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StateGeorgia (GA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA912
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date08/01/2000

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39826Bronwood, GATerrell
31626Boston, GAThomas
39828Cairo, GAGrady
39827Cairo, GAGrady
31627Cecil, GACook
39824Bluffton, GAClay
39823Blakely, GAEarly
39825Brinson, GADecatur
31629Dixie, GABrooks
39841Damascus, GAEarly
39840Cuthbert, GARandolph
39845Donalsonville, GASeminole
39842Dawson, GATerrell
39837Colquitt, GAMiller
39832Cedar Springs, GAEarly
39829Calvary, GAGrady
39836Coleman, GARandolph
39834Climax, GADecatur
39818Bainbridge, GADecatur
31648Statenville, GAEchols
31645Ray City, GABerrien
31647Sparks, GACook
31649Stockton, GALanier
31699Moody Afb, GALowndes
39815Attapulgus, GADecatur
39817Bainbridge, GADecatur
31698Valdosta, GALowndes
31635Lakeland, GALanier
31636Lake Park, GALowndes
39819Bainbridge, GADecatur
31632Hahira, GALowndes
31637Lenox, GACook
31641Naylor, GALowndes
31643Quitman, GABrooks
31638Morven, GABrooks
31639Nashville, GABerrien
31079Rochelle, GAWilcox
31084Seville, GAWilcox
31072Pitts, GAWilcox
31077Rhine, GADodge
31544Jacksonville, GATelfair
31603Valdosta, GALowndes
31604Valdosta, GALowndes
31601Valdosta, GALowndes
31602Valdosta, GALowndes
31001Abbeville, GAWilcox
31010Cordele, GACrisp
30411Alamo, GAWheeler
30428Glenwood, GAWheeler
31015Cordele, GACrisp
31060Milan, GADodge
31071Pineview, GAWilcox
31037Mc Rae Helena, GATelfair
31055Mc Rae Helena, GATelfair
39862Leary, GACalhoun
39861Jakin, GAEarly
39867Morris, GAQuitman
39866Morgan, GACalhoun
39859Iron City, GASeminole
39851Fort Gaines, GAClay
39846Edison, GACalhoun
39854Georgetown, GAQuitman
39852Fowlstown, GADecatur
31620Adel, GACook
31622Alapaha, GABerrien
31605Valdosta, GALowndes
31606Valdosta, GALowndes
31625Barney, GABrooks
39885Sasser, GATerrell
39877Parrott, GATerrell
39897Whigham, GAGrady
39886Shellman, GARandolph
31780Plains, GASumter
31781Poulan, GAWorth
31778Pavo, GAThomas
31779Pelham, GAMitchell
31782Putney, GADougherty
31787Smithville, GALee
31788Moultrie, GAColquitt
31783Rebecca, GATurner
31784Sale City, GAMitchell
31769Mystic, GAIrwin
31771Norman Park, GAColquitt
31765Meigs, GAThomas
31768Moultrie, GAColquitt
31772Oakfield, GAWorth
31775Omega, GATift
31776Moultrie, GAColquitt
31773Ochlocknee, GAThomas
31774Ocilla, GAIrwin
31806Ellaville, GASchley
31814Louvale, GAStewart
31799Thomasville, GAThomas
31803Buena Vista, GAMarion
31815Lumpkin, GAStewart
31825Richland, GAStewart
31832Weston, GAWebster
31821Omaha, GAStewart
31824Preston, GAWebster
31791Sylvester, GAWorth
31792Thomasville, GAThomas
31789Sumner, GAWorth
31790Sycamore, GATurner
31793Tifton, GATift
31796Warwick, GAWorth
31798Wray, GAIrwin
31794Tifton, GATift
31795Ty Ty, GATift
31712Arabi, GACrisp
31714Ashburn, GATurner
31709Americus, GASumter
31711Andersonville, GASumter
31716Baconton, GAMitchell
31721Albany, GADougherty
31722Berlin, GAColquitt
31719Americus, GASumter
31720Barwick, GABrooks
39813Arlington, GACalhoun
31703Albany, GADougherty
31701Albany, GADougherty
31702Albany, GADougherty
31704Albany, GADougherty
31707Albany, GADougherty
31708Albany, GADougherty
31705Albany, GADougherty
31706Albany, GADougherty
31753Funston, GAColquitt
31756Hartsfield, GAColquitt
31749Enigma, GABerrien
31750Fitzgerald, GABen Hill
31757Thomasville, GAThomas
31763Leesburg, GALee
31764Leslie, GASumter
31758Thomasville, GAThomas
31760Irwinville, GAIrwin
31733Chula, GATift
31735Cobb, GASumter
31727Brookfield, GATift
31730Camilla, GAMitchell
31738Coolidge, GAThomas
31744Doerun, GAColquitt
31747Ellenton, GAColquitt
31739Cotton, GAMitchell
31743De Soto, GASumter
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