Area Code Details for: 585






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA716
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date11/15/2001


14011Attica, NYWyoming
14511Mumford, NYMonroe
14512Naples, NYOntario
14024Bliss, NYWyoming
14504Manchester, NYOntario
14880Scio, NYAllegany
14020Batavia, NYGenesee
14021Batavia, NYGenesee
14507Middlesex, NYYates
14013Basom, NYGenesee
14510Mount Morris, NYLivingston
14508Morton, NYMonroe
14009Arcade, NYWyoming
14005Alexander, NYGenesee
14813Belmont, NYAllegany
14826Cohocton, NYSteuben
14786West Clarksville, NYAllegany
14808Atlanta, NYSteuben
14506Mendon, NYMonroe
14895Wellsville, NYAllegany
14836Dalton, NYLivingston
14846Hunt, NYLivingston
14647Rochester, NYMonroe
14646Rochester, NYMonroe
14644Rochester, NYMonroe
14580Webster, NYMonroe
14650Rochester, NYMonroe
14649Rochester, NYMonroe
14643Rochester, NYMonroe
14627Rochester, NYMonroe
14626Rochester, NYMonroe
14585West Bloomfield, NYOntario
14642Rochester, NYMonroe
14639Rochester, NYMonroe
14638Rochester, NYMonroe
14651Rochester, NYMonroe
14714Black Creek, NYAllegany
14711Belfast, NYAllegany
14709Angelica, NYAllegany
14571Waterport, NYOrleans
14717Caneadea, NYAllegany
14715Bolivar, NYAllegany
14708Alma, NYAllegany
14572Wayland, NYSteuben
14653Rochester, NYMonroe
14652Rochester, NYMonroe
14707Allentown, NYAllegany
14694Rochester, NYMonroe
14692Rochester, NYMonroe
14608Rochester, NYMonroe
14607Rochester, NYMonroe
14606Rochester, NYMonroe
14611Rochester, NYMonroe
14610Rochester, NYMonroe
14609Rochester, NYMonroe
14605Rochester, NYMonroe
14602Rochester, NYMonroe
14592York, NYLivingston
14591Wyoming, NYWyoming
14604Rochester, NYMonroe
14603Rochester, NYMonroe
14586West Henrietta, NYMonroe
14612Rochester, NYMonroe
14622Rochester, NYMonroe
14621Rochester, NYMonroe
14620Rochester, NYMonroe
14625Rochester, NYMonroe
14624Rochester, NYMonroe
14623Rochester, NYMonroe
14619Rochester, NYMonroe
14615Rochester, NYMonroe
14614Rochester, NYMonroe
14613Rochester, NYMonroe
14618Rochester, NYMonroe
14617Rochester, NYMonroe
14616Rochester, NYMonroe
14054East Bethany, NYGenesee
14539Retsof, NYLivingston
14056East Pembroke, NYGenesee
14039Dale, NYWyoming
14040Darien Center, NYGenesee
14536Portageville, NYWyoming
14058Elba, NYGenesee
14098Lyndonville, NYOrleans
14103Medina, NYOrleans
14113North Java, NYWyoming
14066Gainesville, NYWyoming
14082Java Center, NYWyoming
14083Java Village, NYWyoming
14774Richburg, NYAllegany
14525Pavilion, NYGenesee
14526Penfield, NYMonroe
14529Perkinsville, NYSteuben
14514North Chili, NYMonroe
14515North Greece, NYMonroe
14517Nunda, NYLivingston
14530Perry, NYWyoming
14036Corfu, NYGenesee
14037Cowlesville, NYWyoming
14777Rushford, NYAllegany
14533Piffard, NYLivingston
14534Pittsford, NYMonroe
14029Centerville, NYAllegany
14559Spencerport, NYMonroe
14560Springwater, NYLivingston
14561Stanley, NYOntario
14556Sonyea, NYLivingston
14557South Byron, NYGenesee
14558South Lima, NYLivingston
14744Houghton, NYAllegany
14721Ceres, NYAllegany
14564Victor, NYOntario
14569Warsaw, NYWyoming
14739Friendship, NYAllegany
14735Fillmore, NYAllegany
14727Cuba, NYAllegany
14745Hume, NYAllegany
14145Strykersville, NYWyoming
14167Varysburg, NYWyoming
14543Rush, NYMonroe
14125Oakfield, NYGenesee
14130Pike, NYWyoming
14143Stafford, NYGenesee
14544Rushville, NYYates
14548Shortsville, NYOntario
14549Silver Lake, NYWyoming
14550Silver Springs, NYWyoming
14754Little Genesee, NYAllegany
14545Scottsburg, NYLivingston
14546Scottsville, NYMonroe
14467Henrietta, NYMonroe
14466Hemlock, NYLivingston
14468Hilton, NYMonroe
14470Holley, NYOrleans
14469Bloomfield, NYOntario
14461Gorham, NYOntario
14454Geneseo, NYLivingston
14462Groveland, NYLivingston
14464Hamlin, NYMonroe
14463Hall, NYOntario
14480Lakeville, NYLivingston
14479Knowlesville, NYOrleans
14481Leicester, NYLivingston
14485Lima, NYLivingston
14482Le Roy, NYGenesee
14472Honeoye Falls, NYMonroe
14471Honeoye, NYOntario
14475Ionia, NYOntario
14477Kent, NYOrleans
14476Kendall, NYOrleans
14453Fishers, NYOntario
14422Byron, NYGenesee
14420Brockport, NYMonroe
14423Caledonia, NYLivingston
14425Farmington, NYOntario
14424Canandaigua, NYOntario
14411Albion, NYOrleans
14410Adams Basin, NYMonroe
14414Avon, NYLivingston
14416Bergen, NYGenesee
14415Bellona, NYYates
14443East Bloomfield, NYOntario
14437Dansville, NYLivingston
14445East Rochester, NYMonroe
14452Fancher, NYOrleans
14450Fairport, NYMonroe
14428Churchville, NYMonroe
14427Castile, NYWyoming
14429Clarendon, NYOrleans
14435Conesus, NYLivingston
14430Clarkson, NYMonroe
14486Linwood, NYLivingston
14487Livonia, NYLivingston
14488Livonia Center, NYLivingston

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