Area Code Details for: 501






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


72080Jerusalem, ARConway
72070Houston, ARPerry
72076Jacksonville, ARPulaski
72078Jacksonville, ARPulaski
72081Judsonia, ARWhite
72085Letona, ARWhite
72086Lonoke, ARLonoke
72082Kensett, ARWhite
72083Keo, ARLonoke
72002Alexander, ARSaline
72007Austin, ARLonoke
72010Bald Knob, ARWhite
71964Pearcy, ARGarland
71968Royal, ARGarland
72001Adona, ARPerry
72011Bauxite, ARSaline
72016Bigelow, ARPerry
72018Benton, ARSaline
72019Benton, ARSaline
72012Beebe, ARWhite
72013Bee Branch, ARVan Buren
72015Benton, ARSaline
71909Hot Springs Village, ARGarland
71910Hot Springs Village, ARGarland
71913Hot Springs National Park, ARGarland
71901Hot Springs National Park, ARGarland
71902Hot Springs National Park, ARGarland
71903Hot Springs National Park, ARGarland
71914Hot Springs National Park, ARGarland
71942Friendship, ARHot Spring
71949Jessieville, ARGarland
71956Mountain Pine, ARGarland
71929Bismarck, ARHot Spring
71933Bonnerdale, ARHot Spring
71941Donaldson, ARHot Spring
72020Bradford, ARWhite
72047Enola, ARFaulkner
72052Garner, ARWhite
72053College Station, ARPulaski
72044Edgemont, ARCleburne
72045El Paso, ARWhite
72046England, ARLonoke
72058Greenbrier, ARFaulkner
72065Hensley, ARSaline
72067Higden, ARCleburne
72068Higginson, ARWhite
72060Griffithville, ARWhite
72061Guy, ARFaulkner
72063Hattieville, ARConway
72027Center Ridge, ARConway
72028Choctaw, ARVan Buren
72030Cleveland, ARConway
72022Bryant, ARSaline
72023Cabot, ARLonoke
72025Casa, ARPerry
72031Clinton, ARVan Buren
72035Conway, ARFaulkner
72037Coy, ARLonoke
72039Damascus, ARVan Buren
72032Conway, ARFaulkner
72033Conway, ARFaulkner
72034Conway, ARFaulkner
72164Sweet Home, ARPulaski
72158Benton, ARSaline
72167Traskwood, ARSaline
72176Ward, ARLonoke
72173Vilonia, ARFaulkner
72149Searcy, ARWhite
72145Searcy, ARWhite
72153Shirley, ARVan Buren
72157Springfield, ARConway
72156Solgohachia, ARConway
72178West Point, ARWhite
72201Little Rock, ARPulaski
72199North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72202Little Rock, ARPulaski
72204Little Rock, ARPulaski
72203Little Rock, ARPulaski
72180Woodson, ARPulaski
72179Wilburn, ARCleburne
72181Wooster, ARFaulkner
72190North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72183Wrightsville, ARPulaski
72121Pangburn, ARWhite
72120Sherwood, ARPulaski
72122Paron, ARSaline
72125Perry, ARPerry
72124North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72116North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72115North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72117North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72119North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72118North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72126Perryville, ARPerry
72139Russell, ARWhite
72137Rose Bud, ARWhite
72141Scotland, ARVan Buren
72143Searcy, ARWhite
72142Scott, ARPulaski
72131Quitman, ARCleburne
72127Plumerville, ARConway
72132Redfield, ARJefferson
72136Romance, ARWhite
72135Roland, ARPulaski
72114North Little Rock, ARPulaski
72629Dennard, ARVan Buren
72113Maumelle, ARPulaski
72826Blue Mountain, ARLogan
72111Mount Vernon, ARFaulkner
72545Heber Springs, ARCleburne
72543Heber Springs, ARCleburne
72546Ida, ARCleburne
72581Tumbling Shoals, ARCleburne
72568Pleasant Plains, ARIndependence
72110Morrilton, ARConway
72099Little Rock Air Force Base, ARPulaski
72102Mc Rae, ARWhite
72089Bryant, ARSaline
72087Lonsdale, ARGarland
72088Fairfield Bay, ARVan Buren
72106Mayflower, ARFaulkner
72107Menifee, ARConway
72104Malvern, ARHot Spring
72103Mabelvale , ARSaline
72103Shannon Hills, ARSaline
72212Little Rock, ARPulaski
72211Little Rock, ARPulaski
72214Little Rock, ARPulaski
72216Little Rock, ARPulaski
72215Little Rock, ARPulaski
72206Little Rock, ARPulaski
72205Little Rock, ARPulaski
72207Little Rock, ARPulaski
72210Little Rock, ARPulaski
72209Little Rock, ARPulaski
72217Little Rock, ARPulaski
72231Little Rock, ARPulaski
72227Little Rock, ARPulaski
72255Little Rock, ARPulaski
72295Little Rock, ARPulaski
72260Little Rock, ARPulaski
72221Little Rock, ARPulaski
72219Little Rock, ARPulaski
72222Little Rock, ARPulaski
72225Little Rock, ARPulaski
72223Little Rock, ARPulaski

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