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StateCalifornia (CA)
Time ZonePacific Time
Parent NPA916
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date11/01/1997

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96041Hayfork, CATrinity
96044Hornbrook, CASiskiyou
96039Happy Camp, CASiskiyou
96040Hat Creek, CAShasta
96038Grenada, CASiskiyou
96029Flournoy, CATehama
96031Forks of Salmon, CASiskiyou
96028Fall River Mills, CAShasta
96025Dunsmuir, CASiskiyou
96027Etna, CASiskiyou
96035Gerber, CATehama
96037Greenview, CASiskiyou
96034Gazelle, CASiskiyou
96032Fort Jones, CASiskiyou
96033French Gulch, CAShasta
96046Hyampom, CATrinity
96063Mineral, CATehama
96064Montague, CASiskiyou
96062Millville, CAShasta
96059Manton, CATehama
96061Mill Creek, CATehama
96069Oak Run, CAShasta
96070Obrien, CAShasta
96068Nubieber, CALassen
96065Montgomery Creek, CAShasta
96067Mount Shasta, CASiskiyou
96058Macdoel, CASiskiyou
96050Klamath River, CASiskiyou
96051Lakehead, CAShasta
96049Redding, CAShasta
96047Igo, CAShasta
96048Junction City, CATrinity
96056Mcarthur, CAShasta
96057Mccloud, CASiskiyou
96055Los Molinos, CATehama
96052Lewiston, CATrinity
96054Lookout, CAModoc
95986Washington, CANevada
95987Williams, CAColusa
95983Taylorsville, CAPlumas
95984Twain, CAPlumas
95988Willows, CAGlenn
95993Yuba City, CASutter
96001Redding, CAShasta
95991Yuba City, CASutter
95992Yuba City, CASutter
95976Chico, CAButte
95977Smartsville, CANevada
95974Richvale, CAButte
95975Rough and Ready, CANevada
95978Stirling City, CAButte
95981Strawberry Valley, CAYuba
95982Sutter, CASutter
95979Stonyford, CAColusa
95980Storrie, CAPlumas
96002Redding, CAShasta
96017Castella, CAShasta
96019Shasta Lake, CAShasta
96015Canby, CAModoc
96016Cassel, CAShasta
96020Chester, CAPlumas
96023Dorris, CASiskiyou
96024Douglas City, CATrinity
96021Corning, CATehama
96022Cottonwood, CAShasta
96007Anderson, CAShasta
96008Bella Vista, CAShasta
96003Redding, CAShasta
96006Adin, CAModoc
96009Bieber, CALassen
96013Burney, CAShasta
96014Callahan, CASiskiyou
96010Big Bar, CATrinity
96011Big Bend, CAShasta
96162Truckee, CANevada
96161Truckee, CANevada
96126Sierraville, CASierra
96127Susanville, CALassen
96160Truckee, CANevada
96156South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96155South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96158South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96157South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96119Madeline, CALassen
96120Markleeville, CAAlpine
96117Litchfield, CALassen
96118Loyalton, CASierra
96121Milford, CALassen
96124Calpine, CASierra
96125Sierra City, CASierra
96122Portola, CAPlumas
96123Ravendale, CALassen
96154South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96136Wendel, CALassen
96135Vinton, CAPlumas
96140Carnelian Bay, CAPlacer
96137Westwood, CALassen
96134Tulelake, CASiskiyou
96129Beckwourth, CAPlumas
96128Standish, CALassen
96132Termo, CALassen
96130Susanville, CALassen
96150South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96148Tahoe Vista, CAPlacer
96152South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96151South Lake Tahoe, CAEl Dorado
96146Olympic Valley, CAPlacer
96142Tahoma, CAEl Dorado
96141Homewood, CAPlacer
96145Tahoe City, CAPlacer
96143Kings Beach, CAPlacer
96087Shasta, CAShasta
96088Shingletown, CAShasta
96085Scott Bar, CASiskiyou
96086Seiad Valley, CASiskiyou
96089Shasta Lake, CAShasta
96092Vina, CATehama
96093Weaverville, CATrinity
96090Tehama, CATehama
96091Trinity Center, CATrinity
96074Paskenta, CATehama
96075Paynes Creek, CATehama
96071Old Station, CAShasta
96073Palo Cedro, CAShasta
96076Platina, CAShasta
96080Red Bluff, CATehama
96084Round Mountain, CAShasta
96078Proberta, CATehama
96079Shasta Lake, CAShasta
96094Weed, CASiskiyou
96110Eagleville, CAModoc
96111Floriston, CANevada
96108Davis Creek, CAModoc
96109Doyle, CALassen
96112Fort Bidwell, CAModoc
96115Lake City, CAModoc
96116Likely, CAModoc
96113Herlong, CALassen
96114Janesville, CALassen
96097Yreka, CASiskiyou
96099Redding, CAShasta
96095Whiskeytown, CAShasta
96096Whitmore, CAShasta
96101Alturas, CAModoc
96105Chilcoot, CAPlumas
96106Clio, CAPlumas
96103Blairsden Graeagle, CAPlumas
96104Cedarville, CAModoc
95695Woodland, CAYolo
95694Winters, CAYolo
95692Wheatland, CAYuba
95697Yolo, CAYolo
95703Applegate, CAPlacer
95701Alta, CAPlacer
95698Zamora, CAYolo
95684Somerset, CAEl Dorado
95674Rio Oso, CASutter
95672Rescue, CAEl Dorado
95668Pleasant Grove, CASutter
95676Robbins, CASutter
95682Shingle Springs, CAEl Dorado
95681Sheridan, CAPlacer
95679Rumsey, CAYolo
95726Pollock Pines, CAEl Dorado
95724Norden, CANevada
95722Meadow Vista, CAPlacer
95728Soda Springs, CANevada
95762El Dorado Hills, CAEl Dorado
95736Weimar, CAPlacer
95735Twin Bridges, CAEl Dorado
95721Echo Lake, CAEl Dorado
95713Colfax, CAPlacer
95712Chicago Park, CANevada
95709Camino, CAEl Dorado
95714Dutch Flat, CAPlacer
95720Kyburz, CAEl Dorado
95717Gold Run, CAPlacer
95715Emigrant Gap, CAPlacer
95667Placerville, CAEl Dorado
95613Coloma, CAEl Dorado
95607Capay, CAYolo
95606Brooks, CAYolo
95614Cool, CAEl Dorado
95618Davis , CAYolo
95617Davis, CAYolo
95616Davis, CAYolo
95603Auburn, CAPlacer
95556Orleans, CAHumboldt
95546Hoopa, CAHumboldt
95527Burnt Ranch, CATrinity
95563Salyer, CATrinity
95602Auburn, CAPlacer
95573Willow Creek, CAHumboldt
95568Somes Bar, CASiskiyou
95645Knights Landing, CAYolo
95637Guinda, CAYolo
95636Grizzly Flats, CAEl Dorado
95651Lotus, CAEl Dorado
95664Pilot Hill, CAEl Dorado
95659Nicolaus, CASutter
95653Madison, CAYolo
95635Greenwood, CAEl Dorado
95623El Dorado, CAEl Dorado
95619Diamond Springs, CAEl Dorado
95618El Macero, CAYolo
95627Esparto, CAYolo
95634Georgetown, CAEl Dorado
95633Garden Valley, CAEl Dorado
95631Foresthill, CAPlacer
95953Live Oak, CASutter
95951Hamilton City, CAGlenn
95950Grimes, CAColusa
95954Magalia, CAButte
95957Meridian, CASutter
95956Meadow Valley, CAPlumas
95955Maxwell, CAColusa
95949Grass Valley, CANevada
95944Goodyears Bar, CASierra
95943Glenn, CAGlenn
95942Forest Ranch, CAButte
95945Grass Valley, CANevada
95948Gridley, CAButte
95947Greenville, CAPlumas
95946Penn Valley, CANevada
95969Paradise, CAButte
95968Palermo, CAButte
95967Paradise, CAButte
95970Princeton, CAColusa
95973Chico, CAButte
95972Rackerby, CAYuba
95971Quincy, CAPlumas
95966Oroville, CAButte
95960North San Juan, CANevada
95959Nevada City, CANevada
95958Nelson, CAButte
95961Olivehurst, CAYuba
95965Oroville, CAButte
95963Orland, CAGlenn
95962Oregon House, CAYuba
95941Forbestown, CAButte
95918Browns Valley, CAYuba
95917Biggs, CAButte
95916Berry Creek, CAButte
95919Brownsville, CAYuba
95923Canyon Dam, CAPlumas
95922Camptonville, CAYuba
95920Butte City, CAGlenn
95915Belden, CAPlumas
95903Beale Afb, CAYuba
95901Marysville, CAYuba
95776Woodland, CAYolo
95910Alleghany, CASierra
95914Bangor, CAButte
95913Artois, CAGlenn
95912Arbuckle, CAColusa
95936Downieville, CASierra
95935Dobbins, CAYuba
95934Crescent Mills, CAPlumas
95937Dunnigan, CAYolo
95940Feather Falls, CAButte
95939Elk Creek, CAGlenn
95938Durham, CAButte
95932Colusa, CAColusa
95926Chico, CAButte
95925Challenge, CAYuba
95924Cedar Ridge, CANevada
95927Chico, CAButte
95930Clipper Mills, CAButte
95929Chico, CAButte
95928Chico, CAButte
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