Area Code Details for: 765






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA317
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/01/1997


46995West Middleton, INHoward
47010Bath, INFranklin
47024Laurel, INFranklin
47030Metamora, INFranklin
47012Brookville, INFranklin
47016Cedar Grove, INFranklin
46147Jamestown, INBoone
46146Homer, INRush
46150Manilla, INRush
46148Knightstown, INHenry
46128Fillmore, INPutnam
46127Falmouth, INRush
46135Greencastle, INPutnam
46133Glenwood, INFayette
46151Martinsville, INMorgan
46171Reelsville, INPutnam
46170Putnamville, INPutnam
46173Rushville, INRush
46172Roachdale, INPutnam
46156Milroy, INRush
46155Mays, INRush
46166Paragon, INMorgan
46161Morristown, INShelby
46125Eminence, INMorgan
46067Sedalia, INClinton
46065Rossville, INClinton
46070Summitville, INMadison
46068Sharpsville, INTipton
46058Mulberry, INClinton
46057Michigantown, INClinton
46064Pendleton, INMadison
46063Orestes, INMadison
46071Thorntown, INBoone
46115Carthage, INRush
46105Bainbridge, INPutnam
46121Coatesville, INPutnam
46120Cloverdale, INPutnam
46076Windfall, INTipton
46072Tipton, INTipton
46104Arlington, INRush
46102Advance, INBoone
46175Russellville, INPutnam
46965Oakford, INHoward
46959Miami, INMiami
46971Grissom Arb , INMiami
46970Peru, INMiami
46953Marion, INGrant
46952Marion, INGrant
46958Mexico, INMiami
46957Matthews, INGrant
46971Grissom Air Reserve Base, INMiami
46987Sweetser, INGrant
46986Swayzee, INGrant
46991Van Buren, INGrant
46989Upland, INGrant
46974Roann, INWabash
46971Peru, INMiami
46984Somerset, INWabash
46979Russiaville, INHoward
46940La Fontaine, INWabash
46911Amboy, INMiami
46904Kokomo, INHoward
46915Burlington, INCarroll
46914Bunker Hill, INMiami
46901Kokomo, INHoward
46186Wilkinson, INHancock
46903Kokomo, INHoward
46902Kokomo, INHoward
46919Converse, INMiami
46936Greentown, INHoward
46933Gas City, INGrant
46938Jonesboro, INGrant
46937Hemlock, INHoward
46926Denver, INMiami
46920Cutler, INCarroll
46930Fowlerton, INGrant
46928Fairmount, INGrant
47996West Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47994Wingate, INMontgomery
47993Williamsport, INWarren
47396Yorktown, INDelaware
47392Webster, INWayne
47393Williamsburg, INWayne
47394Winchester, INRandolph
47992Westpoint, INTippecanoe
47987Veedersburg, INFountain
47986Templeton, INBenton
47983Stockwell, INTippecanoe
47988Wallace, INFountain
47991West Lebanon, INWarren
47990Waynetown, INMontgomery
47989Waveland, INMontgomery
47374Richmond, INWayne
47375Richmond, INWayne
47380Ridgeville, INRandolph
47373Redkey, INJay
47367Oakville, INDelaware
47368Parker City, INRandolph
47370Pershing, INWayne
47382Saratoga, INRandolph
47387Straughn, INHenry
47388Sulphur Springs, INHenry
47390Union City, INRandolph
47386Springport, INHenry
47383Selma, INDelaware
47384Shirley, INHenry
47385Spiceland, INHenry
47982State Line, INWarren
47933Crawfordsville, INMontgomery
47932Covington, INFountain
47930Clarks Hill, INTippecanoe
47940Darlington, INMontgomery
47949Hillsboro, INFountain
47944Fowler, INBenton
47941Dayton, INTippecanoe
47928Cayuga, INVermillion
47918Attica, INFountain
47917Ambia, INBenton
47916Alamo, INMontgomery
47920Battle Ground, INTippecanoe
47924Buck Creek, INTippecanoe
47923Brookston, INWhite
47921Boswell, INBenton
47970Otterbein, INBenton
47969Newtown, INFountain
47968New Ross, INMontgomery
47971Oxford, INBenton
47981Romney, INTippecanoe
47975Pine Village, INWarren
47974Perrysville, INVermillion
47967New Richmond, INMontgomery
47955Linden, INMontgomery
47954Ladoga, INMontgomery
47952Kingman, INFountain
47958Mellott, INFountain
47966Newport, INVermillion
47965New Market, INMontgomery
47962Montmorenci, INTippecanoe
47859Marshall, INParke
47331Connersville, INFayette
47860Mecca, INParke
47854Hillsdale, INVermillion
47842Clinton, INVermillion
47330Centerville, INWayne
47847Dana, INVermillion
47862Montezuma, INParke
47337Dunreith, INHenry
47338Eaton, INDelaware
47874Rosedale, INParke
47336Dunkirk, INJay
47334Daleville, INDelaware
47872Rockville, INParke
47335Dublin, INWayne
47303Muncie, INDelaware
47304Muncie, INDelaware
47305Muncie, INDelaware
47302Muncie, INDelaware
47831Blanford, INVermillion
47832Bloomingdale, INParke
47836Bridgeton, INParke
47306Muncie, INDelaware
47324Boston, INWayne
47325Brownsville, INUnion
47327Cambridge City, INWayne
47322Bentonville, INFayette
47307Muncie, INDelaware
47308Muncie, INDelaware
47320Albany, INDelaware
47339Economy, INWayne
47355Lynn, INRandolph
47356Middletown, INHenry
47907West Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47906West Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47354Losantville, INRandolph
47904Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47905Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47357Milton, INWayne
47362New Castle, INHenry
47909Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47366New Lisbon, INHenry
47361Mount Summit, INHenry
47358Modoc, INRandolph
47359Montpelier, INBlackford
47360Mooreland, INHenry
47901Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47342Gaston, INDelaware
47344Greensboro, INHenry
47341Fountain City, INWayne
47875Saint Bernice, INVermillion
47884Universal, INVermillion
47340Farmland, INRandolph
47345Greens Fork, INWayne
47352Lewisville, INHenry
47903Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47353Liberty, INUnion
47902Lafayette, INTippecanoe
47346Hagerstown, INWayne
47348Hartford City, INBlackford
47351Kennard, INHenry
46041Frankfort, INClinton
46044Frankton, INMadison
46039Forest, INClinton
46035Colfax, INClinton
46036Elwood, INMadison
46045Goldsmith, INTipton
46050Kirklin, INClinton
46051Lapel, INMadison
46049Kempton, INTipton
46047Hobbs, INTipton
46048Ingalls, INMadison
46013Anderson, INMadison
46014Anderson, INMadison
46012Anderson, INMadison
46001Alexandria, INMadison
46011Anderson, INMadison
46015Anderson, INMadison
46030Arcadia, INHamilton
46031Atlanta, INHamilton
46018Anderson, INMadison
46016Anderson, INMadison
46017Anderson, INMadison
46056Markleville, INMadison
46052Lebanon, INBoone

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