Area Code Details for: 716






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1947


14133Sandusky, NYCattaraugus
14132Sanborn, NYNiagara
14787Westfield, NYChautauqua
14785Stow, NYChautauqua
14134Sardinia, NYErie
14057Eden, NYErie
14203Buffalo, NYErie
14062Forestville, NYChautauqua
14131Ransomville, NYNiagara
14205Buffalo, NYErie
14025Boston, NYErie
14059Elma, NYErie
14061Farnham, NYErie
14030Chaffee, NYErie
14060Farmersville Station, NYCattaraugus
14028Burt, NYNiagara
14204Buffalo, NYErie
14783Steamburg, NYCattaraugus
14784Stockton, NYChautauqua
14135Sheridan, NYChautauqua
14781Sherman, NYChautauqua
14136Silver Creek, NYChautauqua
14782Sinclairville, NYChautauqua
14129Perrysburg, NYCattaraugus
14048Dunkirk, NYChautauqua
14051East Amherst, NYErie
14043Depew, NYErie
14047Derby, NYErie
14211Buffalo, NYErie
14120North Tonawanda, NYNiagara
14052East Aurora, NYErie
14055East Concord, NYErie
14032Clarence Center, NYErie
14031Clarence, NYErie
14034Collins, NYErie
14033Colden, NYErie
14041Dayton, NYCattaraugus
14042Delevan, NYCattaraugus
14035Collins Center, NYErie
14038Crittenden, NYErie
14126Olcott, NYNiagara
14206West Seneca, NYErie
14108Newfane, NYNiagara
14788Westons Mills, NYCattaraugus
14206Cheektowaga, NYErie
14206Buffalo , NYErie
14127Orchard Park, NYErie
14107Model City, NYNiagara
14209Buffalo, NYErie
14111North Collins, NYErie
14112North Evans, NYErie
14210Buffalo, NYErie
14109Niagara University, NYNiagara
14207Buffalo, NYErie
14208Buffalo, NYErie
14110North Boston, NYErie
14240Buffalo, NYErie
14233Buffalo, NYErie
14241Buffalo, NYErie
14261Buffalo, NYErie
14260Buffalo, NYErie
14227Cheektowaga, NYErie
14227Buffalo , NYErie
14227South Cheektowaga, NYErie
14231Buffalo, NYErie
14228Buffalo, NYErie
14202Buffalo, NYErie
14170West Falls, NYErie
14171West Valley, NYCattaraugus
14169Wales Center, NYErie
14166Van Buren Point, NYChautauqua
14168Versailles, NYCattaraugus
14263Buffalo, NYErie
14201Buffalo, NYErie
14174Youngstown, NYNiagara
14172Wilson, NYNiagara
14173Yorkshire, NYCattaraugus
14226Buffalo, NYErie
14214Buffalo, NYErie
14213Buffalo, NYErie
14215Buffalo , NYErie
14215Snyder, NYErie
14215Cheektowaga, NYErie
14722Chautauqua, NYChautauqua
14723Cherry Creek, NYChautauqua
14720Celoron, NYChautauqua
14212Buffalo, NYErie
14719Cattaraugus, NYCattaraugus
14216Buffalo, NYErie
14223Buffalo, NYErie
14222Buffalo, NYErie
14224Buffalo, NYErie
14225Cheektowaga, NYErie
14225Buffalo , NYErie
14218Buffalo, NYErie
14217Buffalo, NYErie
14219Buffalo, NYErie
14221Buffalo, NYErie
14220Buffalo, NYErie
14151Tonawanda, NYErie
14304Niagara Falls, NYNiagara
14065Freedom, NYCattaraugus
14063Fredonia, NYChautauqua
14264Buffalo, NYErie
14012Barker, NYNiagara
14139South Wales, NYErie
14140Spring Brook, NYErie
14067Gasport, NYNiagara
14010Athol Springs, NYErie
14008Appleton, NYNiagara
14265Buffalo, NYErie
14280Buffalo, NYErie
14276Buffalo, NYErie
14301Niagara Falls, NYNiagara
14303Niagara Falls, NYNiagara
14302Niagara Falls, NYNiagara
14269Buffalo, NYErie
14267Buffalo, NYErie
14270Buffalo, NYErie
14273Buffalo, NYErie
14272Buffalo, NYErie
14305Niagara Falls, NYNiagara
14069Glenwood, NYErie
14070Gowanda, NYCattaraugus
14001Akron, NYErie
14712Bemus Point, NYChautauqua
14004Alden, NYErie
14075Hamburg, NYErie
14080Holland, NYErie
14072Grand Island, NYErie
14716Brocton, NYChautauqua
14718Cassadaga, NYChautauqua
14150Tonawanda, NYErie
14563Union Hill, NYWayne
14006Angola, NYErie
14068Getzville, NYErie
14141Springville, NYErie
14026Bowmansville, NYErie
14706Allegany, NYCattaraugus
14710Ashville, NYChautauqua
14144Stella Niagara, NYNiagara
14701Jamestown, NYChautauqua
14702Jamestown, NYChautauqua
14752Lily Dale, NYChautauqua
14751Leon, NYCattaraugus
14750Lakewood, NYChautauqua
14027Brant, NYErie
14105Middleport, NYNiagara
14753Limestone, NYCattaraugus
14102Marilla, NYErie
14743Hinsdale, NYCattaraugus
14742Greenhurst, NYChautauqua
14741Great Valley, NYCattaraugus
14101Machias, NYCattaraugus
14748Kill Buck, NYCattaraugus
14747Kennedy, NYChautauqua
14779Salamanca, NYCattaraugus
14758Niobe, NYChautauqua
14760Olean, NYCattaraugus
14766Otto, NYCattaraugus
14755Little Valley, NYCattaraugus
14756Maple Springs, NYChautauqua
14757Mayville, NYChautauqua
14767Panama, NYChautauqua
14775Ripley, NYChautauqua
14138South Dayton, NYCattaraugus
14778Saint Bonaventure, NYCattaraugus
14769Portland, NYChautauqua
14770Portville, NYCattaraugus
14772Randolph, NYCattaraugus
14740Gerry, NYChautauqua
14736Findley Lake, NYChautauqua
14733Falconer, NYChautauqua
14732Ellington, NYChautauqua
14086Lancaster, NYErie
14085Lake View, NYErie
14081Irving, NYChautauqua
14728Dewittville, NYChautauqua
14726Conewango Valley, NYCattaraugus
14724Clymer, NYChautauqua
14731Ellicottville, NYCattaraugus
14730East Randolph, NYCattaraugus
14729East Otto, NYCattaraugus
14737Franklinville, NYCattaraugus
14095Lockport, NYNiagara
14094Lockport, NYNiagara
14092Lewiston, NYNiagara
14091Lawtons, NYErie
14738Frewsburg, NYChautauqua

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