Area Code Details for: 713






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


77099Houston, TXHarris
77089Houston, TXHarris
77086Houston, TXHarris
77088Houston, TXHarris
77090Houston, TXHarris
77091Houston, TXHarris
77087Houston, TXHarris
77098Houston, TXHarris
77096Houston, TXHarris
77094Houston, TXHarris
77040Houston, TXHarris
77092Houston, TXHarris
77093Houston, TXHarris
77039Houston, TXHarris
77057Houston, TXHarris
77031Houston, TXHarris
77056Houston, TXHarris
77054Houston, TXHarris
77055Houston, TXHarris
77026Houston, TXHarris
77032Houston, TXHarris
77061Houston, TXHarris
77028Houston, TXHarris
77027Houston, TXHarris
77046Houston, TXHarris
77045Houston, TXHarris
77047Houston, TXHarris
77049Houston, TXHarris
77048Houston, TXHarris
77029Houston, TXHarris
77053Houston, TXFort Bend
77030Houston, TXHarris
77050Houston, TXHarris
77051Houston, TXHarris
77063Houston, TXHarris
77078Houston, TXHarris
77079Houston, TXHarris
77077Houston, TXHarris
77075Houston, TXHarris
77076Houston, TXHarris
77083Houston, TXHarris
77085Houston, TXHarris
77082Houston, TXHarris
77080Houston, TXHarris
77081Houston, TXHarris
77035Houston, TXHarris
77068Houston, TXHarris
77025Houston, TXHarris
77033Houston, TXHarris
77034Houston, TXHarris
77073Houston, TXHarris
77074Houston, TXHarris
77071Houston, TXHarris
77036Houston, TXHarris
77037Houston, TXHarris
77205Houston, TXHarris
77508Pasadena, TXHarris
77518Bacliff, TXGalveston
77506Pasadena, TXHarris
77507Pasadena, TXHarris
77523Beach City, TXChambers
77523Old River-winfree, TXChambers
77523Beach City, TXChambers
77523Cove, TXChambers
77523Mont Belvieu, TXChambers
77489Missouri City, TXFort Bend
77497Stafford, TXFort Bend
77466Pattison, TXWaller
77477Stafford, TXFort Bend
77501Pasadena, TXHarris
77504Pasadena, TXHarris
77505Pasadena, TXHarris
77502Pasadena, TXHarris
77503Pasadena, TXHarris
77530Channelview, TXHarris
77581Pearland, TXBrazoria
77583Rosharon, TXBrazoria
77574League City, TXGalveston
77578Manvel, TXBrazoria
77584Pearland, TXBrazoria
77588Pearland, TXBrazoria
77598Webster, TXHarris
77586Seabrook, TXHarris
77587South Houston, TXHarris
77545Fresno, TXFort Bend
77546Friendswood, TXGalveston
77532Crosby, TXHarris
77536Deer Park, TXHarris
77547Galena Park, TXHarris
77565Kemah, TXGalveston
77573League City, TXGalveston
77549Friendswood, TXGalveston
77562Highlands, TXHarris
77461Needville, TXFort Bend
77020Houston, TXHarris
77019Houston, TXHarris
77022Houston, TXHarris
77021Houston, TXHarris
77018Houston, TXHarris
77016Houston, TXHarris
77368Romayor, TXLiberty
77017Houston, TXHarris
77365Porter, TXMontgomery
77024Houston, TXHarris
77327Cleveland, TXLiberty
77209Houston, TXHarris
77315North Houston, TXHarris
77345Kingwood , TXHarris
77353Magnolia, TXMontgomery
77355Magnolia, TXMontgomery
77346Humble, TXHarris
77023Houston, TXHarris
77369Rye, TXLiberty
77006Houston, TXHarris
77391Spring, TXHarris
77008Houston, TXHarris
77007Houston, TXHarris
77393Spring, TXMontgomery
77413Barker, TXHarris
77423Brookshire, TXWaller
77005Houston, TXHarris
77407Richmond, TXFort Bend
77012Houston, TXHarris
77011Houston, TXHarris
77015Houston, TXHarris
77013Houston, TXHarris
77379Spring, TXHarris
77382Spring, TXMontgomery
77009Houston, TXHarris
77380Spring, TXMontgomery
77381Spring, TXMontgomery
77041Houston, TXHarris
77044Houston, TXHarris
77043Houston, TXHarris

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