Area Code Details for: 602






StateArizona (AZ)
Time ZoneMountain Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNO
In Service Date01/01/1947

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85018Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85020Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85019Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85339Laveen, AZMaricopa
85016Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85017Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85027Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85028Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85029Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85026Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85021Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85022Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85023Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85005Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85006Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85007Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85004Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85001Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85002Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85003Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85008Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85013Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85014Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85015Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85012Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85009Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85010Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85011Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85030Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85072Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85074Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85071Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85086Anthem, AZMaricopa
85086Desert Hills, AZMaricopa
85076Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85080Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85061Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85087New River, AZMaricopa
85078Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85079Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85070Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85063Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85064Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85062Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85085Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85083Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85082Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85086Phoenix , AZMaricopa
85069Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85068Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85066Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85067Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85041Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85040Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85038Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85046Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85043Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85042Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85037Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85033Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85032Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85031Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85036Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85035Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85034Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85050Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85051Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85053Phoenix, AZMaricopa
85060Phoenix, AZMaricopa
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