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StateAlabama (AL)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA205
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/15/1995

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4:17 PM


36079Troy, ALPike
36875Seale, ALRussell
36877Smiths Station , ALLee
36879Waverly, ALLee
36877Smiths, ALLee
36370Pansey, ALHouston
36075Shorter, ALMacon
36072Eufaula, ALBarbour
36071Rutledge, ALCrenshaw
36371Pinckard, ALDale
36874Salem, ALLee
36078Tallassee, ALElmore
36872Valley, ALLee
36345Headland, ALHenry
36346Jack, ALCoffee
36349Malvern, ALGeneva
36344Hartford, ALGeneva
36331Enterprise, ALCoffee
36340Geneva, ALGeneva
36343Gordon, ALHouston
36360Ozark, ALDale
36361Ozark, ALDale
36362Fort Novosel, ALDale
36353Newville, ALHenry
36350Midland City, ALDale
36351New Brockton, ALCoffee
36352Newton, ALDale
36069Ramer, ALMontgomery
36862Lafayette, ALChambers
36860Hurtsboro, ALRussell
36859Holy Trinity, ALRussell
36863Lanett, ALChambers
36867Phenix City, ALRussell
36866Notasulga, ALMacon
36865Loachapoka, ALLee
36852Cusseta, ALLee
36851Cottonton, ALRussell
36374Skipperville, ALDale
36854Valley, ALChambers
36858Hatchechubbee, ALRussell
36856Fort Mitchell, ALRussell
36855Five Points, ALChambers
36065Pine Level, ALMontgomery
36064Pike Road, ALMontgomery
36062Petrey, ALCrenshaw
36373Shorterville, ALHenry
36068Prattville, ALAutauga
36067Prattville, ALAutauga
36066Prattville, ALAutauga
36870Phenix City, ALLee
36869Phenix City, ALRussell
36868Phenix City, ALRussell
36054Millbrook, ALElmore
36061Perote, ALBullock
36057Mount Meigs, ALMontgomery
36871Pittsview, ALRussell
36108Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36140Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36141Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36135Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36130Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36131Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36132Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36107Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36177Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36191Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36274Roanoke, ALRandolph
36104Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36106Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36142Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36105Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36125Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36113Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36114Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36115Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36112Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36110Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36109Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36111Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36116Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36121Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36123Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36124Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36120Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36117Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36118Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36119Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36080Titus, ALElmore
36314Black, ALGeneva
36316Chancellor, ALGeneva
36313Bellwood, ALGeneva
36311Ariton, ALDale
36081Troy, ALPike
36312Ashford, ALHouston
36317Clopton, ALHenry
36322Daleville, ALDale
36323Elba, ALCoffee
36330Enterprise, ALCoffee
36321Cowarts, ALHouston
36318Coffee Springs, ALGeneva
36319Columbia, ALHouston
36320Cottonwood, ALHouston
36082Troy, ALPike
36302Dothan, ALHouston
36303Dothan, ALHouston
36093Wetumpka, ALElmore
36101Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36103Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36301Dothan, ALHouston
36102Montgomery, ALMontgomery
36092Wetumpka, ALElmore
36087Tuskegee Institute, ALMacon
36310Abbeville, ALHenry
36083Tuskegee, ALMacon
36305Dothan, ALHouston
36089Union Springs, ALBullock
36088Tuskegee Institute, ALMacon
36304Dothan, ALHouston
36722Arlington, ALWilcox
36016Clayton, ALBarbour
36017Clio, ALBarbour
36703Selma, ALDallas
36720Alberta, ALWilcox
36776Sawyerville, ALHale
36723Boykin, ALWilcox
36732Demopolis, ALMarengo
36736Dixons Mills, ALMarengo
36738Faunsdale, ALMarengo
36726Camden, ALWilcox
36727Campbell, ALClarke
36728Catherine, ALWilcox
36009Brantley, ALCrenshaw
36008Booth, ALAutauga
36005Banks, ALPike
36477Samson, ALGeneva
36013Cecil, ALMontgomery
36010Brundidge, ALPike
36003Autaugaville, ALAutauga
36701Selma, ALDallas
36782Sweet Water, ALMarengo
36702Selma, ALDallas
36483Wing, ALCovington
36028Dozier, ALCrenshaw
36027Eufaula, ALBarbour
36769Pine Hill, ALWilcox
36767Orrville, ALDallas
36765Newbern, ALHale
36022Deatsville, ALElmore
36754Magnolia, ALMarengo
36020Coosada, ALElmore
36764Nanafalia, ALMarengo
36759Marion Junction, ALDallas
36758Plantersville, ALDallas
36756Sprott, ALPerry
36763Myrtlewood, ALMarengo
36756Marion , ALPerry
36761Minter, ALDallas
36745Jefferson, ALMarengo
36748Linden, ALMarengo
36025Elmore, ALElmore
36740Forkland, ALGreene
36742Gallion, ALHale
36744Greensboro, ALHale
36749Jones, ALAutauga
36773Safford, ALDallas
36024Eclectic, ALElmore
36023East Tallassee, ALTallapoosa
36751Lower Peach Tree, ALWilcox
36752Lowndesboro, ALLowndes
36775Sardis, ALDallas
36802Opelika, ALLee
36801Opelika, ALLee
36849Auburn University, ALLee
36804Opelika, ALLee
36803Opelika, ALLee
36043Hope Hull, ALMontgomery
36045Kent, ALElmore
36790Stanton, ALChilton
36786Uniontown, ALPerry
36785Benton, ALLowndes
36421Andalusia, ALCovington
36793Lawley, ALBibb
36792Randolph, ALBibb
36036Grady, ALMontgomery
36375Slocomb, ALGeneva
36832Auburn, ALLee
36039Hardaway, ALMacon
36038Gantt, ALCovington
36037Greenville, ALButler
36831Auburn, ALLee
36830Auburn, ALLee
36376Webb, ALHouston
36420Andalusia, ALCovington
36040Hayneville, ALLowndes
36041Highland Home, ALCrenshaw
36042Honoraville, ALCrenshaw
36052Mathews, ALMontgomery
36053Midway, ALBullock
36029Fitzpatrick, ALBullock
36031Fort Davis, ALMacon
36051Marbury, ALAutauga
36030Forest Home, ALButler
36783Thomaston, ALMarengo
36467Opp, ALCovington
36474Red Level, ALCovington
36476River Falls, ALCovington
36455Lockhart, ALCovington
36456Mc Kenzie, ALButler
36015Chapman, ALButler
36048Louisville, ALBarbour
36785Tyler , ALLowndes
36442Florala, ALCovington
36435Coy, ALWilcox
36046Lapine, ALMontgomery
36047Letohatchee, ALLowndes
36453Kinston, ALCoffee
36033Georgiana, ALButler
36032Fort Deposit, ALLowndes
36049Luverne, ALCrenshaw
36035Goshen, ALPike
36784Thomasville, ALClarke
36034Glenwood, ALCrenshaw
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