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StateGeorgia (GA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA912
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date08/01/2000

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31098Warner Robins, GAHouston
30448Nunez, GAEmanuel
31011Chauncey, GADodge
31016Culloden, GAMonroe
31017Danville, GATwiggs
31095Warner Robins, GAHouston
31014Cochran, GABleckley
31012Chester, GADodge
31013Clinchfield, GAHouston
31096Wrightsville, GAJohnson
30442Millen, GAJenkins
31007Byromville, GADooly
30426Girard, GABurke
30434Louisville, GAJefferson
30441Midville, GABurke
31008Byron, GAPeach
31099Warner Robins, GAHouston
30447Norristown, GAEmanuel
31006Butler, GATaylor
31005Bonaire, GAHouston
31009Cadwell, GALaurens
31039Howard, GATaylor
31040Dublin, GALaurens
31041Ideal, GAMacon
31019Dexter, GALaurens
31034Hardwick, GABaldwin
31035Harrison, GAWashington
31036Hawkinsville, GAPulaski
31042Irwinton, GAWilkinson
31049Kite, GAJohnson
31050Knoxville, GACrawford
31051Lilly, GADooly
31047Kathleen, GAHouston
31044Jeffersonville, GATwiggs
30464Stillmore, GAEmanuel
31046Juliette, GAMonroe
31020Dry Branch, GATwiggs
31025Elko, GAHouston
30471Twin City, GAEmanuel
30477Wadley, GAJefferson
31023Eastman, GADodge
31022Dudley, GALaurens
31021Dublin, GALaurens
31027East Dublin , GALaurens
31031Gordon, GAWilkinson
31032Gray, GAJones
31033Haddock, GAJones
31030Fort Valley, GAPeach
31027Dublin, GALaurens
31028Centerville, GAHouston
31029Forsyth, GAMonroe
31082Sandersville, GAWashington
30456Sardis, GABurke
31086Smarr, GAMonroe
31081Rupert, GATaylor
31075Rentz, GALaurens
31076Reynolds, GATaylor
31078Roberta, GACrawford
30454Rockledge, GALaurens
31092Vienna, GADooly
31093Warner Robins, GAHouston
31094Warthen, GAWashington
31091Unadilla, GADooly
31088Warner Robins, GAHouston
31089Tennille, GAWashington
31090Toomsboro, GAWilkinson
31059Milledgeville, GABaldwin
31061Milledgeville, GABaldwin
31062Milledgeville, GABaldwin
31058Mauk, GAMarion
31052Lizella, GABibb
31054Mc Intyre, GAWilkinson
31057Marshallville, GAMacon
31063Montezuma, GAMacon
31068Oglethorpe, GAMacon
31069Perry, GAHouston
31070Pinehurst, GADooly
31067Oconee, GAWashington
31018Davisboro, GAWashington
31065Montrose, GALaurens
31066Musella, GACrawford
31004Bolingbroke, GAMonroe
31216Macon, GABibb
31217Macon, GABibb
31213Macon, GABibb
31210Macon, GABibb
31211Macon, GABibb
31220Macon, GABibb
31296Macon, GABibb
31297Macon, GABibb
31295Macon, GABibb
31221Macon, GABibb
31294Macon, GABibb
31209Macon, GABibb
31201Macon, GABibb
31202Macon, GABibb
30401Swainsboro, GAEmanuel
30425Garfield, GAEmanuel
30413Bartow, GAJefferson
31203Macon, GABibb
31207Macon, GABibb
31208Macon, GABibb
31206Macon, GABibb
31204Macon, GABibb
31205Macon, GABibb
31003Allentown, GAWilkinson
30822Perkins, GAJenkins
31002Adrian, GAEmanuel
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