Area Code Details for: 269






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA616
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date07/13/2002


49053Galesburg, MIKalamazoo
49052Fulton, MIKalamazoo
49051East Leroy, MICalhoun
49057Hartford, MIVan Buren
49056Grand Junction, MIVan Buren
49055Gobles, MIVan Buren
49046Delton, MIBarry
49045Decatur, MIVan Buren
49043Covert, MIVan Buren
49050Dowling, MIBarry
49048Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49047Dowagiac, MICass
49058Hastings, MIBarry
49068Marshall, MICalhoun
49067Marcellus, MICass
49066Leonidas, MISaint Joseph
49072Mendon, MISaint Joseph
49071Mattawan, MIVan Buren
49070Martin, MIAllegan
49062Kendall, MIVan Buren
49061Jones, MICass
49060Hickory Corners, MIBarry
49065Lawton, MIVan Buren
49064Lawrence, MIVan Buren
49063Lacota, MIVan Buren
49022Benton Harbor, MIBerrien
49021Bellevue, MIEaton
49020Bedford, MICalhoun
49026Bloomingdale, MIVan Buren
49024Portage, MIKalamazoo
49023Benton Harbor, MIBerrien
49016Battle Creek, MICalhoun
49015Battle Creek, MICalhoun
49014Battle Creek, MICalhoun
49019Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49018Battle Creek, MICalhoun
49017Battle Creek, MICalhoun
49027Breedsville, MIVan Buren
49039Hagar Shores, MIBerrien
49038Coloma, MIBerrien
49037Battle Creek, MICalhoun
49042Constantine, MISaint Joseph
49041Comstock, MIKalamazoo
49040Colon, MISaint Joseph
49032Centreville, MISaint Joseph
49031Cassopolis, MICass
49030Burr Oak, MISaint Joseph
49035Cloverdale, MIBarry
49034Climax, MIKalamazoo
49033Ceresco, MICalhoun
49074Nazareth, MIKalamazoo
49125Sawyer, MIBerrien
49120Niles, MIBerrien
49119New Troy, MIBerrien
49128Three Oaks, MIBerrien
49127Stevensville, MIBerrien
49126Sodus, MIBerrien
49113Galien, MIBerrien
49112Edwardsburg, MICass
49111Eau Claire, MIBerrien
49117New Buffalo, MIBerrien
49116Lakeside, MIBerrien
49115Harbert, MIBerrien
49129Union Pier, MIBerrien
49416Glenn, MIAllegan
49408Fennville, MIAllegan
49406Douglas, MIAllegan
49453Saugatuck, MIAllegan
49450Pullman, MIAllegan
49419Hamilton, MIAllegan
49328Hopkins, MIAllegan
49311Bradley, MIAllegan
49130Union, MICass
49348Wayland, MIAllegan
49344Shelbyville, MIAllegan
49333Middleville, MIBarry
49084Riverside, MIBerrien
49083Richland, MIKalamazoo
49081Portage, MIKalamazoo
49088Scotts, MIKalamazoo
49087Schoolcraft, MIKalamazoo
49085Saint Joseph, MIBerrien
49077Oshtemo, MIKalamazoo
49076Olivet, MIEaton
49075Nottawa, MISaint Joseph
49080Plainwell, MIAllegan
49079Paw Paw, MIVan Buren
49078Otsego, MIAllegan
49090South Haven, MIVan Buren
49103Berrien Springs, MIBerrien
49102Berrien Center, MIBerrien
49101Baroda, MIBerrien
49107Buchanan, MIBerrien
49106Bridgman, MIBerrien
49104Berrien Springs, MIBerrien
49095Vandalia, MICass
49093Three Rivers, MISaint Joseph
49091Sturgis, MISaint Joseph
49099White Pigeon, MISaint Joseph
49098Watervliet, MIBerrien
49097Vicksburg, MIKalamazoo
49004Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49005Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49006Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49003Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
48897Woodland, MIBarry
49001Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49002Portage, MIKalamazoo
49011Athens, MICalhoun
49012Augusta, MIKalamazoo
49013Bangor, MIVan Buren
49010Allegan, MIAllegan
49007Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49008Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo
49009Kalamazoo, MIKalamazoo

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