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StateIowa (IA)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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50647Janesville, IABremer
50644Independence, IABuchanan
52766Nichols, IAMuscatine
50649Kesley, IAButler
50648Jesup, IABuchanan
52776West Liberty, IAMuscatine
50643Hudson, IABlack Hawk
50634Gilbertville, IABlack Hawk
50631Frederika, IABremer
50629Fairbank, IABuchanan
50642Holland, IAGrundy
50641Hazleton, IABuchanan
50638Grundy Center, IAGrundy
50668Readlyn, IABremer
50667Raymond, IABlack Hawk
50666Plainfield, IABremer
50671Stanley, IABuchanan
50670Shell Rock, IAButler
50669Reinbeck, IAGrundy
50665Parkersburg, IAButler
50657Morrison, IAGrundy
50651La Porte City, IABlack Hawk
50650Lamont, IABuchanan
50664Oran, IAFayette
50662Oelwein, IAFayette
50660New Hartford, IAButler
52406Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52405Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52408Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52407Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52402Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52401Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52404Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52403Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52499Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52498Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52540Brighton, IAWashington
52535Birmingham, IAVan Buren
52410Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52409Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52497Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52411Cedar Rapids, IALinn
52361Williamsburg, IAIowa
52345Urbana, IABenton
52344Troy Mills, IALinn
52347Victor, IAIowa
52346Van Horne, IABenton
52338Swisher, IAJohnson
52336Springville, IALinn
52341Toddville, IALinn
52340Tiffin, IAJohnson
52355Webster, IAKeokuk
52354Watkins, IABenton
52359West Chester, IAWashington
52356Wellman, IAWashington
52351Walford, IABenton
52349Vinton, IABenton
52353Washington, IAWashington
52352Walker, IALinn
52542Cantril, IAVan Buren
52642Rome, IAHenry
52641Mount Pleasant, IAHenry
52645New London, IAHenry
52644Mount Union, IAHenry
52638Middletown, IADes Moines
52637Mediapolis, IADes Moines
52640Morning Sun, IALouisa
52639Montrose, IALee
52651Stockport, IAVan Buren
52650Sperry, IADes Moines
52653Wapello, IALouisa
52652Swedesburg, IAHenry
52647Olds, IAHenry
52646Oakville, IALouisa
52649Salem, IAHenry
52648Pilot Grove, IALee
52635Lockridge, IAJefferson
52619Argyle, IALee
52601Burlington, IADes Moines
52621Crawfordsville, IAWashington
52620Bonaparte, IAVan Buren
52573Mount Sterling, IAVan Buren
52565Keosauqua, IAVan Buren
52585Richland, IAKeokuk
52580Packwood, IAJefferson
52630Hillsboro, IAHenry
52627Fort Madison, IALee
52632Keokuk, IALee
52631Houghton, IALee
52624Denmark, IALee
52623Danville, IADes Moines
52626Farmington, IAVan Buren
52625Donnellson, IALee
52335South English, IAKeokuk
52656West Point, IALee
52657Saint Paul, IALee
52232Hartwick, IAPoweshiek
52655West Burlington, IADes Moines
52660Yarmouth, IADes Moines
52737Columbus City, IALouisa
52658Wever, IALee
52659Winfield, IAHenry
52242Iowa City, IAJohnson
52241Coralville, IAJohnson
52244Iowa City, IAJohnson
52243Iowa City, IAJohnson
52235Hills, IAJohnson
52233Hiawatha, IALinn
52240Iowa City, IAJohnson
52236Homestead, IAIowa
52738Columbus Junction, IALouisa
50614Cedar Falls, IABlack Hawk
50619Clarksville, IAButler
50612Buckingham, IATama
50613Cedar Falls, IABlack Hawk
50624Dike, IAGrundy
50626Dunkerton, IABlack Hawk
50622Denver, IABremer
50623Dewar, IABlack Hawk
52754Letts, IALouisa
52755Lone Tree, IAJohnson
52739Conesville, IAMuscatine
52752Grandview, IALouisa
50607Aurora, IABuchanan
50608Austinville, IAButler
50602Allison, IAButler
50604Aplington, IAButler
52245Iowa City, IAJohnson
52320Olin, IAJones
52318Norway, IABenton
52324Palo, IALinn
52322Oxford, IAJohnson
50136Keswick, IAKeokuk
52315Newhall, IABenton
52317North Liberty, IAJohnson
52316North English, IAIowa
52332Shellsburg, IABenton
52329Rowley, IABuchanan
52334South Amana, IAIowa
52333Solon, IAJohnson
52326Quasqueton, IABuchanan
52325Parnell, IAIowa
52328Robins, IALinn
52327Riverside, IAWashington
52314Mount Vernon, IALinn
52253Lisbon, IALinn
52252Langworthy, IAJones
52301Marengo, IAIowa
52257Luzerne, IABenton
52247Kalona, IAWashington
52246Iowa City, IAJohnson
52251Ladora, IAIowa
52249Keystone, IABenton
52310Monticello, IAJones
52308Millersburg, IAIowa
52313Mount Auburn, IABenton
52312Morley, IAJones
52654Wayland, IAHenry
52302Marion, IALinn
52307Middle Amana, IAIowa
52305Martelle, IAJones
50704Waterloo, IABlack Hawk
50703Waterloo, IABlack Hawk
50702Waterloo, IABlack Hawk
52202Alburnett, IALinn
52201Ainsworth, IAWashington
50707Evansdale, IABlack Hawk
50701Waterloo, IABlack Hawk
50675Traer, IATama
50674Sumner, IABremer
50673Stout, IAGrundy
50682Winthrop, IABuchanan
50677Waverly, IABremer
50676Tripoli, IABremer
52203Amana, IAIowa
52224Dysart, IATama
52221Guernsey, IAPoweshiek
52220Conroy, IAIowa
52228Fairfax, IALinn
52227Ely, IALinn
52225Elberon, IATama
52214Central City, IALinn
52206Atkins, IABenton
52205Anamosa, IAJones
52213Center Point, IALinn
52210Brandon, IABuchanan
52209Blairstown, IABenton
52208Belle Plaine, IABenton
52217Clutier, IATama
52218Coggon, IALinn
52219Prairieburg, IALinn
52229Garrison, IABenton
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