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StateOhio (OH)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA513
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/28/2023

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45231Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45232Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45233Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45230Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45226Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45227Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45229Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45234Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45239Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45240Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45241Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45238Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45235Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45236Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45237Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45225Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45214Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45215Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45216Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45213Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45209Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45211Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45212Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45217Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45222Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45223Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45224Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45221Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45218Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45219Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45220Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45242Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45270Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45271Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45273Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45269Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45264Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45267Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45268Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45274Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45298Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45299Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45999Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45296Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45275Cincinnati , OHHamilton
45277Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45280Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45263Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45247Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45248Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45249Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45246Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45243Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45244Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45245Cincinnati, OHClermont
45250Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45255Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45258Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45262Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45254Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45251Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45252Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45253Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45208Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45044Middletown, OHButler
45050Monroe, OHButler
45051Mount Saint Joseph, OHHamilton
45042Middletown, OHButler
45039Maineville, OHWarren
45040Mason, OHWarren
45041Miamitown, OHHamilton
45052North Bend, OHHamilton
45061Ross, OHButler
45062Seven Mile, OHButler
45063Shandon, OHButler
45056Oxford, OHButler
45053Okeana, OHButler
45054Oregonia, OHWarren
45055Overpeck, OHButler
45036Lebanon, OHWarren
45005Franklin, OHWarren
45011Hamilton, OHButler
45012Hamilton, OHButler
45004Collinsville, OHButler
45001Addyston, OHHamilton
45002Cleves, OHHamilton
45003College Corner, OHButler
45013Hamilton, OHButler
45032Harveysburg, OHWarren
45033Hooven, OHHamilton
45034Kings Mills, OHWarren
45030Harrison, OHHamilton
45014Fairfield, OHButler
45015Hamilton, OHButler
45018Fairfield, OHButler
45064Somerville, OHButler
45158Newtonsville, OHClermont
45157New Richmond, OHClermont
45162Pleasant Plain, OHWarren
45160Owensville, OHClermont
45150Milford, OHClermont
45147Miamiville, OHClermont
45153Moscow, OHClermont
45152Morrow, OHWarren
45174Terrace Park, OHHamilton
45207Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45204Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45205Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45206Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45201Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45176Williamsburg, OHClermont
45203Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45202Cincinnati, OHHamilton
45140Loveland, OHClermont
45071West Chester, OHButler
45069West Chester, OHButler
45103Batavia, OHClermont
45102Amelia, OHClermont
45066Springboro, OHWarren
45065South Lebanon, OHWarren
45068Waynesville, OHWarren
45067Trenton, OHButler
45111Camp Dennison, OHHamilton
45106Bethel, OHClermont
45118Fayetteville, OHBrown
45122Goshen, OHClermont
45120Felicity, OHClermont
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