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StateMississippi (MS)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947

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39477Sandersville, MSJones
39573Perkinston, MSStone
39577Wiggins, MSStone
39603Brookhaven, MSLincoln
39629Bogue Chitto, MSLincoln
39140Newhebron, MSLawrence
39602Brookhaven, MSLincoln
39476Richton, MSPerry
39475Purvis, MSLamar
39601Brookhaven, MSLincoln
39167Star, MSRankin
39561Mc Henry, MSStone
39041Bolton, MSHinds
39163Sharon, MSMadison
39165Sibley, MSAdams
39480Soso, MSJones
39479Seminary, MSCovington
39483Foxworth, MSMarion
39130Madison, MSMadison
39478Sandy Hook, MSMarion
39168Taylorsville, MSSmith
39481Stringer, MSJasper
39482Sumrall, MSLamar
39630Bude, MSFranklin
39204Jackson, MSHinds
39203Jackson, MSHinds
39202Jackson, MSHinds
39144Pattison, MSClaiborne
39205Jackson, MSHinds
39151Puckett, MSRankin
39201Jackson, MSHinds
39154Raymond, MSHinds
39156Redwood, MSWarren
39157Ridgeland, MSMadison
39161Sandhill, MSRankin
39152Pulaski, MSScott
39153Raleigh, MSSmith
39206Jackson, MSHinds
39211Jackson, MSHinds
39145Pelahatchie, MSRankin
39148Piney Woods, MSRankin
39215Jackson, MSHinds
39213Jackson, MSHinds
39212Jackson, MSHinds
39149Pinola, MSSimpson
39208Jackson, MSRankin
39208Pearl , MSRankin
39207Jackson, MSHinds
39210Jackson, MSHinds
39209Jackson, MSHinds
39150Port Gibson, MSClaiborne
39648Mccomb, MSPike
39647Mc Call Creek, MSFranklin
39645Liberty, MSAmite
39649Mccomb, MSPike
39193Whitfield, MSRankin
39158Ridgeland, MSMadison
39643Kokomo, MSMarion
39633Crosby, MSAmite
39632Chatawa, MSPike
39631Centreville, MSWilkinson
39641Jayess, MSLawrence
39638Gloster, MSAmite
39635Fernwood, MSPike
39652Magnolia, MSPike
39666Summit, MSPike
39665Sontag, MSLawrence
39664Smithdale, MSAmite
39669Woodville, MSWilkinson
39668Union Church, MSJefferson
39667Tylertown, MSWalthall
39663Silver Creek, MSLawrence
39656Oak Vale, MSLawrence
39654Monticello, MSLawrence
39653Meadville, MSFranklin
39662Ruth, MSLincoln
39661Roxie, MSFranklin
39657Osyka, MSPike
39322Buckatunna, MSWayne
39323Chunky, MSNewton
39309Meridian, MSLauderdale
39320Bailey, MSLauderdale
39324Clara, MSWayne
39326Daleville, MSLauderdale
39327Decatur, MSNewton
39183Vicksburg, MSWarren
39325Collinsville, MSLauderdale
39304Meridian, MSLauderdale
39305Meridian, MSLauderdale
39302Meridian, MSLauderdale
39303Meridian, MSLauderdale
39092Lake, MSScott
39189Walnut Grove, MSLeake
39307Meridian, MSLauderdale
39190Washington, MSAdams
39087Hillsboro, MSScott
39181Vicksburg, MSWarren
39180Vicksburg, MSWarren
39081Fayette, MSJefferson
39080Harperville, MSScott
39177Valley Park, MSIssaquena
39170Terry, MSHinds
39336Lawrence, MSNewton
39175Utica, MSHinds
39174Tougaloo, MSHinds
39332Hickory, MSNewton
39182Vicksburg, MSWarren
39328De Kalb, MSKemper
39330Enterprise, MSClarke
39335Lauderdale, MSLauderdale
39083Hazlehurst, MSCopiah
39082Harrisville, MSSimpson
39086Hermanville, MSClaiborne
39122Natchez, MSAdams
39232Flowood , MSRankin
39232Jackson, MSHinds
39117Morton, MSScott
39116Mize, MSSmith
39114Mendenhall, MSSimpson
39269Jackson, MSHinds
39271Jackson, MSHinds
39236Jackson, MSHinds
39250Jackson, MSHinds
39218Richland , MSRankin
39121Natchez, MSAdams
39216Jackson, MSHinds
39217Jackson, MSHinds
39120Natchez, MSAdams
39119Mount Olive, MSCovington
39225Jackson, MSHinds
39218Jackson, MSRankin
39191Wesson, MSCopiah
39289Jackson, MSHinds
39098Ludlow, MSScott
39288Jackson, MSRankin
39109Madden, MSLeake
39096Lorman, MSJefferson
39298Jackson, MSRankin
39301Meridian, MSLauderdale
39094Lena, MSLeake
39296Jackson, MSHinds
39110Madison, MSMadison
39272Jackson, MSHinds
39111Magee, MSSimpson
39272Byram , MSHinds
39282Jackson, MSHinds
39286Jackson, MSHinds
39288Pearl , MSRankin
39283Jackson, MSHinds
39284Jackson, MSHinds
39337Little Rock, MSNewton
39427Carson, MSJefferson Davis
39428Collins, MSCovington
39425Brooklyn, MSForrest
39426Carriere, MSPearl River
39429Columbia, MSMarion
39439Heidelberg, MSJasper
39440Laurel, MSJones
39436Eastabuchie, MSJones
39437Ellisville, MSJones
39403Hattiesburg, MSForrest
39404Hattiesburg, MSForrest
39042Brandon, MSRankin
39402Hattiesburg, MSForrest
39406Hattiesburg, MSForrest
39422Bay Springs, MSJasper
39423Beaumont, MSPerry
39407Hattiesburg, MSForrest
39421Bassfield, MSJefferson Davis
39462New Augusta, MSPerry
39463Nicholson, MSPearl River
39460Moss, MSJasper
39461Neely, MSGreene
39464Ovett, MSJones
39470Poplarville, MSPearl River
39474Prentiss, MSJefferson Davis
39465Petal, MSForrest
39466Picayune, MSPearl River
39443Laurel, MSJones
39451Leakesville, MSGreene
39441Laurel, MSJones
39442Laurel, MSJones
39452Lucedale, MSGeorge
39457Mc Neill, MSPearl River
39459Moselle, MSJones
39455Lumberton, MSLamar
39456Mc Lain, MSGreene
39401Hattiesburg, MSForrest
39060Clinton, MSHinds
39059Crystal Springs, MSCopiah
39066Edwards, MSHinds
39062D Lo, MSSimpson
39058Clinton, MSHinds
39051Carthage, MSLeake
39047Brandon, MSRankin
39057Conehatta, MSNewton
39056Clinton, MSHinds
39345Newton, MSNewton
39078Georgetown, MSCopiah
39338Louin, MSJasper
39342Marion, MSLauderdale
39077Gallman, MSCopiah
39071Flora, MSMadison
39069Fayette, MSJefferson
39074Forest, MSScott
39073Florence, MSRankin
39362State Line, MSGreene
39363Stonewall, MSClarke
39359Sebastopol, MSScott
39360Shubuta, MSClarke
39043Brandon, MSRankin
39365Union, MSNeshoba
39364Toomsuba, MSLauderdale
39366Vossburg, MSJasper
39356Rose Hill, MSJasper
39044Braxton, MSSimpson
39347Pachuta, MSClarke
39046Canton, MSMadison
39045Camden, MSMadison
39354Preston, MSKemper
39355Quitman, MSClarke
39348Paulding, MSJasper
39350Philadelphia, MSNeshoba
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