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StateVirginia (VA)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA804
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date07/01/1996

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5:04 PM


23515Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23514Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23517Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23519Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23518Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23513Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23508Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23507Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23509Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23511Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23510Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23604Fort Eustis, VANewport News City
23603Newport News, VANewport News City
23605Newport News, VANewport News City
23607Newport News, VANewport News City
23606Newport News, VANewport News City
23602Newport News, VANewport News City
23529Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23523Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23541Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23601Newport News, VANewport News City
23551Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23506Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23466Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23465Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23467Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23479Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23471Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23464Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23460Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23459Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23461Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23463Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23462Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23502Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23501Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23503Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23505Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23504Norfolk, VANorfolk City
23488Withams, VAAccomack
23482Wardtown, VANorthampton
23480Wachapreague, VAAccomack
23483Wattsville, VAAccomack
23487Windsor, VAIsle of Wight
23486Willis Wharf, VANorthampton
23608Newport News, VANewport News City
23709Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23708Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23827Boykins, VASouthampton
23837Courtland, VASouthampton
23828Branchville, VASouthampton
23707Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23702Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23701Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23703Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23705Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23704Portsmouth, VAPortsmouth City
23883Surry, VASurry
23881Spring Grove, VASurry
23888Wakefield, VASussex
23899Claremont, VASurry
23898Zuni, VAIsle of Wight
23878Sedley, VASouthampton
23846Elberon, VASurry
23839Dendron, VASurry
23851Franklin, VAFranklin City
23874Newsoms, VASouthampton
23866Ivor, VASouthampton
23696Seaford, VAYork
23663Hampton, VAHampton City
23662Poquoson, VAPoquoson City
23664Hampton, VAHampton City
23665Langley Afb, VAYork
23665Hampton , VAYork
23661Hampton, VAHampton City
23612Newport News, VANewport News City
23609Newport News, VANewport News City
23628Newport News, VANewport News City
23651Fort Monroe, VAHampton City
23630Hampton, VAHampton City
23691Yorktown, VAYork
23690Yorktown, VAYork
23692Yorktown, VAYork
23694Lackey, VAYork
23693Yorktown, VAYork
23681Hampton, VAHampton City
23667Hampton, VAHampton City
23666Hampton, VAHampton City
23668Hampton, VAHampton City
23670Hampton, VAHampton City
23669Hampton, VAHampton City
23458Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23337Wallops Island, VAAccomack
23336Chincoteague Island, VAAccomack
23341Craddockville, VAAccomack
23347Eastville, VANorthampton
23345Davis Wharf, VAAccomack
23328Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23324Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23323Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23325Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23327Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23326Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23395Horntown, VAAccomack
23389Harborton, VAAccomack
23396Oak Hall, VAAccomack
23398Jamesville, VANorthampton
23397Isle of Wight, VAIsle of Wight
23359Hallwood, VAAccomack
23354Franktown, VANorthampton
23350Exmore, VANorthampton
23356Greenbackville, VAAccomack
23358Hacksneck, VAAccomack
23357Greenbush, VAAccomack
23322Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23188Williamsburg, VAJames City
23187Williamsburg, VAWilliamsburg City
23301Accomac, VAAccomack
23303Atlantic, VAAccomack
23302Assawoman, VAAccomack
23186Williamsburg, VAWilliamsburg City
23090Lightfoot, VAYork
23081Jamestown, VAJames City
23127Norge, VAJames City
23185Williamsburg, VAJames City
23168Toano, VAJames City
23315Carrsville, VAIsle of Wight
23314Carrollton, VAIsle of Wight
23316Cheriton, VANorthampton
23321Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23320Chesapeake, VAChesapeake City
23313Capeville, VANorthampton
23306Belle Haven, VAAccomack
23304Battery Park, VAIsle of Wight
23307Birdsnest, VANorthampton
23310Cape Charles, VANorthampton
23308Bloxom, VAAccomack
23399Jenkins Bridge, VAAccomack
23437Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23436Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23438Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23440Tangier, VAAccomack
23439Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23435Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23431Smithfield, VAIsle of Wight
23430Smithfield, VAIsle of Wight
23432Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23434Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23433Suffolk, VASuffolk City
23454Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23453Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23455Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23457Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23456Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23452Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23442Temperanceville, VAAccomack
23441Tasley, VAAccomack
23443Townsend, VANorthampton
23451Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23450Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach City
23429Seaview, VANorthampton
23412Modest Town, VAAccomack
23410Melfa, VAAccomack
23413Nassawadox, VANorthampton
23415New Church, VAAccomack
23414Nelsonia, VAAccomack
23409Mears, VAAccomack
23404Locustville, VAAccomack
23401Keller, VAAccomack
23405Machipongo, VANorthampton
23408Marionville, VANorthampton
23407Mappsville, VAAccomack
23423Quinby, VAAccomack
23422Pungoteague, VAAccomack
23424Rescue, VAIsle of Wight
23427Saxis, VAAccomack
23426Sanford, VAAccomack
23421Parksley, VAAccomack
23417Onancock, VAAccomack
23416Oak Hall, VAAccomack
23418Onley, VAAccomack
23420Painter, VAAccomack
23419Oyster, VANorthampton
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