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StateGeorgia (GA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1954

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30453Reidsville, GATattnall
31407Savannah, GAChatham
30455Rocky Ford, GAScreven
31406Savannah, GAChatham
30452Register, GABulloch
31407Port Wentworth , GAChatham
30457Soperton, GATreutlen
30460Statesboro, GABulloch
30461Statesboro, GABulloch
30467Sylvania, GAScreven
30458Statesboro, GABulloch
31408Savannah, GAChatham
30459Statesboro, GABulloch
31331Townsend, GAMcintosh
31333Walthourville, GALiberty
31401Savannah, GAChatham
30446Newington, GAScreven
30445Mount Vernon, GAMontgomery
30439Metter, GACandler
31402Savannah, GAChatham
30449Oliver, GAScreven
30450Portal, GABulloch
30451Pulaski, GACandler
31403Savannah, GAChatham
31404Savannah, GAChatham
31405Savannah, GAChatham
31319Meridian, GAMcintosh
31318Meldrim, GAEffingham
31316Ludowici, GALong
39870Newton, GABaker
31321Pembroke, GABryan
31320Midway, GALiberty
31315Fort Stewart, GALiberty
31310Hinesville, GALiberty
31309Fleming, GALiberty
31308Ellabell, GABryan
31314Fort Stewart, GALiberty
31313Hinesville, GALiberty
31312Guyton, GAEffingham
30475Vidalia, GAToombs
30499Reidsville, GATattnall
31083Scotland, GATelfair
30470Tarrytown, GAMontgomery
30473Uvalda, GAMontgomery
30474Vidalia, GAToombs
31301Allenhurst, GALiberty
31305Darien, GAMcintosh
31307Eden, GAEffingham
31326Rincon, GAEffingham
31302Bloomingdale, GAChatham
31303Clyo, GAEffingham
31304Crescent, GAMcintosh
31409Savannah, GAChatham
31547Kings Bay, GACamden
31546Jesup, GAWayne
31545Jesup, GAWayne
30438Manassas, GATattnall
30427Glennville, GATattnall
30429Hagan, GAEvans
30436Lyons, GAToombs
31535Douglas, GACoffee
31534Douglas, GACoffee
31533Douglas, GACoffee
31537Folkston, GACharlton
31543Hortense, GABrantley
31542Hoboken, GABrantley
31539Hazlehurst, GAJeff Davis
30424Dover, GAScreven
30410Ailey, GAMontgomery
31549Lumber City, GATelfair
31548Kingsland, GACamden
31550Manor, GAWare
31552Millwood, GAWare
31327Sapelo Island, GAMcintosh
31551Mershon, GAPierce
30420Cobbtown, GATattnall
30421Collins, GATattnall
30423Daisy, GAEvans
30417Claxton, GAEvans
30412Alston, GAMontgomery
30414Bellville, GAEvans
30415Brooklet, GABulloch
31421Savannah, GAChatham
31420Savannah, GAChatham
31419Savannah, GAChatham
31501Waycross, GAWare
31510Alma, GABacon
31503Waycross, GAWare
31502Waycross, GAWare
31412Savannah, GAChatham
31411Savannah, GAChatham
31410Savannah, GAChatham
31414Savannah, GAChatham
31418Savannah, GAChatham
31416Savannah, GAChatham
31415Savannah, GAChatham
31512Ambrose, GACoffee
31524Brunswick, GAGlynn
31523Brunswick, GAGlynn
31522Saint Simons Island, GAGlynn
31525Brunswick, GAGlynn
31532Denton, GAJeff Davis
31527Brunswick, GAGlynn
31527Jekyll Island , GAGlynn
31516Blackshear, GAPierce
31515Baxley, GAAppling
31513Baxley, GAAppling
31518Bristol, GAPierce
31521Brunswick, GAGlynn
31520Brunswick, GAGlynn
31519Broxton, GACoffee
31562Saint George, GACharlton
31561Brunswick, GAGlynn
31561Sea Island , GAGlynn
31563Surrency, GAAppling
31566Waynesville, GABrantley
31565Waverly, GACamden
31564Waresboro, GAWare
31555Odum, GAWayne
31554Nicholls, GACoffee
31553Nahunta, GABrantley
31556Offerman, GAPierce
31560Screven, GAWayne
31558Saint Marys, GACamden
31557Patterson, GAPierce
31634Homerville, GAClinch
31631Fargo, GAClinch
31630Du Pont, GAClinch
31642Pearson, GAAtkinson
31329Springfield, GAEffingham
31328Tybee Island, GAChatham
31650Willacoochee, GAAtkinson
31569Woodbine, GACamden
31568White Oak, GACamden
31567West Green, GACoffee
31598Jesup, GAWayne
31624Axson, GAAtkinson
31623Argyle, GAClinch
31599Jesup, GAWayne
31322Pooler, GAChatham
31324Richmond Hill, GABryan
31323Riceboro, GALiberty
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