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StateOhio (OH)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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43605Toledo, OHLucas
45899Wren, OHVan Wert
43603Toledo, OHLucas
43604Toledo, OHLucas
43530Jewell, OHDefiance
45849Grover Hill, OHPaulding
45848Glandorf, OHPutnam
43610Toledo, OHLucas
43609Toledo, OHLucas
43606Toledo, OHLucas
43607Toledo, OHLucas
43608Toledo, OHLucas
45889Van Buren, OHHancock
43619Northwood, OHWood
45890Vanlue, OHHancock
45888Uniopolis, OHAuglaize
45885Saint Marys, OHAuglaize
45886Scott, OHVan Wert
45887Spencerville, OHAllen
45896Waynesfield, OHAuglaize
45897Williamstown, OHHancock
45898Willshire, OHVan Wert
45895Wapakoneta, OHAuglaize
45891Van Wert, OHVan Wert
45893Vaughnsville, OHPutnam
45894Venedocia, OHVan Wert
45844Fort Jennings, OHPutnam
43667Toledo, OHLucas
43666Toledo, OHLucas
43526Hicksville, OHDefiance
43654Toledo , OHWood
43682Toledo, OHLucas
43681Toledo, OHLucas
43661Toledo, OHLucas
43657Toledo, OHLucas
43656Toledo, OHLucas
43654Toledo, OHLucas
43659Toledo, OHLucas
45846Fort Recovery, OHMercer
43527Holgate, OHHenry
43660Toledo, OHLucas
43529Hoytville, OHWood
43614Toledo, OHLucas
43699Toledo, OHLucas
43528Holland, OHLucas
43334Marengo, OHMorrow
43611Toledo, OHLucas
43612Toledo, OHLucas
43613Toledo, OHLucas
43697Toledo, OHLucas
43616Oregon, OHLucas
43635Toledo, OHLucas
43652Toledo, OHLucas
43617Toledo, OHLucas
43620Toledo, OHLucas
43623Toledo, OHLucas
43615Toledo, OHLucas
43601Toledo, OHLucas
43548New Bavaria, OHHenry
45862Mendon, OHMercer
45863Middle Point, OHVan Wert
43547Neapolis, OHLucas
43543Montpelier, OHWilliams
45861Melrose, OHPaulding
43545Napoleon, OHHenry
45853Kalida, OHPutnam
43549Ney, OHDefiance
45866Montezuma, OHMercer
45867Mount Blanchard, OHHancock
45865Minster, OHAuglaize
45851Haviland, OHPaulding
45864Miller City, OHPutnam
45850Harrod, OHAllen
43542Monclova, OHLucas
45856Leipsic, OHPutnam
43533Lyons, OHFulton
43534Mc Clure, OHHenry
45855Latty, OHPaulding
45854Lafayette, OHAllen
43531Kunkle, OHWilliams
43532Liberty Center, OHHenry
45858Mc Comb, OHHancock
43540Metamora, OHFulton
45860Maria Stein, OHMercer
43541Milton Center, OHWood
43537Maumee, OHLucas
43535Malinta, OHHenry
45859Mc Guffey, OHHardin
43536Mark Center, OHDefiance
45868Mount Cory, OHHancock
43567Wauseon, OHFulton
43569Weston, OHWood
43570West Unity, OHWilliams
45876Ottoville, OHPutnam
43560Sylvania, OHLucas
43565Tontogany, OHWood
43566Waterville, OHLucas
45877Pandora, OHPutnam
45883Saint Henry, OHMercer
45884Saint Johns, OHAuglaize
43571Whitehouse, OHLucas
45882Rockford, OHMercer
45879Paulding, OHPaulding
45880Payne, OHPaulding
45881Rawson, OHHancock
45875Ottawa, OHPutnam
45871New Knoxville, OHAuglaize
43553Pettisville, OHFulton
44822Butler, OHRichland
45870New Hampshire, OHAuglaize
43551Perrysburg, OHWood
43552Perrysburg, OHWood
45869New Bremen, OHAuglaize
43554Pioneer, OHWilliams
43557Stryker, OHWilliams
43558Swanton, OHFulton
45874Ohio City, OHVan Wert
43556Sherwood, OHDefiance
45872North Baltimore, OHWood
43555Ridgeville Corners, OHHenry
45873Oakwood, OHPaulding
44880Sullivan, OHAshland
44881Sulphur Springs, OHCrawford
44841Kansas, OHSeneca
43349Shauck, OHMorrow
43338Mount Gilead, OHMorrow
44882Sycamore, OHWyandot
44890Willard, OHHuron
44901Mansfield, OHRichland
44888Willard, OHHuron
44883Tiffin, OHSeneca
44887Tiro, OHCrawford
43350Sparta, OHMorrow
44844Mc Cutchenville, OHWyandot
44874Savannah, OHAshland
44871Sandusky, OHErie
44867Republic, OHSeneca
44870Sandusky, OHErie
44843Lucas, OHRichland
44878Shiloh, OHRichland
43351Upper Sandusky, OHWyandot
44842Loudonville, OHAshland
44875Shelby, OHRichland
43359Wharton, OHWyandot
45804Lima, OHAllen
45805Lima, OHAllen
45802Lima, OHAllen
45388Yorkshire, OHDarke
45801Lima, OHAllen
45806Lima, OHAllen
45810Ada, OHHardin
44837Greenwich, OHHuron
45809Gomer, OHAllen
45807Lima, OHAllen
45808Beaverdam, OHAllen
45351Osgood, OHDarke
44838Hayesville, OHAshland
44903Mansfield, OHRichland
44902Mansfield, OHRichland
44840Jeromesville, OHAshland
44839Huron, OHErie
44904Mansfield, OHRichland
45310Burkettsville, OHMercer
45350North Star, OHDarke
44907Mansfield, OHRichland
44905Mansfield, OHRichland
44906Mansfield, OHRichland
44850New Haven, OHHuron
44851New London, OHHuron
44848Nankin, OHAshland
44847Monroeville, OHHuron
43326Kenton, OHHardin
44853New Riegel, OHSeneca
44855North Fairfield, OHHuron
44856North Robinson, OHCrawford
43434Harbor View, OHLucas
44854New Washington, OHCrawford
43435Helena, OHSandusky
43325Iberia, OHMorrow
43438Kelleys Island, OHErie
43437Jerry City, OHWood
43439Lacarne, OHOttawa
43440Lakeside Marblehead, OHOttawa
43441Lemoyne, OHWood
43317Chesterville, OHMorrow
43321Fulton, OHMorrow
44846Milan, OHErie
43436Isle Saint George, OHOttawa
43320Edison, OHMorrow
44845Melmore, OHSeneca
43407Burgoon, OHSandusky
43406Bradner, OHWood
43408Clay Center, OHOttawa
43412Curtice, OHOttawa
43410Clyde, OHSandusky
43403Bowling Green, OHWood
44866Polk, OHAshland
43402Bowling Green, OHWood
44865Plymouth, OHHuron
44862Ontario, OHRichland
44864Perrysville, OHAshland
43413Cygnet, OHWood
43430Genoa, OHOttawa
43420Fremont, OHSandusky
43431Gibsonburg, OHSandusky
43433Gypsum, OHOttawa
43432Graytown, OHOttawa
44857Norwalk, OHHuron
43414Dunbridge, OHWood
44861Old Fort, OHSeneca
43416Elmore, OHOttawa
44859Nova, OHAshland
44860Oceola, OHCrawford
44825Chatfield, OHCrawford
43506Bryan, OHWilliams
44826Collins, OHHuron
43450Pemberville, OHWood
44811Bellevue, OHHuron
43451Portage, OHWood
44817Bloomdale, OHWood
44824Castalia, OHErie
44815Bettsville, OHSeneca
44813Bellville, OHRichland
44814Berlin Heights, OHErie
43449Oak Harbor, OHOttawa
44805Ashland, OHAshland
43447Millbury, OHWood
43469Woodville, OHSandusky
43467West Millgrove, OHWood
43468Williston, OHOttawa
43501Alvordton, OHWilliams
43505Blakeslee, OHWilliams
44809Bascom, OHSeneca
43504Berkey, OHLucas
43502Archbold, OHFulton
44807Attica, OHSeneca
43524Hamler, OHHenry
45837Dupont, OHPutnam
43523Grelton, OHHenry
43521Fayette, OHFulton
43522Grand Rapids, OHWood
45838Elgin, OHVan Wert
45843Forest, OHHardin
43525Haskins, OHWood
45841Jenera, OHHancock
45839Findlay, OHHancock
45840Findlay, OHHancock
43335Martel, OHMarion
43511Custar, OHWood
43512Defiance, OHDefiance
43510Colton, OHHenry
44818Bloomville, OHSeneca
44820Bucyrus, OHCrawford
43515Delta, OHFulton
43519Evansport, OHDefiance
43520Farmer, OHDefiance
43518Edon, OHWilliams
43516Deshler, OHHenry
43517Edgerton, OHWilliams
44828Flat Rock, OHSeneca
45822Celina, OHMercer
45821Cecil, OHPaulding
45820Cairo, OHAllen
44830Fostoria, OHSeneca
43446Middle Bass, OHOttawa
44638Lakeville, OHHolmes
45827Cloverdale, OHPutnam
45826Chickasaw, OHMercer
44287West Salem, OHWayne
44827Crestline, OHCrawford
43445Martin, OHOttawa
45815Belmore, OHPutnam
45816Benton Ridge, OHHancock
45814Arlington, OHHancock
45812Alger, OHHardin
45813Antwerp, OHPaulding
44836Green Springs, OHSeneca
44833Galion, OHCrawford
45819Buckland, OHAuglaize
45817Bluffton, OHAllen
43442Lindsey, OHSandusky
43443Luckey, OHWood
43457Risingsun, OHWood
43458Rocky Ridge, OHOttawa
43456Put in Bay, OHOttawa
43314Caledonia, OHMarion
43452Port Clinton, OHOttawa
43460Rossford, OHWood
43465Walbridge, OHWood
43466Wayne, OHWood
43464Vickery, OHSandusky
43462Rudolph, OHWood
43463Stony Ridge, OHWood
43315Cardington, OHMorrow
45831Continental, OHPutnam
44804Arcadia, OHHancock
45830Columbus Grove, OHPutnam
45828Coldwater, OHMercer
44802Alvada, OHSeneca
45832Convoy, OHVan Wert
43330Kirby, OHWyandot
43316Carey, OHWyandot
45836Dunkirk, OHHardin
45833Delphos, OHAllen
45835Dola, OHHardin
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