Area Code Details for: 956






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA210
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date07/07/1997


78563Linn, TXHidalgo
78043Laredo, TXWebb
78042Laredo, TXWebb
78040Laredo, TXWebb
78019Encinal, TXLa Salle
78041Laredo, TXWebb
78552Harlingen, TXCameron
78567Los Indios, TXCameron
78550Harlingen, TXCameron
78551Harlingen, TXCameron
78564Lopeno, TXZapata
78044Laredo, TXWebb
78566Los Fresnos, TXCameron
78565Los Ebanos, TXHidalgo
78570Mercedes, TXHidalgo
78569Lyford, TXWillacy
78568Lozano, TXCameron
78572Mission, TXHidalgo
78575Olmito, TXCameron
78574Mission, TXHidalgo
78573Mission, TXHidalgo
78560La Joya, TXHidalgo
78561Lasara, TXWillacy
78562La Villa, TXHidalgo
78559La Feria, TXCameron
78553Harlingen, TXCameron
78557Hidalgo, TXHidalgo
78558La Blanca, TXHidalgo
78522Brownsville, TXCameron
78521Brownsville, TXCameron
78520Brownsville, TXCameron
78523Brownsville, TXCameron
78046Laredo, TXWebb
78067San Ygnacio, TXZapata
78526Brownsville, TXCameron
78504Mcallen, TXHidalgo
78516Alamo, TXHidalgo
78505Mcallen, TXHidalgo
78503Mcallen, TXHidalgo
78076Zapata, TXZapata
78501Mcallen, TXHidalgo
78502Mcallen, TXHidalgo
78545Falcon Heights, TXStarr
78543Elsa, TXHidalgo
78542Edinburg, TXHidalgo
78547Garciasville, TXStarr
78045Laredo, TXWebb
78549Hargill, TXHidalgo
78548Grulla, TXStarr
78537Donna, TXHidalgo
78536Delmita, TXStarr
78535Combes, TXCameron
78538Edcouch, TXHidalgo
78541Edinburg, TXHidalgo
78540Edinburg, TXHidalgo
78539Edinburg, TXHidalgo
78576Penitas, TXHidalgo
78592Santa Maria, TXCameron
78593Santa Rosa, TXCameron
78591Santa Elena, TXStarr
78589San Juan, TXHidalgo
78590San Perlita, TXWillacy
78594Sebastian, TXWillacy
78598Port Mansfield, TXWillacy
78599Weslaco, TXHidalgo
78597South Padre Island, TXCameron
78595Sullivan City, TXHidalgo
78596Weslaco, TXHidalgo
78583Rio Hondo, TXCameron
78582Rio Grande City, TXStarr
78585Salineno, TXStarr
78584Roma, TXStarr
78578Port Isabel, TXCameron
78577Pharr, TXHidalgo
78580Raymondville, TXWillacy
78579Progreso, TXHidalgo
78588San Isidro, TXStarr
78586San Benito, TXCameron

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