Area Code Details for: 405






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1947


73160Oklahoma City, OKCleveland
73159Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73157Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73163Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73162Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73075Pauls Valley, OKGarvin
73156Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74074Stillwater, OKPayne
73152Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73151Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73155Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73154Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73153Oklahoma City, OKCleveland
73173Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73172Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73170Oklahoma City, OKCleveland
73179Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73178Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73114Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73115Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73165Oklahoma City, OKCleveland
73074Paoli, OKGarvin
73164Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73169Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73116Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73167Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73125Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73080Purcell, OKMcclain
73126Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73148Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74077Stillwater, OKPayne
73079Pocasset, OKGrady
74078Stillwater, OKPayne
73085Yukon, OKCanadian
73090Union City, OKCanadian
74801Shawnee, OKPottawatomie
73082Rush Springs, OKGrady
73083Edmond, OKOklahoma
73084Spencer, OKOklahoma
73117Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73118Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73119Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73150Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74075Stillwater, OKPayne
74076Stillwater, OKPayne
73120Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73124Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73149Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73078Piedmont, OKCanadian
73121Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73122Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73123Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73059Minco, OKGrady
73063Mulhall, OKLogan
73064Mustang, OKCanadian
73054Luther, OKOklahoma
73057Maysville, OKGarvin
73058Meridian, OKLogan
73065Newcastle, OKMcclain
73069Norman, OKCleveland
73070Norman, OKCleveland
73071Norman, OKCleveland
73066Nicoma Park, OKOklahoma
73067Ninnekah, OKGrady
73068Noble, OKCleveland
73047Hinton, OKCaddo
73043Greenfield, OKBlaine
73048Hydro, OKCaddo
73044Guthrie, OKLogan
73045Harrah, OKOklahoma
74873Tecumseh, OKPottawatomie
73049Jones, OKOklahoma
73042Gracemont, OKCaddo
73052Lindsay, OKGarvin
73053Lookeba, OKCaddo
74531Calvin, OKHughes
73050Langston, OKLogan
73051Lexington, OKCleveland
73031Dibble, OKMcclain
73028Crescent, OKLogan
73734Dover, OKKingfisher
73756Loyal, OKKingfisher
73750Kingfisher, OKKingfisher
73742Hennessey, OKKingfisher
74059Perkins, OKPayne
73190Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73189Oklahoma City, OKCleveland
73184Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73196Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73195Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73194Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73038Fort Cobb, OKCaddo
73036El Reno, OKCanadian
73034Edmond, OKOklahoma
73072Norman, OKCleveland
73040Geary, OKBlaine
74878Wanette, OKPottawatomie
73033Eakly, OKCaddo
74884Wewoka, OKSeminole
73764Omega, OKKingfisher
73762Okarche, OKKingfisher
74880Weleetka, OKOkfuskee
74881Wellston, OKLincoln
74883Wetumka, OKHughes
73020Choctaw, OKOklahoma
73021Colony, OKWashita
73022Concho, OKCanadian
73017Cement, OKCaddo
73018Chickasha, OKGrady
73019Norman, OKCleveland
73027Coyle, OKLogan
74857Newalla, OKCleveland
73097Wheatland, OKOklahoma
73023Chickasha, OKGrady
73025Edmond, OKOklahoma
73026Norman, OKCleveland
73007Arcadia, OKOklahoma
73008Bethany, OKOklahoma
73009Binger, OKCaddo
73004Amber, OKGrady
73005Anadarko, OKCaddo
73006Apache, OKCaddo
73013Edmond, OKOklahoma
73014Calumet, OKCanadian
73016Cashion, OKKingfisher
73010Blanchard, OKMcclain
73011Bradley, OKGrady
73012Edmond, OKOklahoma
73141Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73140Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73139Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73130Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73143Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73142Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73134Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73132Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73131Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73137Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73136Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73135Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73092Verden, OKGrady
73093Washington, OKMcclain
73095Wayne, OKMcclain
74860Paden, OKOkfuskee
74864Prague, OKLincoln
74866Saint Louis, OKPottawatomie
73128Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73129Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73144Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73147Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73146Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73145Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74867Sasakwa, OKSeminole
74831Byars, OKMcclain
74832Carney, OKLincoln
73107Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74830Bowlegs, OKSeminole
74868Seminole, OKSeminole
74837Cromwell, OKSeminole
73104Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74840Earlsboro, OKPottawatomie
73106Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74834Chandler, OKLincoln
73105Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74818Seminole, OKSeminole
73112Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73127Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74802Shawnee, OKPottawatomie
74804Shawnee, OKPottawatomie
73113Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73108Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74826Asher, OKPottawatomie
74827Atwood, OKHughes
73111Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73110Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73109Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74851Mcloud, OKPottawatomie
74852Macomb, OKPottawatomie
74850Lamar, OKHughes
73003Edmond, OKOklahoma
74854Maud, OKPottawatomie
73002Alex, OKGrady
73001Albert, OKCaddo
74855Meeker, OKLincoln
73098Wynnewood, OKGarvin
73101Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73103Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
73099Yukon, OKCanadian
73102Oklahoma City, OKOklahoma
74848Holdenville, OKHughes

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