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StateMississippi (MS)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA601
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date04/19/1999

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2:35 PM


38960Tie Plant, MSGrenada
38961Tillatoba, MSYalobusha
38963Tutwiler, MSTallahatchie
38964Vance, MSQuitman
38962Tippo, MSTallahatchie
38947North Carrollton, MSCarroll
38955Slate Spring, MSCalhoun
38954Sidon, MSCarroll
38940Holcomb, MSGrenada
38935Greenwood, MSLeflore
38953Scobey, MSYalobusha
38950Philipp, MSTallahatchie
38949Paris, MSLafayette
38952Schlater, MSLeflore
38951Pittsboro, MSCalhoun
38959Swiftown, MSLeflore
38945Greenwood, MSLeflore
38946Morgan City, MSLeflore
38948Oakland, MSYalobusha
38958Swan Lake, MSTallahatchie
38943Mc Carley, MSCarroll
38941Itta Bena, MSLeflore
38957Sumner, MSTallahatchie
38944Minter City, MSLeflore
39740Caledonia , MSLowndes
39740Caledonia, MSLowndes
39737Bellefontaine, MSWebster
39739Brooksville, MSNoxubee
39741Cedarbluff, MSClay
39745French Camp, MSChoctaw
39746Hamilton, MSMonroe
39743Crawford, MSLowndes
39744Eupora, MSWebster
39703Columbus, MSLowndes
39704Columbus, MSLowndes
39701Columbus, MSLowndes
39702Columbus, MSLowndes
39705Columbus, MSLowndes
39735Ackerman, MSChoctaw
39736Artesia, MSLowndes
39710Columbus, MSLowndes
39730Aberdeen, MSMonroe
39747Kilmichael, MSMontgomery
39766Steens, MSLowndes
39767Stewart, MSMontgomery
39760Starkville, MSOktibbeha
39762Mississippi State, MSOktibbeha
39769Sturgis, MSOktibbeha
39773West Point, MSClay
39776Woodland, MSChickasaw
39771Walthall, MSWebster
39772Weir, MSChoctaw
39751Mantee, MSCalhoun
39752Mathiston, MSWebster
39750Maben, MSWebster
39751Mantee , MSWebster
39753Mayhew, MSLowndes
39756Prairie, MSMonroe
39759Starkville, MSOktibbeha
39754Montpelier, MSClay
39755Pheba, MSClay
39367Waynesboro, MSWayne
39088Holly Bluff, MSYazoo
39090Kosciusko, MSAttala
39067Ethel, MSAttala
39079Goodman, MSHolmes
39095Lexington, MSHolmes
39108Mc Cool, MSAttala
39113Mayersville, MSIssaquena
39097Louise, MSHumphreys
39107Mc Adams, MSAttala
38967Winona, MSMontgomery
39038Belzoni, MSHumphreys
38965Water Valley, MSYalobusha
38966Webb, MSTallahatchie
39039Benton, MSYazoo
39061Delta City, MSSharkey
39063Durant, MSHolmes
39040Bentonia, MSYazoo
39054Cary, MSSharkey
39115Midnight, MSHumphreys
39194Yazoo City, MSYazoo
39339Louisville, MSWinston
39179Vaughan, MSYazoo
39192West, MSHolmes
39341Macon, MSNoxubee
39358Scooba, MSKemper
39361Shuqualak, MSNoxubee
39346Noxapater, MSWinston
39352Porterville, MSKemper
39160Sallis, MSAttala
39162Satartia, MSYazoo
39146Pickens, MSHolmes
39159Rolling Fork, MSSharkey
39166Silver City, MSHumphreys
39173Tinsley, MSYazoo
39176Vaiden, MSCarroll
39169Tchula, MSHolmes
39171Thomastown, MSLeake
38679Victoria, MSMarshall
38680Walls, MSDesoto
38601Abbeville, MSLafayette
38603Ashland, MSBenton
38602Arkabutla, MSTate
38683Walnut, MSTippah
38702Greenville, MSWashington
38703Greenville, MSWashington
38701Greenville, MSWashington
38685Waterford, MSMarshall
38686Walls, MSDesoto
38619Como, MSPanola
38618Coldwater, MSTate
38620Courtland, MSPanola
38622Crowder, MSQuitman
38621Crenshaw, MSPanola
38617Coahoma, MSCoahoma
38609Marks, MSQuitman
38606Batesville, MSPanola
38610Blue Mountain, MSTippah
38614Clarksdale, MSCoahoma
38611Byhalia, MSMarshall
38739Dublin, MSCoahoma
38740Duncan, MSBolivar
38738Parchman, MSSunflower
38736Doddsville, MSSunflower
38737Drew, MSSunflower
38744Glen Allan, MSWashington
38749Indianola, MSSunflower
38751Indianola, MSSunflower
38748Hollandale, MSWashington
38745Grace, MSIssaquena
38746Gunnison, MSBolivar
38722Arcola, MSWashington
38723Avon, MSWashington
38721Anguilla, MSSharkey
38704Greenville, MSWashington
38720Alligator, MSBolivar
38725Benoit, MSBolivar
38732Cleveland, MSBolivar
38733Cleveland, MSBolivar
38731Chatham, MSWashington
38726Beulah, MSBolivar
38730Boyle, MSBolivar
38623Darling, MSQuitman
38658Pope, MSPanola
38655Oxford, MSLafayette
38675Memphis Stc, MSLafayette
38673Taylor, MSLafayette
38674Tiplersville, MSTippah
38654Olive Branch, MSDesoto
38649Mount Pleasant, MSMarshall
38647Michigan City, MSBenton
38650Myrtle, MSUnion
38652New Albany, MSUnion
38651Nesbit, MSDesoto
38669Sherard, MSCoahoma
38668Senatobia, MSTate
38670Sledge, MSTunica
38672Southaven, MSDesoto
38671Southaven, MSDesoto
38666Sardis, MSPanola
38661Red Banks, MSMarshall
38659Potts Camp, MSMarshall
38663Ripley, MSTippah
38665Sarah, MSPanola
38664Robinsonville, MSTunica
38632Hernando, MSDesoto
38631Friars Point, MSCoahoma
38633Hickory Flat, MSBenton
38676Tunica, MSTunica
38677University, MSLafayette
38630Farrell, MSCoahoma
38626Dundee, MSTunica
38625Dumas, MSTippah
38627Etta, MSUnion
38629Falkner, MSTippah
38628Sledge, MSQuitman
38643Lambert, MSQuitman
38642Lamar, MSMarshall
38644Lula, MSCoahoma
38646Marks, MSQuitman
38645Lyon, MSCoahoma
38641Lake Cormorant, MSDesoto
38635Holly Springs, MSMarshall
38634Holly Springs, MSMarshall
38637Horn Lake, MSDesoto
38639Jonestown, MSCoahoma
38638Independence, MSTate
38926Elliott, MSGrenada
38920Cascilla, MSTallahatchie
38921Charleston, MSTallahatchie
38877Van Vleet, MSChickasaw
38922Coffeeville, MSYalobusha
38878Vardaman, MSCalhoun
38855Mantachie, MSItawamba
38856Marietta, MSPrentiss
38880Wheeler, MSPrentiss
38879Verona, MSLee
38927Enid, MSTallahatchie
38876Tremont, MSItawamba
38849Guntown, MSLee
38850Houlka, MSChickasaw
38848Greenwood Springs, MSMonroe
38846Glen, MSAlcorn
38847Golden, MSTishomingo
38851Houston, MSChickasaw
38874Toccopola, MSLafayette
38873Tishomingo, MSTishomingo
38923Coila, MSCarroll
38852Iuka, MSTishomingo
38875Trebloc, MSChickasaw
38915Bruce, MSCalhoun
38928Glendora, MSTallahatchie
38916Calhoun City, MSCalhoun
38870Smithville, MSMonroe
38871Thaxton, MSPontotoc
38914Big Creek, MSCalhoun
38902Grenada, MSGrenada
38929Gore Springs, MSGrenada
38901Grenada, MSGrenada
38930Greenwood, MSLeflore
38913Banner, MSCalhoun
38869Sherman, MSPontotoc
38860Okolona, MSChickasaw
38862Plantersville, MSLee
38859New Site, MSPrentiss
38857Mooreville, MSLee
38858Nettleton, MSItawamba
38863Pontotoc, MSPontotoc
38866Saltillo, MSLee
38868Shannon, MSLee
38917Carrollton, MSCarroll
38864Randolph, MSPontotoc
38865Rienzi, MSAlcorn
38774Shelby, MSBolivar
38776Stoneville, MSWashington
38778Sunflower, MSSunflower
38771Ruleville, MSSunflower
38772Scott, MSBolivar
38773Shaw, MSBolivar
38801Tupelo, MSLee
38802Tupelo, MSLee
38803Tupelo, MSLee
38780Wayside, MSWashington
38781Winstonville, MSBolivar
38782Winterville, MSWashington
38759Merigold, MSBolivar
38760Metcalfe, MSWashington
38761Moorhead, MSSunflower
38753Inverness, MSSunflower
38754Isola, MSHumphreys
38756Leland, MSWashington
38767Rena Lara, MSCoahoma
38768Rome, MSSunflower
38769Rosedale, MSBolivar
38762Mound Bayou, MSBolivar
38764Pace, MSBolivar
38765Panther Burn, MSSharkey
38804Tupelo, MSLee
38838Dennis, MSTishomingo
38835Corinth, MSAlcorn
38841Ecru, MSPontotoc
38839Derma, MSCalhoun
38827Belmont, MSTishomingo
38829Booneville, MSPrentiss
38833Burnsville, MSTishomingo
38834Corinth, MSAlcorn
38828Blue Springs, MSUnion
38824Baldwyn, MSLee
38825Becker, MSMonroe
38820Algoma, MSPontotoc
38821Amory, MSMonroe
38844Gattman, MSMonroe
38924Cruger, MSHolmes
38843Fulton, MSItawamba
38826Belden, MSLee
38925Duck Hill, MSMontgomery
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