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Georgia is served by ten area codes. The state's telephone numbering plan began in 1947 with a single area code, 404. Over the years, the state has expanded its area codes due to population growth and the need for more phone numbers. In 1954, area code 912 was assigned to southern and central Georgia. The state operated with two area codes until 1992 when area code 706 was created for areas outside of metro Atlanta. Area code 770 was assigned to Atlanta's suburbs in 1995, and 678 was given to both the city and its suburbs in 1998, becoming the first overlay area code in the state. The Georgia Public Service Commission handles the assignment of new area codes for the state. The newest area code, 943, was introduced in March 2022 for the Atlanta area.

In 2020, Georgia saw a big move towards mobile phones. A study found that 66% of adults in Georgia use only their cell phones. Another 18.2% mostly use mobiles but sometimes turn to landlines. About 9% balance between mobile and landline use. A small 3.6% mainly use landlines, and 2.5% stick to them entirely. Interestingly, 0.8% don't use phones at all. These numbers show how Georgia is quickly embracing the mobile age.

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In the digital age, finding a phone number in Georgia can be as simple as a few clicks or taps. Whether you're trying to find the contact information for a business or an individual, there are several free resources available to help you. Another method to look up a phone number is through government websites and public records. The Georgia Judicial Branch website, for instance, allows users to search court cases by party name. If you have additional details about the person associated with the phone number, this can be a beneficial resource. Social media platforms and professional networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn can also be useful in finding phone numbers. Many businesses and individuals list their contact information on their profiles. However, remember to respect privacy and only use this information responsibly.

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Source: US Centers for Disease Control

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