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StateTexas (TX)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA214
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date11/04/1990

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75461Paris, TXLamar
75476Ravenna, TXFannin
75801Palestine, TXAnderson
75799Tyler, TXSmith
75802Palestine, TXAnderson
75477Roxton, TXLamar
75474Quinlan, TXHunt
75473Powderly, TXLamar
75460Paris, TXLamar
75472Point, TXRains
75471Pickton, TXHopkins
75468Pattonville, TXLamar
75462Paris, TXLamar
75469Pecan Gap, TXDelta
75475Randolph, TXFannin
75470Petty, TXLamar
75765Hawkins, TXWood
75850Leona, TXLeon
75853Montalba, TXAnderson
75852Midway, TXMadison
75766Jacksonville, TXCherokee
75846Jewett, TXLeon
75771Lindale, TXSmith
75848Kirvin, TXFreestone
75770Larue, TXHenderson
75855Oakwood, TXLeon
75880Tennessee Colony, TXAnderson
75762Flint, TXSmith
75447Ivanhoe, TXFannin
75448Klondike, TXDelta
75861Tennessee Colony, TXAnderson
75763Frankston, TXAnderson
75764Gallatin, TXCherokee
75859Streetman, TXFreestone
75449Ladonia, TXFannin
75772Maydelle, TXCherokee
75785Rusk, TXCherokee
75789Troup, TXSmith
75782Poynor, TXHenderson
75783Quitman, TXWood
75790Van, TXVan Zandt
75797Big Sandy, TXUpshur
75798Tyler, TXSmith
75791Whitehouse, TXSmith
75792Winona, TXSmith
75780New Summerfield, TXCherokee
75773Mineola, TXWood
75778Murchison, TXHenderson
75840Fairfield, TXFreestone
75839Elkhart, TXAnderson
75833Centerville, TXLeon
75803Palestine, TXAnderson
75779Neches, TXAnderson
75832Cayuga, TXAnderson
75831Buffalo, TXLeon
75639De Berry, TXPanola
75640Diana, TXUpshur
75641Easton, TXGregg
75636Cason, TXMorris
75637Clayton, TXPanola
75638Daingerfield, TXMorris
75642Elysian Fields, TXHarrison
75647Gladewater, TXGregg
75650Hallsville, TXHarrison
75651Harleton, TXHarrison
75643Gary, TXPanola
75644Gilmer, TXUpshur
75645Gilmer, TXUpshur
75603Longview, TXGregg
75604Longview, TXGregg
75605Longview, TXGregg
75599Texarkana, TXBowie
75601Longview, TXGregg
75602Longview, TXGregg
75606Longview, TXGregg
75630Avinger, TXCass
75631Beckville, TXPanola
75633Carthage, TXPanola
75607Longview, TXGregg
75608Longview, TXGregg
75615Longview, TXGregg
75671Marshall, TXHarrison
75672Marshall, TXHarrison
75680Minden, TXRusk
75668Lone Star, TXMorris
75669Long Branch, TXPanola
75670Marshall, TXHarrison
75681Mount Enterprise, TXRusk
75685Panola, TXPanola
75686Pittsburg, TXCamp
75687Price, TXRusk
75682New London, TXRusk
75683Ore City, TXUpshur
75684Overton, TXRusk
75656Hughes Springs, TXCass
75657Jefferson, TXMarion
75658Joinerville, TXRusk
75652Henderson, TXRusk
75653Henderson, TXRusk
75654Henderson, TXRusk
75659Jonesville, TXHarrison
75663Kilgore, TXGregg
75666Laird Hill, TXRusk
75667Laneville, TXRusk
75660Judson, TXGregg
75661Karnack, TXHarrison
75662Kilgore, TXGregg
75574Simms, TXBowie
75496Wolfe City, TXHunt
75495Van Alstyne, TXGrayson
75494Winnsboro, TXWood
75503Texarkana, TXBowie
75501Texarkana, TXBowie
75497Yantis, TXWood
75493Winfield, TXTitus
75489Tom Bean, TXGrayson
75488Telephone, TXFannin
75487Talco, TXFranklin
75492Windom, TXFannin
75491Whitewright, TXGrayson
75490Trenton, TXFannin
75556Bloomburg, TXCass
75561Hooks, TXBowie
75555Bivins, TXCass
75560Douglassville, TXCass
75559De Kalb, TXBowie
75558Cookville, TXTitus
75554Avery, TXRed River
75507Texarkana, TXBowie
75505Texarkana, TXBowie
75504Texarkana, TXBowie
75562Kildare, TXCass
75551Atlanta, TXCass
75550Annona, TXRed River
75564Lodi, TXMarion
75565Mc Leod, TXCass
75566Marietta, TXCass
75459Howe, TXGrayson
77850Concord, TXLeon
77865Marquez, TXLeon
75567Maud, TXBowie
75571Omaha, TXMorris
75572Queen City, TXCass
75573Redwater, TXBowie
75568Naples, TXMorris
75569Nash, TXBowie
75570New Boston, TXBowie
75483Sulphur Springs, TXHopkins
75482Sulphur Springs, TXHopkins
75481Sulphur Bluff, TXHopkins
76233Collinsville, TXGrayson
75486Sumner, TXLamar
76245Gordonville, TXGrayson
75480Scroggins, TXFranklin
76264Sadler, TXGrayson
76268Southmayd, TXGrayson
76273Whitesboro, TXGrayson
75479Savoy, TXFannin
75563Linden, TXCass
75478Saltillo, TXHopkins
75414Bells, TXGrayson
75415Ben Franklin, TXDelta
75416Blossom, TXLamar
75411Arthur City, TXLamar
75412Bagwell, TXRed River
75413Bailey, TXFannin
75417Bogata, TXRed River
75421Brookston, TXLamar
75422Campbell, TXHunt
75423Celeste, TXHunt
75418Bonham, TXFannin
75420Brashear, TXHopkins
75758Chandler, TXHenderson
75156Mabank, TXHenderson
75163Trinidad, TXHenderson
75169Wills Point, TXVan Zandt
75148Malakoff, TXHenderson
75151Corsicana, TXNavarro
75153Powell, TXNavarro
75401Greenville, TXHunt
75404Greenville, TXHunt
75757Bullard, TXSmith
75410Alba, TXWood
75402Greenville, TXHunt
75403Greenville, TXHunt
75756Brownsboro, TXHenderson
75425Chicota, TXLamar
75440Emory, TXRains
75441Enloe, TXDelta
75443Gober, TXFannin
75437Dike, TXHopkins
75438Dodd City, TXFannin
75439Ector, TXFannin
75444Golden, TXWood
76666Mertens, TXHill
76641Frost, TXNavarro
76626Blooming Grove, TXNavarro
75446Honey Grove, TXFannin
76681Richland, TXNavarro
76679Purdon, TXNavarro
75886Tennessee Colony, TXAnderson
75884Tennessee Colony, TXAnderson
75882Palestine, TXAnderson
75426Clarksville, TXRed River
75428Commerce, TXHunt
75759Cuney, TXCherokee
75429Commerce, TXHunt
75434Cunningham, TXLamar
75435Deport, TXLamar
75436Detroit, TXRed River
75431Como, TXHopkins
75432Cooper, TXDelta
75433Cumby, TXHopkins
75706Tyler, TXSmith
75707Tyler, TXSmith
75708Tyler, TXSmith
75703Tyler, TXSmith
75704Tyler, TXSmith
75705Tyler, TXSmith
75709Tyler, TXSmith
75713Tyler, TXSmith
75750Arp, TXSmith
75751Athens, TXHenderson
75710Tyler, TXSmith
75711Tyler, TXSmith
75712Tyler, TXSmith
75692Waskom, TXHarrison
75693White Oak, TXGregg
75694Woodlawn, TXHarrison
75688Scottsville, TXHarrison
75689Selman City, TXRusk
75691Tatum, TXRusk
75701Tyler, TXSmith
75455Mount Pleasant, TXTitus
75453Lone Oak, TXHunt
75702Tyler, TXSmith
75458Merit, TXHunt
75457Mount Vernon, TXFranklin
75456Mount Pleasant, TXTitus
75109Corsicana, TXNavarro
75110Corsicana, TXNavarro
75117Edgewood, TXVan Zandt
75102Barry, TXNavarro
75103Canton, TXVan Zandt
75105Chatfield, TXNavarro
75124Eustace, TXHenderson
75143Kemp, TXKaufman
75144Kerens, TXNavarro
75147Mabank, TXKaufman
75127Fruitvale, TXVan Zandt
75135Caddo Mills, TXHunt
75140Grand Saline, TXVan Zandt
75092Sherman, TXGrayson
75452Leonard, TXFannin
75020Denison, TXGrayson
75021Denison, TXGrayson
75752Athens, TXHenderson
75754Ben Wheeler, TXVan Zandt
75755Big Sandy, TXUpshur
75058Gunter, TXGrayson
75090Sherman, TXGrayson
75091Sherman, TXGrayson
75076Pottsboro, TXGrayson
75451Leesburg, TXCamp
75450Lake Creek, TXDelta
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