Area Code Details for: 512






StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

Current Time

7:20 AM


78674Weir, TXWilliamson
78676Wimberley, TXHays
78670Staples, TXGuadalupe
78673Walburg, TXWilliamson
78682Round Rock, TXWilliamson
78683Round Rock, TXWilliamson
78680Round Rock, TXWilliamson
78681Round Rock, TXWilliamson
78662Red Rock, TXBastrop
78664Round Rock, TXWilliamson
78660Pflugerville, TXTravis
78661Prairie Lea, TXCaldwell
78667San Marcos, TXHays
78669Spicewood, TXTravis
78665Round Rock, TXWilliamson
78666San Marcos, TXHays
78691Pflugerville, TXTravis
78713Austin, TXTravis
78714Austin, TXTravis
78711Austin, TXTravis
78712Austin, TXTravis
78717Austin, TXWilliamson
78718Austin, TXTravis
78715Austin, TXTravis
78716Austin, TXTravis
78703Austin, TXTravis
78704Austin, TXTravis
78701Austin, TXTravis
78702Austin, TXTravis
78709Austin, TXTravis
78710Austin, TXTravis
78705Austin, TXTravis
78708Austin, TXTravis
78659Paige, TXBastrop
78617Del Valle, TXTravis
78616Dale, TXCaldwell
78620Dripping Springs, TXHays
78619Driftwood, TXHays
78612Cedar Creek, TXBastrop
78611Burnet, TXBurnet
78615Coupland, TXWilliamson
78613Cedar Park, TXWilliamson
78630Cedar Park, TXWilliamson
78628Georgetown, TXWilliamson
78640Kyle, TXHays
78634Hutto, TXWilliamson
78622Fentress, TXCaldwell
78621Elgin, TXBastrop
78627Georgetown, TXWilliamson
78626Georgetown, TXWilliamson
78610Buda, TXHays
78650Mc Dade, TXBastrop
78651Mc Neil, TXTravis
78645Leander, TXTravis
78646Leander, TXWilliamson
78655Martindale, TXCaldwell
78656Maxwell, TXCaldwell
78652Manchaca, TXTravis
78653Manor, TXTravis
78605Bertram, TXBurnet
78602Bastrop, TXBastrop
78609Buchanan Dam, TXLlano
78608Briggs, TXBurnet
78642Liberty Hill, TXWilliamson
78644Lockhart, TXCaldwell
78641Leander , TXWilliamson
78641Volente, TXWilliamson
78719Austin, TXTravis
78766Austin, TXTravis
78767Austin, TXTravis
78764Austin, TXTravis
78765Austin, TXTravis
78773Austin, TXTravis
78774Austin, TXTravis
78768Austin, TXTravis
78772Austin, TXTravis
78758Austin, TXTravis
78759Austin, TXTravis
78756Austin, TXTravis
78757Austin, TXTravis
78762Austin, TXTravis
78763Austin, TXTravis
78760Austin, TXTravis
78761Austin, TXTravis
78778Austin, TXTravis
76567Rockdale, TXMilam
76556Milano, TXMilam
76577Thorndale, TXMilam
76574Taylor, TXWilliamson
76537Jarrell, TXWilliamson
76530Granger, TXWilliamson
76550Lampasas, TXLampasas
76539Kempner, TXLampasas
78799Austin, TXTravis
76853Lometa, TXLampasas
78779Austin, TXTravis
78783Austin, TXTravis
78959Waelder, TXGonzales
76578Thrall, TXWilliamson
78949Muldoon, TXFayette
78957Smithville, TXBastrop
78755Austin, TXTravis
78730Austin, TXTravis
78731Austin, TXTravis
78728Austin, TXTravis
78729Austin, TXWilliamson
78734Austin, TXTravis
78735Austin, TXTravis
78732Austin, TXTravis
78733Austin, TXTravis
78722Austin, TXTravis
78723Austin, TXTravis
78720Austin, TXTravis
78721Austin, TXTravis
78726Austin, TXTravis
78727Austin, TXTravis
78724Austin, TXTravis
78725Austin, TXTravis
78736Austin, TXTravis
78749Austin, TXTravis
78750Austin, TXTravis
78747Austin, TXTravis
78748Austin, TXTravis
78753Austin, TXTravis
78754Austin, TXTravis
78751Austin, TXTravis
78752Austin, TXTravis
78739Austin, TXTravis
78741Austin, TXTravis
78737Austin, TXHays
78738Austin, TXTravis
78745Austin, TXTravis
78746Austin, TXTravis
78742Austin, TXTravis
78744Austin, TXTravis
73301Austin, TXTravis
73344Austin, TXTravis

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