas have overlapping area codes. If an area code geographically contains multiple smaller geographic regions that have their own area code, then the larger area code is considered the parent.

Relief Planning in Progress: Indicates that NANPA is in the process of assigning new area codes to the geographical area due to heavy usage.

In Service Date: The date that the area code was established by NANPA.

Example of the Parent NPA association between two area codes

Example of two area codes, one parent (602) and one child (480). In this instance, 602 was the original area code for the region until it was expanded to cover additional geographical range.

How Many Area Codes are there in the United States?

The United States, including its territories, is served by a large number of area codes within the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). There are currently 330 area codes in the contiguous United States, with additional codes in Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. US territories with their own area codes include: Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Each of these territories has at least one area code, bringing the total number of area codes for US territories to a smaller number in comparison to the entire United States. New area codes are assigned based on the demand for telephone numbers within a geographic region. The frequency of new area code assignments can vary significantly and is influenced by several factors, including population growth, the proliferation of cell phones and other devices requiring unique numbers, and the rate at which available numbers within an existing area code are being exhausted.

Top 10 Dangerous Area Codes of 2024

A scammer can spoof any area code when they place an outbound call. For this reason, you should be cautious when you recieve a call from any phone number that you don't recognize. With this in mind, there are a few area codes that have a higher likelihood of being associated with spam and scam callers. This is usually due to the geographical location of the caller using one of these area codes. For example, calls from the Carribean are highly likely to be associated with spam and scam calls.

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