Area Code Details for: 534






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA715
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date08/14/2010


54721Arkansaw, WIPepin
54737Eau Galle, WIDunn
54819Bruce, WIRusk
54738Eleva, WITrempealeau
54801Spooner, WIWashburn
54740Elmwood, WIPierce
54701Eau Claire, WIEau Claire
54659Taylor, WIJackson
54741Fairchild, WIEau Claire
54817Birchwood, WIWashburn
54725Boyceville, WIDunn
54731Conrath, WIRusk
54812Barron, WIBarron
54813Barronett, WIBarron
54727Cadott, WIChippewa
54730Colfax, WIDunn
54726Boyd, WIChippewa
54635Hixton, WIJackson
54735Downsville, WIDunn
54643Millston, WIJackson
54805Almena, WIBarron
54736Durand, WIPepin
54732Cornell, WIChippewa
54810Balsam Lake, WIPolk
54734Downing, WIDunn
54733Dallas, WIBarron
54722Augusta, WIEau Claire
54828Couderay, WISawyer
54827Cornucopia, WIBayfield
54755Mondovi, WIBuffalo
54830Danbury, WIBurnett
54848Ladysmith, WIRusk
54829Cumberland, WIBarron
54754Merrillan, WIJackson
54760Pigeon Falls, WITrempealeau
54849Lake Nebagamon, WIDouglas
54751Menomonie, WIDunn
54758Osseo, WITrempealeau
54826Comstock, WIBarron
54759Pepin, WIPepin
54842Hawthorne, WIDouglas
54841Haugen, WIBarron
54840Grantsburg, WIBurnett
54845Hertel, WIBurnett
54844Herbster, WIBayfield
54843Hayward, WISawyer
54846High Bridge, WIAshland
54847Iron River, WIBayfield
54836Foxboro, WIDouglas
54835Exeland, WISawyer
54756Nelson, WIBuffalo
54838Gordon, WIDouglas
54837Frederic, WIPolk
54824Centuria, WIPolk
54854Maple, WIDouglas
54768Stanley, WIChippewa
54769Stockholm, WIPepin
54745Holcombe, WIChippewa
54743Gilmanton, WIBuffalo
54767Spring Valley, WIPierce
54770Strum, WITrempealeau
54723Bay City, WIPierce
54773Whitehall, WITrempealeau
54820Brule, WIDouglas
54742Fall Creek, WIEau Claire
54771Thorp, WIClark
54772Wheeler, WIDunn
54750Maiden Rock, WIPierce
54749Knapp, WIDunn
54748Jim Falls, WIChippewa
54822Cameron, WIBarron
54761Plum City, WIPierce
54853Luck, WIPolk
54747Independence, WITrempealeau
54763Ridgeland, WIDunn
54765Sand Creek, WIDunn
54766Sheldon, WIRusk
54746Humbird, WIClark
54821Cable, WIBayfield
54762Prairie Farm, WIBarron
54027Wilson, WISaint Croix
54926Big Falls, WIWaupaca
54615Black River Falls, WIJackson
54922Bear Creek, WIOutagamie
54024Saint Croix Falls, WIPolk
54025Somerset, WISaint Croix
54026Star Prairie, WIPolk
54028Woodville, WISaint Croix
54104Athelstane, WIMarinette
54107Bonduel, WIShawano
54111Cecil, WIShawano
54103Armstrong Creek, WIForest
54082Houlton, WISaint Croix
54102Amberg, WIMarinette
54928Caroline, WIShawano
54023Roberts, WISaint Croix
54909Almond, WIPortage
54011Ellsworth, WIPierce
54013Glenwood City, WISaint Croix
54896Winter, WISawyer
54890Wascott, WIDouglas
54893Webster, WIBurnett
54895Weyerhaeuser, WIRusk
54014Hager City, WIPierce
54017New Richmond, WISaint Croix
54020Osceola, WIPolk
54021Prescott, WIPierce
54016Hudson, WISaint Croix
54611Alma Center, WIJackson
54015Hammond, WISaint Croix
54921Bancroft, WIPortage
54114Crivitz, WIMarinette
54933Embarrass, WIWaupaca
54401Wausau, WIMarathon
54402Wausau, WIMarathon
54177Wausaukee, WIMarinette
54159Porterfield, WIMarinette
54166Shawano, WIShawano
54175Townsend, WIOconto
54403Wausau, WIMarathon
54408Aniwa, WIMarathon
54409Antigo, WILanglade
54410Arpin, WIWood
54407Amherst Junction, WIPortage
54404Marshfield, WIWood
54405Abbotsford, WIClark
54406Amherst, WIPortage
54930Coloma, WIWaushara
54127Green Valley, WIShawano
54128Gresham, WIShawano
54135Keshena, WIMenominee
54125Goodman, WIMarinette
54119Dunbar, WIMarinette
54120Fence, WIFlorence
54121Florence, WIFlorence
54138Lakewood, WIOconto
54156Pembine, WIMarinette
54929Clintonville, WIWaupaca
54157Peshtigo, WIMarinette
54151Niagara, WIMarinette
54143Marinette, WIMarinette
54149Mountain, WIOconto
54150Neopit, WIMenominee
54889Turtle Lake, WIBarron
54562Three Lakes, WIOneida
54563Tony, WIRusk
54564Tripoli, WIOneida
54561Star Lake, WIVilas
54558Saint Germain, WIVilas
54559Saxon, WIIron
54560Sayner, WIVilas
54565Upson, WIIron
54534Hurley, WIIron
54532Heafford Junction, WILincoln
54531Hazelhurst, WIOneida
54536Iron Belt, WIIron
54566Wabeno, WIForest
54568Woodruff, WIOneida
54537Kennan, WIPrice
54557Presque Isle, WIVilas
54542Long Lake, WIFlorence
54543Mc Naughton, WIOneida
54545Manitowish Waters, WIVilas
54541Laona, WIForest
54538Lac du Flambeau, WIVilas
54539Lake Tomahawk, WIOneida
54540Land O Lakes, WIVilas
54546Mellen, WIAshland
54554Phelps, WIVilas
54555Phillips, WIPrice
54556Prentice, WIPrice
54552Park Falls, WIPrice
54547Mercer, WIIron
54548Minocqua, WIOneida
54550Montreal, WIIron
54530Hawkins, WIRusk
54868Rice Lake, WIBarron
54870Sarona, WIWashburn
54871Shell Lake, WIWashburn
54867Radisson, WISawyer
54862Ojibwa, WISawyer
54864Poplar, WIDouglas
54865Port Wing, WIBayfield
54872Siren, WIBurnett
54876Stone Lake, WISawyer
54880Superior, WIDouglas
54888Trego, WIWashburn
54875Springbrook, WIWashburn
54873Solon Springs, WIDouglas
54009Dresser, WIPolk
54874South Range, WIDouglas
54859Minong, WIWashburn
54524Fifield, WIPrice
54521Eagle River, WIVilas
54001Amery, WIPolk
54525Gile, WIIron
54529Harshaw, WIOneida
54527Glidden, WIAshland
54526Glen Flora, WIRusk
54002Baldwin, WISaint Croix
54007Deer Park, WISaint Croix
54857Mikana, WIBarron
54858Milltown, WIPolk
54006Cushing, WIPolk
54003Beldenville, WIPierce
54004Clayton, WIPolk
54005Clear Lake, WIPolk
54411Athens, WIMarathon
54465Pickerel, WILanglade
54466Pittsville, WIWood
54467Plover, WIPortage
54464Phlox, WILanglade
54460Owen, WIClark
54462Pearson, WILanglade
54463Pelican Lake, WIOneida
54469Port Edwards, WIWood
54475Rudolph, WIWood
54476Schofield, WIMarathon
54479Spencer, WIMarathon
54474Rothschild, WIMarathon
54470Rib Lake, WITaylor
54471Ringle, WIMarathon
54473Rosholt, WIPortage
54946King, WIWaupaca
54451Medford, WITaylor
54452Merrill, WILincoln
54945Iola, WIWaupaca
54449Marshfield, WIWood
54943Hancock, WIWaushara
54450Mattoon, WIShawano
54948Leopolis, WIShawano
54457Nekoosa, WIWood
54458Nelsonville, WIPortage
54459Ogema, WIPrice
54950Marion, WIWaupaca
54454Milladore, WIWood
54455Mosinee, WIMarathon
54456Neillsville, WIClark
54513Brantwood, WIPrice
54966Plainfield, WIWaushara
54492Stevens Point, WIPortage
54514Butternut, WIAshland
54978Tilleda, WIShawano
54977Scandinavia, WIWaupaca
54515Catawba, WIPrice
54493Willard, WIClark
54499Wittenberg, WIShawano
54501Rhinelander, WIOneida
54511Argonne, WIForest
54498Withee, WIClark
54494Wisconsin Rapids, WIWood
54495Wisconsin Rapids, WIWood
54512Boulder Junction, WIVilas
54981Waupaca, WIWaupaca
54485Summit Lake, WILanglade
54486Tigerton, WIShawano
54484Stratford, WIMarathon
54480Stetsonville, WITaylor
54481Stevens Point, WIPortage
54482Stevens Point, WIPortage
54487Tomahawk, WILincoln
54520Crandon, WIForest
54519Conover, WIVilas
54517Clam Lake, WIAshland
54491White Lake, WILanglade
54488Unity, WIMarathon
54489Vesper, WIWood
54490Westboro, WITaylor
54422Curtiss, WIClark
54423Custer, WIPortage
54424Deerbrook, WILanglade
54421Colby, WIClark
54440Hatley, WIMarathon
54437Greenwood, WIClark
54436Granton, WIClark
54435Gleason, WILincoln
54429Elderon, WIMarathon
54430Elton, WILanglade
54433Gilman, WITaylor
54428Elcho, WILanglade
54425Dorchester, WIClark
54426Edgar, WIMarathon
54427Eland, WIMarathon
54415Blenker, WIWood
54414Birnamwood, WIShawano
54417Brokaw, WIMarathon
54416Bowler, WIShawano
54413Babcock, WIWood
54412Auburndale, WIWood
54448Marathon, WIMarathon
54446Loyal, WIClark
54447Lublin, WITaylor
54443Junction City, WIPortage
54442Irma, WILincoln
54441Hewitt, WIWood
54420Chili, WIClark
54418Bryant, WILanglade

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