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StateColorado (CO)
Time ZoneMountain Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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80108Castle Rock, CODouglas
80109Castle Rock, CODouglas
80110Englewood, COArapahoe
80105Deer Trail, COArapahoe
80106Elbert, COEl Paso
80107Elizabeth, COElbert
80111Englewood, COArapahoe
80117Kiowa, COElbert
80118Larkspur, CODouglas
80120Littleton, COArapahoe
80112Englewood, COArapahoe
80113Englewood, COArapahoe
80116Franktown, CODouglas
80104Castle Rock, CODouglas
80038Broomfield, COBroomfield
80040Aurora, COAdams
80041Aurora, COArapahoe
80035Westminster, COAdams
80036Westminster, COAdams
80037Commerce City, COAdams
80042Aurora, COAdams
80047Aurora, COArapahoe
80102Bennett, COAdams
80103Byers, COArapahoe
80044Aurora, COArapahoe
80045Aurora, COAdams
80046Aurora, COArapahoe
80510Allenspark, COLarimer
80504Longmont, COWeld
80503Longmont, COBoulder
80136Strasburg, COAdams
80137Watkins, COAdams
80138Parker, CODouglas
80502Longmont, COBoulder
80475Shawnee, COPark
80474Rollinsville, COGilpin
80471Pinecliffe, COBoulder
80501Longmont, COBoulder
80481Ward, COBoulder
80476Silver Plume, COClear Creek
80135Sedalia, CODouglas
80124Lone Tree , CODouglas
80124Littleton, CODouglas
80125Littleton, CODouglas
80121Littleton, COArapahoe
80122Littleton, COArapahoe
80123Littleton, COJefferson
80126Littleton, CODouglas
80130Littleton, CODouglas
80131Louviers, CODouglas
80134Parker, CODouglas
80127Littleton, COJefferson
80128Littleton, COJefferson
80129Littleton, CODouglas
80643Keenesburg, COWeld
80642Hudson, COWeld
80640Henderson, COAdams
80749Sedgwick, COSedgwick
80732Hereford, COWeld
80652Roggen, COWeld
80621Fort Lupton, COWeld
80602Brighton, COAdams
80601Brighton, COAdams
80544Niwot, COBoulder
80614Eastlake, COAdams
80603Lochbuie, COWeld
80603Brighton , COWeld
80001Arvada, COJefferson
80011Aurora, COAdams
80006Arvada, COJefferson
80005Arvada, COJefferson
80010Aurora, COArapahoe
80007Arvada, COJefferson
80011Aurora , COArapahoe
80004Arvada, COJefferson
80014Aurora, COArapahoe
80013Aurora, COArapahoe
80012Aurora, COArapahoe
80003Arvada, COJefferson
80002Arvada, COJefferson
80015Aurora, COArapahoe
80023Broomfield , COBroomfield
80023Westminster, COBroomfield
80024Dupont, COAdams
80021Broomfield, COJefferson
80021Westminster, COBroomfield
80022Commerce City, COAdams
80025Eldorado Springs, COBoulder
80031Westminster, COAdams
80033Wheat Ridge, COJefferson
80034Wheat Ridge, COJefferson
80026Lafayette, COBoulder
80027Louisville, COBoulder
80030Westminster, COAdams
80021Broomfield , COJefferson
80520Firestone, COWeld
80516Frederick, COBoulder
80516Erie , COBoulder
80540Lyons, COBoulder
80533Hygiene, COBoulder
80530Frederick, COWeld
80514Dacono, COWeld
80019Aurora, COAdams
80020Broomfield , COBroomfield
80020Westminster, COBroomfield
80016Aurora, COArapahoe
80017Aurora, COArapahoe
80018Aurora, COArapahoe
80470Pine, COJefferson
80219Denver, CODenver
80220Denver, CODenver
80221Denver, COAdams
80271Denver, CODenver
80266Denver, CODenver
80265Denver, CODenver
80222Denver, CODenver
80226Denver, COJefferson
80227Denver , COJefferson
80227Lakewood, COJefferson
80223Denver, CODenver
80224Denver, CODenver
80225Denver, COJefferson
80273Denver, CODenver
80303Boulder, COBoulder
80302Boulder, COBoulder
80301Boulder, COBoulder
80218Denver, CODenver
80305Boulder, COBoulder
80304Boulder, COBoulder
80299Denver, CODenver
80290Denver, CODenver
80281Denver, CODenver
80274Denver, CODenver
80294Denver, CODenver
80293Denver, CODenver
80291Denver, CODenver
80263Denver, CODenver
80264Denver, CODenver
80256Denver, CODenver
80259Denver, CODenver
80260Denver, COAdams
80261Denver, CODenver
80250Denver, CODenver
80246Denver, CODenver
80243Denver, CODenver
80241Thornton, COAdams
80249Denver, CODenver
80248Denver, CODenver
80247Denver, COArapahoe
80257Denver, CODenver
80231Denver, CODenver
80232Denver, COJefferson
80233Denver, COAdams
80228Denver, COJefferson
80229Denver, COAdams
80230Denver, CODenver
80234Denver, COAdams
80237Denver, CODenver
80238Denver, CODenver
80239Denver, CODenver
80235Denver , COJefferson
80235Lakewood, COJefferson
80236Denver, CODenver
80422Black Hawk, COGilpin
80421Bailey, COPark
80419Golden, COJefferson
80427Central City, COGilpin
80425Buffalo Creek, COJefferson
80423Bond, COEagle
80403Golden, COJefferson
80310Boulder, COBoulder
80309Boulder, COBoulder
80308Boulder, COBoulder
80402Golden, COJefferson
80401Golden, COJefferson
80314Boulder, COBoulder
80433Conifer, COJefferson
80457Kittredge, COJefferson
80465Morrison, COJefferson
80452Idaho Springs, COClear Creek
80454Indian Hills, COJefferson
80455Jamestown, COBoulder
80453Idledale, COJefferson
80448Grant, COPark
80466Nederland, COBoulder
80437Evergreen, COJefferson
80436Dumont, COClear Creek
80444Georgetown, COClear Creek
80439Evergreen, COJefferson
80438Empire, COClear Creek
80215Denver, COJefferson
80214Denver, COJefferson
80212Denver, CODenver
80217Denver, CODenver
80204Denver, CODenver
80216Denver, CODenver
80211Denver, CODenver
80209Denver, CODenver
80207Denver, CODenver
80208Denver, CODenver
80205Denver, CODenver
80206Denver, CODenver
80210Denver, CODenver
80203Denver, CODenver
80155Englewood, COArapahoe
80160Littleton, COArapahoe
80161Littleton, COArapahoe
80151Englewood, COArapahoe
80307Boulder, COBoulder
80306Boulder, COBoulder
80150Englewood, COArapahoe
80162Littleton, COJefferson
80202Denver, CODenver
80201Denver, CODenver
80166Littleton, COArapahoe
80163Littleton, CODouglas
80165Littleton, COArapahoe
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