Area Code Details for: 563






StateIowa (IA)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA319
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date03/25/2001

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Current Time

2:27 PM


52045Epworth, IADubuque
52056Luxemburg, IADubuque
52079Zwingle, IADubuque
52078Worthington, IADubuque
52077Volga, IAClayton
52054La Motte, IAJackson
52075Springbrook, IAJackson
52076Strawberry Point, IAClayton
52136Cresco, IAHoward
52135Clermont, IAFayette
52140Dorchester, IAAllamakee
52142Fayette, IAFayette
52141Elgin, IAFayette
52101Decorah, IAWinneshiek
52099Dubuque, IADubuque
52132Calmar, IAWinneshiek
52134Chester, IAHoward
52133Castalia, IAWinneshiek
52074Spragueville, IAJackson
52066North Buena Vista, IAClayton
52065New Vienna, IADubuque
52068Peosta, IADubuque
52060Maquoketa, IAJackson
52064Miles, IAJackson
52048Garber, IAClayton
52047Farmersburg, IAClayton
52050Greeley, IADelaware
52049Garnavillo, IAClayton
52071Saint Donatus, IAJackson
52070Sabula, IAJackson
52073Sherrill, IADubuque
52072Saint Olaf, IAClayton
52057Manchester, IADelaware
52069Preston, IAJackson
52052Guttenberg, IAClayton
52046Farley, IADubuque
52053Holy Cross, IADubuque
52144Fort Atkinson, IAWinneshiek
50630Fredericksburg, IAChickasaw
52216Clarence, IACedar
52223Delhi, IADelaware
50606Arlington, IAFayette
52237Hopkinton, IADelaware
52172Waukon, IAAllamakee
52171Waucoma, IAFayette
52175West Union, IAFayette
52212Center Junction, IAJones
52207Baldwin, IAJackson
52321Onslow, IAJones
52358West Branch, IACedar
52323Oxford Junction, IAJones
52337Stanwood, IACedar
52330Ryan, IADelaware
52255Lowden, IACedar
52254Lost Nation, IAClinton
52362Wyoming, IAJones
52309Monmouth, IAJackson
52306Mechanicsville, IACedar
52156Luana, IAClayton
52155Lime Springs, IAHoward
52157Mc Gregor, IAClayton
52159Monona, IAClayton
52158Marquette, IAClayton
52147Hawkeye, IAFayette
52146Harpers Ferry, IAAllamakee
52149Highlandville, IAWinneshiek
52154Lawler, IAChickasaw
52151Lansing, IAAllamakee
52166Saint Lucas, IAFayette
52165Ridgeway, IAWinneshiek
52168Spillville, IAWinneshiek
52170Waterville, IAAllamakee
52169Wadena, IAFayette
52161Ossian, IAWinneshiek
52160New Albin, IAAllamakee
52162Postville, IAAllamakee
52164Randalia, IAFayette
52163Protivin, IAHoward
52044Elkport, IAClayton
52751Grand Mound, IAClinton
52750Goose Lake, IAClinton
52756Long Grove, IAScott
52753Le Claire, IAScott
52747Durant, IACedar
52746Donahue, IAScott
52749Fruitland, IAMuscatine
52748Eldridge, IAScott
52757Low Moor, IAClinton
52809Davenport, IAScott
52765New Liberty, IAScott
52768Princeton, IAScott
52767Pleasant Valley, IAScott
52759Montpelier, IAMuscatine
52758Mc Causland, IAScott
52761Muscatine, IAMuscatine
52760Moscow, IAMuscatine
52727Bryant, IAClinton
52726Blue Grass, IAScott
52729Calamus, IAClinton
52728Buffalo, IAScott
52720Atalissa, IAMuscatine
52701Andover, IAClinton
52722Bettendorf, IAScott
52721Bennett, IACedar
52730Camanche, IAClinton
50681Westgate, IAFayette
52736Clinton, IAClinton
52745Dixon, IAScott
52742De Witt, IAClinton
52732Clinton, IAClinton
52731Charlotte, IAClinton
52734Clinton, IAClinton
52733Clinton, IAClinton
52003Dubuque, IADubuque
52042Edgewood, IAClayton
52030Andrew, IAJackson
52004Dubuque, IADubuque
52002Dubuque, IADubuque
52806Davenport, IAScott
52805Davenport, IAScott
52001Dubuque, IADubuque
52043Elkader, IAClayton
52031Bellevue, IAJackson
52039Durango, IADubuque
52038Dundee, IADelaware
52041Earlville, IADelaware
52040Dyersville, IADubuque
52037Delmar, IAClinton
52033Cascade, IADubuque
52032Bernard, IADubuque
52036Delaware, IADelaware
52035Colesburg, IADelaware
52807Davenport, IAScott
52773Walcott, IAScott
52802Davenport, IAScott
52772Tipton, IACedar
52801Davenport, IAScott
52774Welton, IAClinton
52777Wheatland, IAClinton
52778Wilton, IAMuscatine
52771Teeds Grove, IAClinton
52804Davenport, IAScott
52769Stockton, IAMuscatine
50654Masonville, IADelaware
52803Davenport, IAScott
52808Davenport, IAScott
50655Maynard, IAFayette
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