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StateArkansas (AR)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA501
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/19/2002

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72940Huntington, ARSebastian
72941Lavaca, ARSebastian
72936Greenwood, ARSebastian
72937Hackett, ARSebastian
72938Hartford, ARSebastian
72943Magazine, ARLogan
72947Mulberry, ARCrawford
72948Natural Dam, ARCrawford
72949Ozark, ARFranklin
72944Mansfield, ARScott
72945Midland, ARSebastian
72946Mountainburg, ARCrawford
72935Dyer, ARCrawford
72919Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72921Alma, ARCrawford
72923Barling, ARSebastian
72916Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72917Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72918Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72926Boles, ARScott
72932Cedarville, ARCrawford
72933Charleston, ARFranklin
72934Chester, ARCrawford
72927Booneville, ARLogan
72928Branch, ARFranklin
72930Cecil, ARFranklin
72749Morrow, ARWashington
72747Maysville, ARBenton
72745Lowell, ARBenton
72753Prairie Grove, ARWashington
72752Pettigrew, ARMadison
72751Pea Ridge, ARBenton
72744Lincoln, ARWashington
72739Hiwasse, ARBenton
72738Hindsville, ARMadison
72737Greenland, ARWashington
72742Kingston, ARMadison
72741Johnson, ARWashington
72740Huntsville, ARMadison
72955Uniontown, ARCrawford
72956Van Buren, ARCrawford
72957Van Buren, ARCrawford
72950Parks, ARScott
72951Ratcliff, ARLogan
72952Rudy, ARCrawford
72958Waldron, ARScott
72758Rogers, ARBenton
72757Rogers, ARBenton
72756Rogers, ARBenton
72959Winslow, ARWashington
72761Siloam Springs, ARBenton
72760Saint Paul, ARMadison
72824Belleville, ARYell
72827Bluffton, ARYell
72828Briggsville, ARYell
72820Alix, ARFranklin
72821Altus, ARFranklin
72823Atkins, ARPope
72829Centerville, ARYell
72834Dardanelle, ARYell
72835Delaware, ARLogan
72837Dover, ARPope
72830Clarksville, ARJohnson
72832Coal Hill, ARJohnson
72833Danville, ARYell
72812Russellville, ARPope
72766Springdale, ARWashington
72768Sulphur Springs, ARBenton
72769Summers, ARWashington
72762Springdale, ARWashington
72764Springdale, ARWashington
72765Springdale, ARWashington
72770Tontitown, ARWashington
72801Russellville, ARPope
72802Russellville, ARPope
72811Russellville, ARPope
72773Wesley, ARMadison
72774West Fork, ARWashington
72776Witter, ARMadison
72838Gravelly, ARYell
72865Subiaco, ARLogan
72901Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72902Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72858Pottsville, ARPope
72860Rover, ARYell
72863Scranton, ARLogan
72903Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72908Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72913Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72914Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72904Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72905Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72906Fort Smith, ARSebastian
72857Plainview, ARYell
72842Havana, ARYell
72843Hector, ARPope
72845Knoxville, ARJohnson
72839Hagarville, ARJohnson
72840Hartman, ARJohnson
72841Harvey, ARScott
72846Lamar, ARJohnson
72853Ola, ARYell
72854Ozone, ARJohnson
72855Paris, ARLogan
72847London, ARPope
72851New Blaine, ARLogan
72852Oark, ARJohnson
72736Gravette, ARBenton
72717Canehill, ARWashington
72718Cave Springs, ARBenton
72716Bentonville, ARBenton
72714Bella Vista, ARBenton
72715Bella Vista, ARBenton
72727Elkins, ARWashington
72728Elm Springs, ARWashington
72722Decatur, ARBenton
72719Centerton, ARBenton
72721Combs, ARMadison
72713Bentonville, ARBenton
72632Eureka Springs, ARCarroll
72701Fayetteville, ARWashington
72631Eureka Springs, ARCarroll
71953Mena, ARPolk
72613Beaver, ARCarroll
72711Avoca, ARBenton
72712Bentonville, ARBenton
72704Fayetteville, ARWashington
72702Fayetteville, ARWashington
72703Fayetteville, ARWashington
72732Garfield, ARBenton
72730Farmington, ARWashington
72733Gateway, ARBenton
72735Goshen, ARWashington
72734Gentry, ARBenton
72729Evansville, ARWashington
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