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StateFlorida (FL)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA305
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/16/1988

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32820Orlando, FLOrange
32819Orlando, FLOrange
32824Orlando, FLOrange
32825Orlando, FLOrange
32822Orlando, FLOrange
32704Apopka, FLOrange
32821Orlando, FLOrange
32818Orlando, FLOrange
32811Orlando, FLOrange
32810Orlando, FLOrange
32809Orlando, FLOrange
32812Orlando, FLOrange
32817Orlando, FLOrange
32816Orlando, FLOrange
32814Orlando, FLOrange
32826Orlando, FLOrange
32827Orlando, FLOrange
34769Saint Cloud, FLOsceola
34770Saint Cloud, FLOsceola
34761Ocoee, FLOrange
34758Kissimmee, FLOsceola
32828Orlando, FLOrange
34760Oakland, FLOrange
34771Saint Cloud, FLOsceola
32839Orlando, FLOrange
34786Windermere, FLOrange
34787Winter Garden, FLOrange
34778Winter Garden, FLOrange
34772Saint Cloud, FLOsceola
34773Saint Cloud, FLOsceola
34777Winter Garden, FLOrange
32701Altamonte Springs, FLSeminole
32794Maitland, FLOrange
32773Sanford, FLSeminole
32772Sanford, FLSeminole
32703Apopka, FLOrange
32771Sanford, FLSeminole
32834Orlando, FLOrange
32774Orange City, FLVolusia
32789Winter Park, FLOrange
33848Intercession City, FLOsceola
32792Winter Park, FLOrange
32790Winter Park, FLOrange
32793Winter Park, FLOrange
32779Longwood, FLSeminole
32791Longwood, FLSeminole
32795Lake Mary, FLSeminole
32804Orlando, FLOrange
32803Orlando, FLOrange
32763Orange City, FLVolusia
32805Orlando, FLOrange
32808Orlando, FLOrange
32807Orlando, FLOrange
32806Orlando, FLOrange
32802Orlando, FLOrange
32801Orlando, FLOrange
32799Mid Florida, FLSeminole
32798Zellwood, FLOrange
32768Plymouth, FLOrange
32764Osteen, FLVolusia
32765Oviedo, FLSeminole
32766Oviedo, FLSeminole
34756Montverde, FLLake
32747Lake Monroe, FLSeminole
32750Longwood, FLSeminole
32886Orlando, FLOrange
32746Lake Mary, FLSeminole
32752Longwood, FLSeminole
32753Debary, FLVolusia
32885Orlando, FLOrange
32751Maitland, FLOrange
32733Goldenrod, FLSeminole
32738Deltona, FLVolusia
32730Casselberry, FLSeminole
32732Geneva, FLSeminole
32739Deltona, FLVolusia
32745Mid Florida, FLSeminole
32891Orlando, FLOrange
32887Orlando, FLOrange
32762Oviedo, FLSeminole
32858Orlando, FLOrange
32857Orlando, FLOrange
32860Orlando, FLOrange
32859Orlando, FLOrange
32853Orlando, FLOrange
32854Orlando, FLOrange
32856Orlando, FLOrange
32855Orlando, FLOrange
32872Orlando, FLOrange
32869Orlando, FLOrange
32878Orlando, FLOrange
32877Orlando, FLOrange
32862Orlando, FLOrange
32861Orlando, FLOrange
32868Orlando, FLOrange
32867Orlando, FLOrange
34740Killarney, FLOrange
34739Kenansville, FLOsceola
34742Kissimmee, FLOsceola
34741Kissimmee, FLOsceola
34734Gotha, FLOrange
32712Apopka, FLOrange
32836Orlando, FLOrange
32710Clarcona, FLOrange
34743Kissimmee, FLOsceola
32708Winter Springs, FLSeminole
32709Christmas, FLOrange
32837Orlando, FLOrange
32707Casselberry, FLSeminole
34745Kissimmee, FLOsceola
34744Kissimmee, FLOsceola
34747Kissimmee, FLOsceola
34746Kissimmee, FLOsceola
32716Altamonte Springs, FLSeminole
32718Casselberry, FLSeminole
32714Altamonte Springs, FLSeminole
32715Altamonte Springs, FLSeminole
32719Winter Springs, FLSeminole
32725Deltona, FLVolusia
32728Deltona, FLVolusia
32897Orlando, FLOrange
32896Orlando, FLOrange
32833Orlando, FLOrange
32830Orlando, FLOrange
32835Orlando, FLOrange
32829Orlando, FLOrange
34729Ferndale, FLLake
32832Orlando, FLOrange
32831Orlando, FLOrange
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