Area Code Details for: 404






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1947


30388Atlanta, GAFulton
30385Atlanta, GAFulton
30392Atlanta, GAFulton
30398Atlanta, GAFulton
31107Atlanta, GAFulton
30396Atlanta, GAFulton
30384Atlanta, GAFulton
30394Atlanta, GAFulton
30036Decatur, GADekalb
30035Decatur, GADekalb
30034Decatur, GADekalb
30037Decatur, GADekalb
30079Scottdale, GADekalb
39901Atlanta, GADekalb
30072Pine Lake, GADekalb
30023Alpharetta, GAFulton
30021Clarkston, GADekalb
30002Avondale Estates, GADekalb
30030Decatur, GADekalb
30033Decatur, GADekalb
30032Decatur, GADekalb
30031Decatur, GADekalb
31139Atlanta, GAFulton
31141Atlanta, GADekalb
31145Atlanta, GADekalb
31136Atlanta, GAFulton
31119Atlanta, GADekalb
31126Atlanta, GAFulton
31131Atlanta, GAFulton
31193Atlanta, GAFulton
31195Atlanta, GAFulton
31196Atlanta, GAFulton
31192Atlanta, GAFulton
31146Atlanta, GADekalb
31150Atlanta, GAFulton
31156Atlanta, GAFulton
30380Atlanta, GAFulton
30363Atlanta, GAFulton
30327Atlanta, GAFulton
30364Atlanta, GAFulton
30361Atlanta, GAFulton
30357Atlanta, GAFulton
30329Atlanta, GADekalb
30359Atlanta, GADekalb
30326Atlanta, GAFulton
30368Atlanta, GAFulton
30320Atlanta, GAFulton
30319Atlanta, GADekalb
30321Atlanta, GAFulton
30325Atlanta, GAFulton
30324Atlanta, GAFulton
30322Atlanta, GADekalb
30336Atlanta, GAFulton
30337Atlanta, GAFulton
30342Atlanta, GAFulton
30334Atlanta, GAFulton
30331Atlanta, GAFulton
30332Atlanta, GAFulton
30333Atlanta, GADekalb
30343Atlanta, GAFulton
30353Atlanta, GAFulton
30354Atlanta, GAFulton
30355Atlanta, GAFulton
30349Atlanta, GAFulton
30344Atlanta, GAFulton
30345Atlanta, GADekalb
30348Atlanta, GAFulton
30318Atlanta, GAFulton
30304Atlanta, GAFulton
30303Atlanta, GAFulton
30302Atlanta, GAFulton
30377Atlanta, GAFulton
30374Atlanta, GAFulton
30305Atlanta, GAFulton
30375Atlanta, GAFulton
30301Atlanta, GAFulton
31106Atlanta, GAFulton
31107Atlanta , GADekalb
30378Atlanta, GAFulton
30272Red Oak, GAFulton
30298Forest Park, GAClayton
30297Forest Park, GAClayton
30288Conley, GAClayton
30314Atlanta, GAFulton
30313Atlanta, GAFulton
30370Atlanta, GAFulton
30369Atlanta, GAFulton
30317Atlanta, GADekalb
30316Atlanta, GAFulton
30315Atlanta, GAFulton
30312Atlanta, GAFulton
30308Atlanta, GAFulton
30307Atlanta, GAFulton
30306Atlanta, GAFulton
30309Atlanta, GAFulton
30311Atlanta, GAFulton
30371Atlanta, GAFulton
30310Atlanta, GAFulton

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