Area Code Details for: 831






Time ZoneP
Parent NPA408
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date07/11/1998


95076Watsonville, CASanta Cruz
95077Watsonville, CASanta Cruz
93930King City, CAMonterey
95075Tres Pinos, CASan Benito
95066Scotts Valley, CASanta Cruz
95067Scotts Valley, CASanta Cruz
95073Soquel, CASanta Cruz
93928Jolon, CAMonterey
93942Monterey, CAMonterey
95012Castroville, CAMonterey
95010Capitola, CASanta Cruz
93940Monterey, CAMonterey
93927Greenfield, CAMonterey
93933Marina, CAMonterey
95019Freedom, CASanta Cruz
95062Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz
95063Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz
93908Salinas, CAMonterey
95061Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz
93932Lockwood, CAMonterey
95045San Juan Bautista, CASan Benito
95060Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz
93907Salinas, CAMonterey
93450San Ardo, CAMonterey
95064Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz
95065Santa Cruz, CASanta Cruz
93901Salinas, CAMonterey
93906Salinas, CAMonterey
93905Salinas, CAMonterey
93902Salinas, CAMonterey
93926Gonzales, CAMonterey
95023Hollister, CASan Benito
95017Davenport, CASanta Cruz
95024Hollister, CASan Benito
93950Pacific Grove, CAMonterey
93923Carmel, CAMonterey
93924Carmel Valley, CAMonterey
93944Monterey, CAMonterey
95039Moss Landing, CAMonterey
95043Paicines, CASan Benito
93955Seaside, CAMonterey
95018Felton, CASanta Cruz
93954San Lucas, CAMonterey
95041Mount Hermon, CASanta Cruz
93960Soledad, CAMonterey
93953Pebble Beach, CAMonterey
93962Spreckels, CAMonterey
95005Ben Lomond, CASanta Cruz
95004Aromas, CAMonterey
95006Boulder Creek, CASanta Cruz
95007Brookdale, CASanta Cruz
93912Salinas, CAMonterey
93915Salinas, CAMonterey
93920Big Sur, CAMonterey
93921Carmel by the Sea , CAMonterey
93921Carmel, CAMonterey
93922Carmel, CAMonterey
93943Monterey, CAMonterey
95003Aptos, CASanta Cruz
93925Chualar, CAMonterey
95001Aptos, CASanta Cruz

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