Area Code Details for: 940






StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA817
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date05/25/1997

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79547Rule, TXHaskell
79544Rochester, TXHaskell
79548Rule, TXHaskell
76252Muenster, TXCooke
76251Montague, TXMontague
79540Old Glory, TXStonewall
79505Benjamin, TXKnox
79502Aspermont, TXStonewall
79521Haskell, TXHaskell
79539O Brien, TXHaskell
79529Knox City, TXKnox
76253Myra, TXCooke
76267Slidell, TXWise
76266Sanger, TXDenton
76270Sunset, TXMontague
76301Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76272Valley View, TXCooke
76265Saint Jo, TXMontague
76258Pilot Point, TXDenton
76255Nocona, TXMontague
76259Ponder, TXDenton
76263Rosston, TXCooke
76261Ringgold, TXMontague
79259Tell, TXChildress
76226Argyle, TXDenton
76225Alvord, TXWise
76227Aubrey, TXDenton
76230Bowie, TXMontague
76228Bellevue, TXClay
76210Denton, TXDenton
76206Denton, TXDenton
76205Denton, TXDenton
76207Denton, TXDenton
76209Denton, TXDenton
76208Denton, TXDenton
76234Decatur, TXWise
76250Lindsay, TXCooke
76249Krum, TXDenton
79201Childress, TXChildress
79247Odell, TXWilbarger
79223Cee Vee, TXCottle
76247Justin, TXDenton
76239Forestburg, TXMontague
76238Era, TXCooke
76240Gainesville, TXCooke
76246Greenwood, TXWise
76241Gainesville, TXCooke
76302Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76427Bryson, TXJack
76426Bridgeport, TXWise
76431Chico, TXWise
76449Graford, TXPalo Pinto
76439Dennis, TXParker
76389Windthorst, TXArcher
76380Seymour, TXBaylor
76379Scotland, TXArcher
76384Vernon, TXWilbarger
76388Weinert, TXHaskell
76385Vernon, TXWilbarger
76450Graham, TXYoung
76481South Bend, TXYoung
76475Strawn, TXPalo Pinto
76483Throckmorton, TXThrockmorton
76486Perrin, TXJack
76484Palo Pinto, TXPalo Pinto
76472Santo, TXPalo Pinto
76458Jacksboro, TXJack
76453Gordon, TXPalo Pinto
76459Jermyn, TXJack
76463Mingus, TXPalo Pinto
76460Loving, TXYoung
76377Petrolia, TXClay
76351Archer City, TXArcher
76311Sheppard Afb, TXWichita
76352Bluegrove, TXClay
76357Byers, TXClay
76354Burkburnett, TXWichita
76310Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76306Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76305Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76307Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76309Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76308Wichita Falls, TXWichita
76360Electra, TXWichita
76371Munday, TXKnox
76370Megargel, TXArcher
76372Newcastle, TXYoung
76374Olney, TXYoung
76373Oklaunion, TXWilbarger
76369Kamay, TXWichita
76364Harrold, TXWilbarger
76363Goree, TXKnox
76365Henrietta, TXClay
76367Iowa Park, TXWichita
76366Holliday, TXArcher
76204Denton, TXDenton
75099Coppell, TXDallas
75065Lake Dallas, TXDenton
76066Millsap, TXParker
76023Boyd, TXWise
76491Woodson, TXThrockmorton
75019Coppell, TXDallas
75064Irving, TXDallas
76490Whitt, TXParker
76078Rhome, TXWise
76073Paradise, TXWise
76201Denton, TXDenton
76203Denton, TXDenton
76202Denton, TXDenton
76071Newark, TXWise
76068Mineral Wells, TXPalo Pinto
76067Mineral Wells, TXPalo Pinto
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