Area Code Details for: 937






StateOhio (OH)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA513
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date09/28/1996

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Current Time

6:01 AM


45301Alpha, OHGreene
45302Anna, OHShelby
45303Ansonia, OHDarke
45171Sardinia, OHBrown
45172Sinking Spring, OHHighland
45177Wilmington, OHClinton
45307Bowersville, OHGreene
45308Bradford, OHMiami
45309Brookville, OHMontgomery
45304Arcanum, OHDarke
45305Bellbrook, OHGreene
45306Botkins, OHShelby
45169Sabina, OHClinton
45148Midland, OHClinton
45154Mount Orab, OHBrown
45155Mowrystown, OHHighland
45142Lynchburg, OHHighland
45144Manchester, OHAdams
45146Martinsville, OHClinton
45166Reesville, OHClinton
45167Ripley, OHBrown
45168Russellville, OHBrown
45156Neville, OHClermont
45159New Vienna, OHClinton
45164Port William, OHClinton
45311Camden, OHPreble
45330Gratis, OHPreble
45331Greenville, OHDarke
45332Hollansburg, OHDarke
45326Fletcher, OHMiami
45327Germantown, OHMontgomery
45328Gettysburg, OHDarke
45336Kettlersville, OHShelby
45337Laura, OHMiami
45338Lewisburg, OHPreble
45333Houston, OHShelby
45334Jackson Center, OHShelby
45335Jamestown, OHGreene
45325Farmersville, OHMontgomery
45316Clifton, OHGreene
45317Conover, OHMiami
45318Covington, OHMiami
45312Casstown, OHMiami
45314Cedarville, OHGreene
45315Clayton, OHMontgomery
45322Englewood, OHMontgomery
45323Enon, OHClark
45324Fairborn, OHGreene
45319Donnelsville, OHClark
45320Eaton, OHPreble
45321Eldorado, OHPreble
43084Woodstock, OHChampaign
43153South Solon, OHMadison
43310Belle Center, OHLogan
43072Saint Paris, OHChampaign
43078Urbana, OHChampaign
43083Westville, OHChampaign
43324Huntsville, OHLogan
43331Lakeview, OHLogan
43333Lewistown, OHLogan
43311Bellefontaine, OHLogan
43318De Graff, OHLogan
43319East Liberty, OHLogan
43070Rosewood, OHChampaign
43029Irwin, OHUnion
43036Magnetic Springs, OHUnion
43040Marysville, OHUnion
43007Broadway, OHUnion
43009Cable, OHChampaign
43010Catawba, OHClark
43047Mingo, OHChampaign
43060North Lewisburg, OHChampaign
43067Raymond, OHUnion
43041Marysville, OHUnion
43044Mechanicsburg, OHChampaign
43045Milford Center, OHUnion
43336Middleburg, OHLogan
45115Decatur, OHBrown
45119Feesburg, OHBrown
45121Georgetown, OHBrown
45112Chilo, OHClermont
45113Clarksville, OHClinton
45114Cuba, OHClinton
45132Highland, OHHighland
45133Hillsboro, OHHighland
45135Leesburg, OHHighland
45123Greenfield, OHHighland
45130Hamersville, OHBrown
45131Higginsport, OHBrown
45107Blanchester, OHClinton
43346Roundhead, OHHardin
43347Rushsylvania, OHLogan
43348Russells Point, OHLogan
43340Mount Victory, OHHardin
43343Quincy, OHLogan
43345Ridgeway, OHHardin
45070West Elkton, OHPreble
45101Aberdeen, OHBrown
45105Bentonville, OHAdams
43357West Liberty, OHLogan
43358West Mansfield, OHLogan
43360Zanesfield, OHLogan
45434Dayton , OHGreene
45434Dayton, OHMontgomery
45435Dayton, OHGreene
45431Dayton, OHGreene
45432Dayton, OHGreene
45433Dayton, OHGreene
45441Dayton, OHMontgomery
45448Dayton, OHMontgomery
45449Dayton, OHMontgomery
45437Dayton, OHMontgomery
45439Dayton, OHMontgomery
45440Dayton, OHMontgomery
45430Dayton, OHMontgomery
45417Dayton, OHMontgomery
45419Dayton, OHMontgomery
45420Dayton, OHMontgomery
45414Dayton, OHMontgomery
45415Dayton, OHMontgomery
45416Dayton, OHMontgomery
45426Dayton, OHMontgomery
45428Dayton, OHMontgomery
45429Dayton, OHMontgomery
45422Dayton, OHMontgomery
45423Dayton, OHMontgomery
45424Dayton, OHMontgomery
45458Dayton, OHMontgomery
45618Cherry Fork, OHAdams
45650Lynx, OHAdams
45660Peebles, OHAdams
45505Springfield, OHClark
45506Springfield, OHClark
45616Blue Creek, OHAdams
45693West Union, OHAdams
45697Winchester, OHAdams
45845Fort Loramie, OHShelby
45679Seaman, OHAdams
45681South Salem, OHRoss
45684Stout, OHAdams
45504Springfield, OHClark
45475Dayton, OHMontgomery
45479Dayton, OHMontgomery
45481Dayton , OHMontgomery
45459Dayton, OHMontgomery
45469Dayton, OHMontgomery
45470Dayton, OHMontgomery
45501Springfield, OHClark
45502Springfield, OHClark
45503Springfield, OHClark
45481Dayton, OHGreene
45482Dayton, OHMontgomery
45490Dayton, OHMontgomery
45359Pleasant Hill, OHMiami
45360Port Jefferson, OHShelby
45361Potsdam, OHMiami
45354Phillipsburg, OHMontgomery
45356Piqua, OHMiami
45358Pitsburg, OHDarke
45367Sidney, OHShelby
45368South Charleston, OHClark
45369South Vienna, OHClark
45362Rossburg, OHDarke
45363Russia, OHShelby
45365Sidney, OHShelby
45353Pemberton, OHShelby
45342Miamisburg, OHMontgomery
45343Miamisburg, OHMontgomery
45344New Carlisle, OHClark
45339Ludlow Falls, OHMiami
45340Maplewood, OHShelby
45341Medway, OHClark
45348New Weston, OHDarke
45349North Hampton, OHClark
45352Palestine, OHDarke
45345New Lebanon, OHMontgomery
45346New Madison, OHDarke
45347New Paris, OHPreble
45370Spring Valley, OHGreene
45402Dayton, OHMontgomery
45403Dayton, OHMontgomery
45404Dayton, OHMontgomery
45389Christiansburg, OHChampaign
45390Union City, OHDarke
45401Dayton, OHMontgomery
45410Dayton, OHMontgomery
45412Dayton, OHMontgomery
45413Dayton, OHMontgomery
45405Dayton, OHMontgomery
45406Dayton, OHMontgomery
45409Dayton, OHMontgomery
45387Yellow Springs, OHGreene
45374Troy, OHMiami
45377Vandalia, OHMontgomery
45378Verona, OHPreble
45371Tipp City, OHMiami
45372Tremont City, OHClark
45373Troy, OHMiami
45383West Milton, OHMiami
45384Wilberforce, OHGreene
45385Xenia, OHGreene
45380Versailles, OHDarke
45381West Alexandria, OHPreble
45382West Manchester, OHPreble
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