Area Code Details for: 573






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA314
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/07/1996


63336Clarksville, MOPike
63339Curryville, MOPike
63334Bowling Green, MOPike
63469Shelbyville, MOShelby
63330Annada, MOPike
63333Bellflower, MOMontgomery
63468Shelbina, MOShelby
63467Saverton, MORalls
63463Philadelphia, MOMarion
63352Laddonia, MOAudrain
63343Elsberry, MOLincoln
63344Eolia, MOPike
63345Farber, MOAudrain
63621Arcadia, MOIron
63748Frohna, MOPerry
63622Belgrade, MOWashington
63745Dutchtown, MOCape Girardeau
63746Farrar, MOPerry
63747Friedheim, MOCape Girardeau
63623Belleview, MOIron
63744Delta, MOCape Girardeau
63750Gipsy, MOBollinger
63471Taylor, MOMarion
63620Annapolis, MOIron
63473Williamstown, MOLewis
63601Park Hills, MOSaint Francois
63751Glenallen, MOBollinger
63462Perry, MORalls
63436Center, MORalls
63435Canton, MOLewis
63433Ashburn, MOPike
63440Ewing, MOLewis
63439Emden, MOShelby
63438Durham, MOLewis
63401Hannibal, MOMarion
63387Whiteside, MOLincoln
63382Vandalia, MOAudrain
63384Wellsville, MOMontgomery
63370Olney, MOLincoln
63388Williamsburg, MOCallaway
63377Silex, MOLincoln
63441Frankford, MOPike
63457Monticello, MOLewis
63456Monroe City, MOMonroe
63454Maywood, MOMarion
63353Louisiana, MOPike
63461Palmyra, MOMarion
63459New London, MORalls
63452Lewistown, MOLewis
63363New Florence, MOMontgomery
63448La Grange, MOLewis
63443Hunnewell, MOShelby
63450Lentner, MOShelby
63359Middletown, MOMontgomery
63361Montgomery City, MOMontgomery
63743Daisy, MOCape Girardeau
63091Rosebud, MOGasconade
63650Ironton, MOIron
63648Irondale, MOWashington
63079Stanton, MOFranklin
63080Sullivan, MOFranklin
63651Knob Lick, MOSaint Francois
63645Fredericktown, MOMadison
63636Des Arc, MOIron
63633Centerville, MOReynolds
63632Cascade, MOWayne
63640Farmington, MOSaint Francois
63638Ellington, MOReynolds
63637Doe Run, MOSaint Francois
63662Patton, MOBollinger
63068New Haven, MOFranklin
63056Leslie, MOFranklin
63656Middle Brook, MOIron
63654Lesterville, MOReynolds
63655Marquand, MOMadison
63071Richwoods, MOWashington
63660Mineral Point, MOWashington
63030Fletcher, MOJefferson
63036French Village, MOSaint Francois
63037Gerald, MOFranklin
63013Beaufort, MOFranklin
63014Berger, MOFranklin
63653Leadwood, MOSaint Francois
63631Caledonia, MOWashington
63736Benton, MOScott
63628Bonne Terre, MOSaint Francois
63627Bloomsdale, MOSainte Genevieve
63732Altenburg , MOCape Girardeau
63732New Wells, MOCape Girardeau
63735Bell City, MOStoddard
63625Black, MOReynolds
63739Burfordville, MOCape Girardeau
63740Chaffee, MOScott
63742Commerce, MOScott
63737Brazeau, MOPerry
63624Bismarck, MOSaint Francois
63738Brownwood, MOStoddard
63730Advance, MOStoddard
63665Redford, MOReynolds
63666Reynolds, MOReynolds
63670Sainte Genevieve, MOSainte Genevieve
63630Cadet, MOWashington
63663Pilot Knob, MOIron
63664Potosi, MOWashington
63673Saint Mary, MOSainte Genevieve
63701Cape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
63702Cape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
63703Cape Girardeau, MOCape Girardeau
63674Tiff, MOWashington
63675Vulcan, MOIron
63629Bunker, MOReynolds
65047Kaiser, MOMiller
65048Koeltztown, MOOsage
65043Holts Summit, MOCallaway
65040Henley, MOCole
65041Hermann, MOGasconade
65591Montreal, MOCamden
65053Lohman, MOCole
65052Linn Creek, MOCamden
65049Lake Ozark, MOCamden
65051Linn, MOOsage
65026Eldon, MOMiller
65032Eugene, MOCole
65025Clarksburg, MOMoniteau
65023Centertown, MOCole
65024Chamois, MOOsage
65038Laurie, MOMorgan
65039Hartsburg, MOBoone
65037Gravois Mills, MOMorgan
65035Freeburg, MOOsage
65036Gasconade, MOGasconade
65054Loose Creek, MOOsage
65580Vichy, MOMaries
65066Owensville, MOGasconade
65065Osage Beach, MOCamden
65063New Bloomfield, MOCallaway
65064Olean, MOMiller
65074Russellville, MOCole
65075Saint Elizabeth, MOMiller
65072Rocky Mount, MOMorgan
65067Portland, MOCallaway
65069Rhineland, MOMontgomery
65058Meta, MOOsage
65059Mokane, MOCallaway
65586Wesco, MOCrawford
65055Mc Girk, MOMoniteau
65588Winona, MOShannon
65583Waynesville, MOPulaski
65582Vienna, MOMaries
65062Mount Sterling, MOGasconade
65061Morrison, MOGasconade
65584Saint Robert, MOPulaski
65020Camdenton, MOCamden
63941Fremont, MOCarter
63942Gatewood, MORipley
63940Fisk, MOButler
63937Ellsinore, MOCarter
63939Fairdealing, MORipley
63950Lodi, MOWayne
63951Lowndes, MOWayne
63945Harviell, MOButler
63943Grandin, MOCarter
63944Greenville, MOWayne
63902Poplar Bluff, MOButler
63931Briar, MORipley
63901Poplar Bluff, MOButler
63881Wolf Island, MOMississippi
63882Wyatt, MOMississippi
63935Doniphan, MORipley
63936Dudley, MOStoddard
63934Clubb, MOWayne
63932Broseley, MOButler
63933Campbell, MODunklin
63952Mill Spring, MOWayne
65010Ashland, MOBoone
65011Barnett, MOMorgan
65001Argyle, MOOsage
63966Wappapello, MOWayne
63967Williamsville, MOWayne
65017Brumley, MOMiller
65018California, MOMoniteau
65016Bonnots Mill, MOOsage
65013Belle, MOMaries
65014Bland, MOGasconade
63956Patterson, MOWayne
63957Piedmont, MOWayne
63955Oxly, MORipley
63953Naylor, MORipley
63954Neelyville, MOButler
63964Silva, MOWayne
63965Van Buren, MOCarter
63962Rombauer, MOButler
63960Puxico, MOStoddard
63961Qulin, MOButler
65459Dixon, MOPulaski
65457Devils Elbow, MOPulaski
65461Duke, MOPhelps
65255Hallsville, MOBoone
65462Edgar Springs, MOPhelps
65264Martinsburg, MOAudrain
65265Mexico, MOAudrain
65262Kingdom City, MOCallaway
65456Davisville, MOCrawford
65256Harrisburg, MOBoone
65529Jerome, MOPhelps
65501Jadwin, MODent
65532Lake Spring, MODent
65535Leasburg, MOCrawford
65534Laquey, MOPulaski
65251Fulton, MOCallaway
65466Eminence, MOShannon
65473Fort Leonard Wood, MOPulaski
65486Iberia, MOMiller
65243Clark, MORandolph
65279Rocheport, MOBoone
65436Beulah, MOPhelps
65409Rolla, MOPhelps
65438Birch Tree, MOShannon
65440Boss, MODent
65439Bixby, MOIron
65299Columbia, MOBoone
65285Thompson, MOAudrain
65324Climax Springs, MOCamden
65402Rolla, MOPhelps
65401Rolla, MOPhelps
65284Sturgeon, MOBoone
65453Cuba, MOCrawford
65283Stoutsville, MOMonroe
65280Rush Hill, MOAudrain
65282Santa Fe, MOMonroe
65443Brinktown, MOMaries
65441Bourbon, MOCrawford
65446Cherryville, MOCrawford
65452Crocker, MOPulaski
65449Cook Sta, MOCrawford
65240Centralia, MOBoone
65101Jefferson City, MOCole
65102Jefferson City, MOCole
65559Saint James, MOPhelps
65085Westphalia, MOOsage
65560Salem, MODent
65106Jefferson City, MOCole
65107Jefferson City, MOCole
65105Jefferson City, MOCole
65103Jefferson City, MOCole
65104Jefferson City, MOCole
65078Stover, MOMorgan
65079Sunrise Beach, MOCamden
65077Steedman, MOCallaway
65566Viburnum, MOIron
65076Saint Thomas, MOCole
65565Steelville, MOCrawford
65084Versailles, MOMorgan
65083Ulman, MOMiller
65080Tebbetts, MOCallaway
65082Tuscumbia, MOMiller
65108Jefferson City, MOCole
65218Columbia, MOBoone
65550Newburg, MOPhelps
65217Columbia, MOBoone
65215Columbia, MOBoone
65216Columbia, MOBoone
65232Benton City, MOAudrain
65541Lenox, MODent
65542Licking, MOTexas
65546Montier, MOShannon
65231Auxvasse, MOCallaway
65111Jefferson City, MOCole
65201Columbia, MOBoone
65556Richland, MOPulaski
65109Jefferson City, MOCole
65110Jefferson City, MOCole
65211Columbia, MOBoone
65212Columbia, MOBoone
65205Columbia, MOBoone
65202Columbia, MOBoone
65203Columbia, MOBoone
63880Whiteoak, MODunklin
63785Whitewater, MOCape Girardeau
63784Vanduser, MOScott
63801Sikeston, MOScott
63787Zalma, MOBollinger
63781Sedgewickville, MOBollinger
63780Scott City, MOScott
63783Uniontown, MOPerry
63782Sturdivant, MOBollinger
63820Anniston, MOMississippi
63826Braggadocio, MOPemiscot
63825Bloomfield, MOStoddard
63828Canalou, MONew Madrid
63827Bragg City, MOPemiscot
63822Bernie, MOStoddard
63821Arbyrd, MODunklin
63824Blodgett, MOScott
63823Bertrand, MOMississippi
63760Leopold, MOBollinger
63758Kelso, MOScott
63764Marble Hill, MOBollinger
63763Mc Gee, MOWayne
63755Jackson, MOCape Girardeau
63752Gordonville, MOCape Girardeau
65786Macks Creek, MOCamden
65787Roach, MOCamden
63766Millersville, MOCape Girardeau
63775Perryville, MOPerry
63774Perkins, MOScott
63779Pocahontas, MOCape Girardeau
63776Mc Bride, MOPerry
63769Oak Ridge, MOCape Girardeau
63767Morley, MOScott
63771Oran, MOScott
63770Old Appleton, MOCape Girardeau
63855Hornersville, MODunklin
63853Holland, MOPemiscot
63857Kennett, MODunklin
63860Kewanee, MONew Madrid
63877Steele, MOPemiscot
63878Tallapoosa, MONew Madrid
63850Grayridge, MOStoddard
63849Gobler, MOPemiscot
63851Hayti, MOPemiscot
63879Wardell, MOPemiscot
63852Holcomb, MODunklin
63867Matthews, MONew Madrid
63866Marston, MONew Madrid
63870Parma, MONew Madrid
63868Morehouse, MONew Madrid
63869New Madrid, MONew Madrid
63873Portageville, MONew Madrid
63875Rives, MODunklin
63876Senath, MODunklin
63862Lilbourn, MONew Madrid
63863Malden, MODunklin
63874Risco, MONew Madrid
63845East Prairie, MOMississippi
63841Dexter, MOStoddard
63833Catron, MONew Madrid
63846Essex, MOStoddard
63837Clarkton, MODunklin
63839Cooter, MOPemiscot
63840Deering, MOPemiscot
63834Charleston, MOMississippi
63847Gibson, MODunklin
63829Cardwell, MODunklin
63848Gideon, MONew Madrid
63830Caruthersville, MOPemiscot

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