Area Code Details for: 520






Time ZoneM
Parent NPA602
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date03/19/1995


85341Lukeville, AZPima
85342Morristown, AZMaricopa
85640Tumacacori, AZSanta Cruz
85321Ajo, AZPima
85361Wittmann, AZMaricopa
85613Fort Huachuca, AZCochise
85775Tucson, AZPima
85607Douglas, AZCochise
85608Douglas, AZCochise
85609Dragoon, AZCochise
85601Arivaca, AZPima
85602Benson, AZCochise
85606Cochise, AZCochise
85610Elfrida, AZCochise
85639Topawa, AZPima
85614Green Valley, AZPima
85320Aguila, AZMaricopa
85603Bisbee, AZCochise
85611Elgin, AZSanta Cruz
85605Bowie, AZCochise
85626Pirtleville, AZCochise
85627Pomerene, AZCochise
85620Naco, AZCochise
85625Pearce, AZCochise
85628Nogales, AZSanta Cruz
85723Tucson, AZPima
85724Tucson, AZPima
85714Tucson, AZPima
85629Sahuarita, AZPima
85722Tucson, AZPima
85616Huachuca City, AZCochise
85715Tucson, AZPima
85716Tucson, AZPima
85719Tucson, AZPima
85617Mc Neal, AZCochise
85720Tucson, AZPima
85721Tucson, AZPima
85618Mammoth, AZPinal
85619Mount Lemmon, AZPima
85630Saint David, AZCochise
85638Tombstone, AZCochise
85711Tucson, AZPima
85636Sierra Vista, AZCochise
85637Sonoita, AZSanta Cruz
85623Oracle, AZPinal
85708Tucson, AZPima
85707Tucson, AZPima
85710Tucson, AZPima
85709Tucson, AZPima
85635Sierra Vista, AZCochise
85726Tucson, AZPima
85728Tucson, AZPima
85631San Manuel, AZPinal
85725Tucson, AZPima
85632San Simon, AZCochise
85712Tucson, AZPima
85634Sells, AZPima
85713Tucson, AZPima
85633Sasabe, AZPima
85734Tucson, AZPima
85735Tucson, AZPima
85732Tucson, AZPima
85733Tucson, AZPima
85736Tucson, AZPima
85738Tucson, AZPima
85739Tucson, AZPima
85737Tucson, AZPima
85738Catalina , AZPima
85731Tucson, AZPima
85193Casa Grande, AZPinal
85192Winkelman, AZGila
85355Waddell, AZMaricopa
85194Casa Grande, AZPinal
85191Valley Farms, AZPinal
85624Patagonia, AZSanta Cruz
85730Tucson, AZPima
85190Tortilla Flat, AZMaricopa
85354Tonopah, AZMaricopa
85740Tucson, AZPima
85754Tucson, AZPima
85755Tucson, AZPima
85751Tucson, AZPima
85752Tucson, AZPima
85756Tucson, AZPima
85717Tucson, AZPima
85615Hereford, AZCochise
85757Tucson, AZPima
85718Tucson, AZPima
85750Tucson, AZPima
85743Tucson, AZPima
85744Tucson, AZPima
85741Tucson, AZPima
85742Tucson, AZPima
85745Tucson, AZPima
85748Tucson, AZPima
85749Tucson, AZPima
85746Tucson, AZPima
85747Tucson, AZPima
85706Tucson, AZPima
85130Casa Grande, AZPinal
85643Willcox, AZCochise
85132Florence, AZPinal
85131Eloy, AZPinal
85621Nogales, AZSanta Cruz
85646Tubac, AZSanta Cruz
85648Rio Rico, AZSanta Cruz
85644Willcox, AZCochise
85645Amado, AZPima
85392Avondale, AZMaricopa
85395Goodyear, AZMaricopa
85337Gila Bend, AZMaricopa
85390Wickenburg, AZMaricopa
85139Maricopa, AZPinal
85137Kearny, AZPinal
85135Hayden, AZGila
85138Maricopa, AZPinal
85641Vail, AZPima
85650Sierra Vista, AZCochise
85658Marana, AZPima
85670Fort Huachuca, AZCochise
85358Wickenburg, AZMaricopa
85704Tucson, AZPima
85655Douglas, AZCochise
85622Green Valley, AZPima
85701Tucson, AZPima
85702Tucson, AZPima
85671Sierra Vista, AZCochise
85703Tucson, AZPima
85654Rillito, AZPima
85653Marana, AZPima
85652Cortaro, AZPima
85705Tucson, AZPima

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