Area Code Details for: 361






StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA512
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/13/1999

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77989Thomaston, TXDe Witt
77995Yoakum, TXLavaca
77968Inez, TXVictoria
77969La Salle, TXJackson
77990Tivoli, TXRefugio
77993Weesatche, TXGoliad
77991Vanderbilt, TXJackson
77967Hochheim, TXDe Witt
77978Point Comfort, TXCalhoun
77977Placedo, TXVictoria
77979Port Lavaca, TXCalhoun
77983Seadrift, TXCalhoun
77982Port o Connor, TXCalhoun
77976Nursery, TXVictoria
77971Lolita, TXJackson
77970La Ward, TXJackson
77973Mcfaddin, TXVictoria
77975Moulton, TXLavaca
77974Meyersville, TXDe Witt
77987Sweet Home, TXLavaca
77962Ganado, TXJackson
77988Telferner, TXVictoria
77964Hallettsville, TXLavaca
77963Goliad, TXGoliad
78007Calliham, TXMcmullen
77986Sublime, TXLavaca
77984Shiner, TXLavaca
77957Edna, TXJackson
77961Francitas, TXJackson
77960Fannin, TXGoliad
78391Tynan, TXBee
78393Woodsboro, TXRefugio
78401Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78387Sinton, TXSan Patricio
78389Skidmore, TXBee
78390Taft, TXSan Patricio
78402Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78406Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78407Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78408Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78403Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78404Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78405Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78375Premont, TXJim Wells
78376Realitos, TXDuval
78377Refugio, TXRefugio
78372Orange Grove, TXJim Wells
78373Port Aransas, TXNueces
78374Portland, TXSan Patricio
78379Riviera, TXKleberg
78383Sandia, TXJim Wells
78384San Diego, TXDuval
78385Sarita, TXKenedy
78380Robstown, TXNueces
78381Rockport, TXAransas
78382Rockport, TXAransas
78409Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78467Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78468Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78469Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78463Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78465Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78466Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78480Corpus Christi, TXNueces
77440Elmaton, TXMatagorda
77428Collegeport, TXMatagorda
77419Blessing, TXMatagorda
78022George West, TXLive Oak
77465Palacios, TXMatagorda
77458Midfield, TXMatagorda
78413Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78414Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78415Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78410Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78411Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78412Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78416Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78426Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78427Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78460Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78417Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78418Corpus Christi, TXNueces
78419Corpus Christi, TXNueces
77905Victoria, TXVictoria
77904Victoria, TXVictoria
77903Victoria, TXVictoria
77954Cuero, TXDe Witt
77951Bloomington, TXVictoria
77950Austwell, TXRefugio
77902Victoria, TXVictoria
78332Alice, TXJim Wells
78333Alice, TXJim Wells
78335Aransas Pass, TXSan Patricio
77901Victoria, TXVictoria
78060Oakville, TXLive Oak
78330Agua Dulce, TXNueces
78102Beeville, TXBee
78125Mineral, TXBee
78072Tilden, TXMcmullen
78941Flatonia, TXFayette
78107Berclair, TXGoliad
78104Beeville, TXBee
78071Three Rivers, TXLive Oak
78146Pettus, TXBee
78162Tuleta, TXBee
78164Yorktown, TXDe Witt
78141Nordheim, TXDe Witt
78142Normanna, TXBee
78145Pawnee, TXBee
78336Aransas Pass, TXSan Patricio
78359Gregory, TXSan Patricio
78360Guerra, TXJim Hogg
78361Hebbronville, TXJim Hogg
78355Falfurrias, TXBrooks
78357Freer, TXDuval
78358Fulton, TXAransas
78362Ingleside, TXSan Patricio
78369Mirando City, TXWebb
78370Odem, TXSan Patricio
78371Oilton, TXWebb
78363Kingsville, TXKleberg
78364Kingsville, TXKleberg
78368Mathis, TXSan Patricio
78341Benavides, TXDuval
78342Ben Bolt, TXJim Wells
78343Bishop, TXNueces
78338Armstrong, TXKenedy
78339Banquete, TXNueces
78340Bayside, TXRefugio
78344Bruni, TXWebb
78351Driscoll, TXNueces
78352Edroy, TXSan Patricio
78353Encino, TXBrooks
78347Chapman Ranch, TXNueces
78349Concepcion, TXDuval
78350Dinero, TXLive Oak
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