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StateGeorgia (GA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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30009Alpharetta, GAFulton
30010Norcross, GAGwinnett
30011Auburn, GABarrow
30006Marietta, GACobb
30007Marietta, GACobb
30008Marietta, GACobb
30015Covington, GANewton
30016Covington, GANewton
30017Grayson, GAGwinnett
30012Conyers, GARockdale
30013Conyers, GARockdale
30014Covington, GANewton
30180Villa Rica, GACarroll
30179Temple, GACarroll
30178Taylorsville, GABartow
30184White, GABartow
30183Waleska, GACherokee
30182Waco, GAHaralson
30003Norcross, GAGwinnett
30004Alpharetta, GAFulton
30005Alpharetta, GAFulton
30177Tate, GAPickens
30176Tallapoosa, GAHaralson
30002Avondale Estates, GADekalb
30018Jersey, GAWalton
30160Kennesaw, GACobb
30157Dallas, GAPaulding
30032Decatur, GADekalb
30169Canton, GACherokee
30168Austell, GACobb
30031Decatur, GADekalb
30154Douglasville, GADouglas
30035Decatur, GADekalb
30036Decatur, GADekalb
30033Decatur, GADekalb
30034Decatur, GADekalb
30156Kennesaw, GACobb
30023Alpharetta, GAFulton
30024Suwanee, GAGwinnett
30025Social Circle, GAWalton
30019Dacula, GAGwinnett
30021Clarkston, GADekalb
30022Alpharetta, GAFulton
30030Decatur, GADekalb
30171Rydal, GABartow
30170Roopville, GACarroll
30026North Metro , GAGwinnett
30028Cumming, GAForsyth
30029North Metro , GAGwinnett
30264Newnan, GACoweta
30263Newnan, GACoweta
30260Morrow, GAClayton
30268Palmetto, GAFulton
30266Orchard Hill, GASpalding
30265Newnan, GACoweta
30256Meansville, GAPike
30253Mcdonough, GAHenry
30252Mcdonough, GAHenry
30259Moreland, GACoweta
30258Molena, GAPike
30257Milner, GALamar
30277Sharpsburg, GACoweta
30276Senoia, GACoweta
30275Sargent, GACoweta
30287Morrow, GAClayton
30284Sunny Side, GASpalding
30281Stockbridge, GAHenry
30271Newnan, GACoweta
30270Peachtree City, GAFayette
30269Peachtree City, GAFayette
30274Riverdale, GAClayton
30273Rex, GAClayton
30272Red Oak, GAFulton
30251Luthersville, GAMeriwether
30213Fairburn, GAFulton
30212Experiment, GASpalding
30206Concord, GAPike
30216Flovilla, GAButts
30215Fayetteville, GAFayette
30214Fayetteville, GAFayette
30188Woodstock, GACherokee
30187Winston, GADouglas
30185Whitesburg, GACarroll
30205Brooks, GAFayette
30204Barnesville, GALamar
30189Woodstock, GACherokee
30237Jonesboro, GAClayton
30236Jonesboro, GAClayton
30234Jenkinsburg, GAButts
30250Lovejoy, GAClayton
30248Locust Grove, GAHenry
30238Jonesboro, GAClayton
30224Griffin, GASpalding
30223Griffin, GASpalding
30220Grantville, GACoweta
30233Jackson, GAButts
30229Haralson, GACoweta
30228Hampton, GAHenry
30116Carrollton, GACarroll
30115Canton, GACherokee
30114Canton, GACherokee
30079Scottdale, GADekalb
30118Carrollton, GACarroll
30117Carrollton, GACarroll
30112Carrollton, GACarroll
30111Clarkdale, GACobb
30082Smyrna, GACobb
30113Buchanan, GAHaralson
30080Smyrna, GACobb
30081Smyrna, GACobb
30127Powder Springs, GACobb
30126Mableton, GACobb
30125Cedartown, GAPolk
30076Roswell, GAFulton
30077Roswell, GAFulton
30132Dallas, GAPaulding
30078Snellville, GAGwinnett
30120Cartersville, GABartow
30119Carrollton, GACarroll
30123Cassville, GABartow
30122Lithia Springs, GADouglas
30121Cartersville, GABartow
30110Bremen, GAHaralson
30088Stone Mountain, GADekalb
30090Marietta, GACobb
30091Norcross, GAGwinnett
30099Duluth, GAGwinnett
30098Duluth, GAFulton
30087Stone Mountain, GADekalb
30097Duluth, GAFulton
30096Duluth, GAGwinnett
30095Duluth, GAGwinnett
30092Peachtree Corners , GAGwinnett
30093Norcross, GAGwinnett
30094Conyers, GARockdale
30084Tucker, GADekalb
30107Ball Ground, GACherokee
30106Austell, GACobb
30109Bowdon Junction, GACarroll
30108Bowdon, GACarroll
30083Stone Mountain, GADekalb
30086Stone Mountain, GADekalb
30102Acworth, GACherokee
30101Acworth, GACobb
30104Aragon, GAPolk
30085Tucker, GADekalb
30103Adairsville, GABartow
30150Mount Zion, GACarroll
30049Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett
30052Loganville, GAWalton
30046Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett
30047Lilburn, GAGwinnett
30048Lilburn, GAGwinnett
30056Newborn, GANewton
30058Lithonia, GADekalb
30146Lebanon, GACherokee
30054Oxford, GANewton
30055Mansfield , GANewton
30148Marble Hill, GAPickens
30039Snellville, GAGwinnett
30040Cumming, GAForsyth
30041Cumming, GAForsyth
30037Decatur, GADekalb
30038Lithonia, GADekalb
30153Rockmart, GAPolk
30044Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett
30151Nelson, GACherokee
30045Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett
30042Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett
30043Lawrenceville, GAGwinnett
30152Kennesaw, GACobb
30060Marietta, GACobb
30137Emerson, GABartow
30135Douglasville, GADouglas
30134Douglasville, GADouglas
30140Felton, GAHaralson
30069Marietta, GACobb
30138Esom Hill, GAPolk
30074Redan, GADekalb
30075Roswell, GAFulton
30133Douglasville, GADouglas
30070Porterdale, GANewton
30071Norcross, GAGwinnett
30072Pine Lake, GADekalb
30144Kennesaw, GACobb
30063Marietta, GACobb
30142Holly Springs, GACherokee
30061Marietta, GACobb
30145Kingston, GABartow
30062Marietta, GACobb
30066Marietta, GACobb
30067Marietta, GACobb
30068Marietta, GACobb
30064Marietta, GACobb
30065Marietta, GACobb
30141Hiram, GAPaulding
30288Conley, GAClayton
30353Atlanta, GAFulton
30354Atlanta, GAFulton
30359Atlanta, GADekalb
30356Atlanta, GADekalb
30350Atlanta, GAFulton
30358Atlanta, GAFulton
30357Atlanta, GAFulton
30355Atlanta, GAFulton
30641Good Hope, GAWalton
30622Bogart, GAOconee
30620Bethlehem, GABarrow
30655Monroe, GAWalton
30656Monroe, GAWalton
30518Buford, GAGwinnett
30519Buford, GAGwinnett
31106Atlanta, GAFulton
31150Atlanta, GAFulton
31146Atlanta, GADekalb
31145Atlanta, GADekalb
31156Atlanta, GAFulton
31193Atlanta, GAFulton
31192Atlanta, GAFulton
31169Peachtree City, GAFayette
31141Atlanta, GADekalb
31119Atlanta, GADekalb
31107Atlanta, GAFulton
31107Atlanta , GADekalb
31126Atlanta, GAFulton
31139Atlanta, GAFulton
31136Atlanta, GAFulton
31131Atlanta, GAFulton
30398Atlanta, GAFulton
30396Atlanta, GAFulton
30394Atlanta, GAFulton
30666Statham, GABarrow
30371Atlanta, GAFulton
30374Atlanta, GAFulton
30680Winder, GABarrow
30392Atlanta, GAFulton
30378Atlanta, GAFulton
30377Atlanta, GAFulton
30375Atlanta, GAFulton
30380Atlanta, GAFulton
30388Atlanta, GAFulton
30385Atlanta, GAFulton
30384Atlanta, GAFulton
30370Atlanta, GAFulton
30360Atlanta, GADekalb
30361Atlanta, GAFulton
30542Flowery Branch, GAHall
30564Murrayville, GAHall
30566Oakwood, GAHall
39901Atlanta, GADekalb
30527Clermont, GAHall
30362Atlanta, GADekalb
30366Atlanta, GADekalb
30368Atlanta, GAFulton
30369Atlanta, GAFulton
30364Atlanta, GAFulton
30363Atlanta, GAFulton
30543Gillsville, GAHall
30554Lula, GAHall
31195Atlanta, GAFulton
30311Atlanta, GAFulton
30310Atlanta, GAFulton
30309Atlanta, GAFulton
30332Atlanta, GAFulton
30328Atlanta, GAFulton
30329Atlanta, GADekalb
30331Atlanta, GAFulton
30308Atlanta, GAFulton
30304Atlanta, GAFulton
30303Atlanta, GAFulton
30334Atlanta, GAFulton
30333Atlanta, GADekalb
30307Atlanta, GAFulton
30306Atlanta, GAFulton
30305Atlanta, GAFulton
30316Atlanta, GAFulton
30317Atlanta, GADekalb
30318Atlanta, GAFulton
30315Atlanta, GAFulton
30312Atlanta, GAFulton
30313Atlanta, GAFulton
30314Atlanta, GAFulton
30319Atlanta, GADekalb
30325Atlanta, GAFulton
30326Atlanta, GAFulton
30327Atlanta, GAFulton
30324Atlanta, GAFulton
30320Atlanta, GAFulton
30321Atlanta, GAFulton
30322Atlanta, GADekalb
30302Atlanta, GAFulton
30346Atlanta, GADekalb
30507Gainesville, GAHall
30506Gainesville, GAHall
30345Atlanta, GADekalb
30342Atlanta, GAFulton
30343Atlanta, GAFulton
30344Atlanta, GAFulton
30504Gainesville, GAHall
30501Gainesville, GAHall
30289Turin, GACoweta
31196Atlanta, GAFulton
30349Atlanta, GAFulton
30348Atlanta, GAFulton
30503Gainesville, GAHall
30502Chestnut Mountain, GAHall
30297Forest Park, GAClayton
30296Riverdale, GAClayton
30294Ellenwood, GADekalb
30298Forest Park, GAClayton
30301Atlanta, GAFulton
30336Atlanta, GAFulton
30337Atlanta, GAFulton
30292Williamson, GAPike
30290Tyrone, GAFayette
30515Buford, GAGwinnett
30341Atlanta, GADekalb
30340Atlanta, GADekalb
30338Atlanta , GADekalb
30339Atlanta, GACobb
30291Union City, GAFulton
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