Area Code Details for: 616






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


49435Marne, MIOttawa
49430Lamont, MIOttawa
49434Macatawa, MIOttawa
49464Zeeland, MIOttawa
49468Grandville, MIKent
49460West Olive, MIOttawa
49448Nunica, MIOttawa
49456Spring Lake, MIOttawa
49423Holland, MIOttawa
49424Holland, MIOttawa
49418Grandville, MIKent
49422Holland, MIOttawa
49428Jenison, MIOttawa
49429Jenison, MIOttawa
49426Hudsonville, MIOttawa
49427Jamestown, MIOttawa
49512Grand Rapids, MIKent
49514Grand Rapids, MIKent
49509Grand Rapids, MIKent
49510Grand Rapids, MIKent
49518Grand Rapids, MIKent
49519Wyoming, MIKent
49515Grand Rapids, MIKent
49516Grand Rapids, MIKent
49509Wyoming , MIKent
49503Grand Rapids, MIKent
49504Grand Rapids, MIKent
49501Grand Rapids, MIKent
49502Grand Rapids, MIKent
49507Grand Rapids, MIKent
49508Grand Rapids, MIKent
49505Grand Rapids, MIKent
49506Grand Rapids, MIKent
49314Burnips, MIAllegan
49315Byron Center, MIKent
49302Alto, MIKent
49306Belmont, MIKent
49319Cedar Springs, MIKent
49321Comstock Park, MIKent
49316Caledonia, MIKent
49317Cannonsburg, MIKent
48846Ionia, MIIonia
48849Lake Odessa, MIIonia
48809Belding, MIIonia
48815Clarksville, MIIonia
48887Smyrna, MIIonia
49301Ada, MIKent
48865Orleans, MIIonia
48881Saranac, MIIonia
49323Dorr, MIAllegan
49357Ada, MIKent
49401Allendale, MIOttawa
49355Ada, MIKent
49356Ada, MIKent
49409Ferrysburg, MIOttawa
49417Grand Haven, MIOttawa
49403Conklin, MIOttawa
49404Coopersville, MIOttawa
49331Lowell, MIKent
49335Moline, MIAllegan
49325Freeport, MIBarry
49330Kent City, MIKent
49345Sparta, MIKent
49351Rockford, MIKent
49341Rockford, MIKent
49343Sand Lake, MIKent
49723Cross Village, MIEmmet
49722Conway, MIEmmet
49737Good Hart, MIEmmet
49599Grand Rapids, MIKent
49740Harbor Springs, MIEmmet
49769Pellston, MIEmmet
49764Oden, MIEmmet
49755Levering, MIEmmet
49718Carp Lake, MIEmmet
49706Alanson, MIEmmet
49588Grand Rapids, MIKent
49534Grand Rapids, MIKent
49544Grand Rapids, MIKent
49546Grand Rapids, MIKent
49528Grand Rapids, MIKent
49525Grand Rapids, MIKent
49530Grand Rapids, MIKent
49548Grand Rapids, MIKent
49555Grand Rapids, MIKent
49560Grand Rapids, MIKent
49523Grand Rapids, MIKent

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