Area Code Details for: 804






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date06/24/1973


23069Hanover, VAHanover
23064Grimstead, VAMathews
23065Gum Spring, VAGoochland
23068Hallieford, VAMathews
23067Hadensville, VAGoochland
23063Goochland, VAGoochland
23066Gwynn, VAMathews
23075Highland Springs, VAHenrico
23076Hudgins, VAMathews
23079Jamaica, VAMiddlesex
23075Henrico , VAHenrico
23070Hardyville, VAMiddlesex
23071Hartfield, VAMiddlesex
23072Hayes, VAGloucester
23062Gloucester Point, VAGloucester
23038Columbia, VAFluvanna
23038Columbia , VAFluvanna
23040Cumberland, VACumberland
23039Crozier, VAGoochland
22529Oldhams, VAWestmoreland
22528Nuttsville, VALancaster
23035Cobbs Creek, VAMathews
23032Church View, VAMiddlesex
23043Deltaville, VAMiddlesex
23059Glen Allen, VAHenrico
23058Glen Allen, VAHenrico
23061Gloucester, VAGloucester
23060Glen Allen, VAHenrico
23047Doswell, VAHanover
23045Diggs, VAMathews
23056Foster, VAMathews
23050Dutton, VAGloucester
23126Newtown, VAKing and Queen
23125New Point, VAMathews
23128North, VAMathews
22530Ophelia, VANorthumberland
23124New Kent, VANew Kent
23116Mechanicsville, VAHanover
23115Millers Tavern, VAEssex
23120Moseley, VAChesterfield
23119Moon, VAMathews
23141Quinton, VANew Kent
23140Providence Forge, VANew Kent
23147Ruthville, VACharles City
23146Rockville, VAHanover
23139Powhatan, VAPowhatan
23130Onemo, VAMathews
23129Oilville, VAGoochland
23138Port Haywood, VAMathews
23131Ordinary, VAGloucester
23102Maidens, VAGoochland
23092Locust Hill, VAMiddlesex
23105Mannboro, VAAmelia
23103Manakin Sabot, VAGoochland
23091Little Plymouth, VAKing and Queen
23085King and Queen Court House, VAKing and Queen
23083Jetersville, VAAmelia
23089Lanexa, VANew Kent
23086King William, VAKing William
23112Midlothian, VAChesterfield
23111Mechanicsville, VAHanover
23114Midlothian, VAChesterfield
23113Midlothian, VAChesterfield
23110Mattaponi, VAKing and Queen
23107Maryus, VAGloucester
23106Manquin, VAKing William
23109Mathews, VAMathews
23108Mascot, VAKing and Queen
22524Mount Holly, VAWestmoreland
23822Ammon, VADinwiddie
23806Petersburg, VAPetersburg City
23831Chester, VAChesterfield
23830Carson, VADinwiddie
23806Virginia State University , VAPetersburg City
23803Petersburg, VAPetersburg City
23027Cartersville, VACumberland
23805Petersburg, VAPetersburg City
23804Petersburg, VAPetersburg City
23832Chesterfield, VAChesterfield
23842Disputanta, VAPrince George
23841Dinwiddie, VADinwiddie
23860Hopewell, VAHopewell City
23850Ford, VADinwiddie
23840Dewitt, VADinwiddie
23834Colonial Heights, VAColonial Heights City
23833Church Road, VADinwiddie
23838Chesterfield, VAChesterfield
23836Chester, VAChesterfield
22581Zacata, VAWestmoreland
22580Woodford, VACaroline
23002Amelia Court House, VAAmelia
23001Achilles, VAGloucester
22579Wicomico Church, VANorthumberland
22577Sandy Point, VAWestmoreland
22576Weems, VALancaster
22578White Stone, VALancaster
23801Fort Lee, VAPrince George
23003Ark, VAGloucester
23021Bohannon, VAMathews
23018Bena, VAGloucester
23025Cardinal, VAMathews
23023Bruington, VAKing and Queen
23015Beaverdam, VAHanover
23009Aylett, VAKing William
23005Ashland, VAHanover
23014Beaumont, VAGoochland
23011Barhamsville, VANew Kent
22482Kilmarnock, VALancaster
22480Irvington, VALancaster
22501Ladysmith, VACaroline
22488Kinsale, VAWestmoreland
22476Hustle, VAEssex
22469Hague, VAWestmoreland
22460Farnham, VARichmond
22473Heathsville, VANorthumberland
22472Haynesville, VARichmond
22503Lancaster, VALancaster
22517Mollusk, VALancaster
22514Milford, VACaroline
22523Morattico, VALancaster
22520Montross, VAWestmoreland
22513Merry Point, VALancaster
22507Lively, VALancaster
22504Laneview, VAEssex
22511Lottsburg, VANorthumberland
22509Loretto, VAEssex
23891Waverly, VASussex
23890Waverly, VASussex
22427Bowling Green, VACaroline
23894Wilsons, VADinwiddie
23885Sutherland, VADinwiddie
23872Mc Kenney, VADinwiddie
23030Charles City, VACharles City
23031Christchurch, VAMiddlesex
23875Prince George, VAPrince George
22428Bowling Green, VACaroline
22443Colonial Beach, VAWestmoreland
22442Coles Point, VAWestmoreland
22456Edwardsville, VANorthumberland
22454Dunnsville, VAEssex
22438Champlain, VAEssex
22435Callao, VANorthumberland
22432Burgess, VANorthumberland
22437Center Cross, VAEssex
22436Caret, VAEssex
23183White Marsh, VAGloucester
23184Wicomico, VAGloucester
23181West Point, VAKing William
23180Water View, VAMiddlesex
23250Richmond, VAHenrico
23238Henrico, VAHenrico
23190Woods Cross Roads, VAGloucester
23241Richmond, VARichmond City
23249Richmond, VARichmond City
23242Henrico, VAHenrico
23273Henrico, VARichmond City
23269Richmond, VARichmond City
23274Richmond, VARichmond City
23176Wake, VAMiddlesex
23276Richmond, VARichmond City
23255Henrico, VAHenrico
23178Ware Neck, VAGloucester
23177Walkerton, VAKing and Queen
23261Richmond, VARichmond City
23260Richmond, VARichmond City
23192Montpelier, VAHanover
23232Richmond, VARichmond City
23231Henrico, VAHenrico
23233Henrico, VAHenrico
23234Richmond, VAChesterfield
23225Richmond, VARichmond City
23230Richmond, VAHenrico
23229Henrico, VAHenrico
23228Henrico, VAHenrico
23226Richmond, VAHenrico
23227Richmond, VAHenrico
23221Richmond, VARichmond City
23222Richmond, VARichmond City
23220Richmond, VARichmond City
23218Richmond, VARichmond City
23219Richmond, VARichmond City
23235Richmond, VAChesterfield
23224Richmond, VARichmond City
23236Richmond, VAChesterfield
23237Richmond, VAChesterfield
23223Richmond, VARichmond City
22548Sharps, VARichmond
22552Sparta, VACaroline
23293Richmond, VARichmond City
22539Reedville, VANorthumberland
22546Ruther Glen, VACaroline
23294Henrico, VAHenrico
23160State Farm, VAGoochland
22570Village, VARichmond
22572Warsaw, VARichmond
23292Richmond, VARichmond City
22558Stratford, VAWestmoreland
22560Tappahannock, VAEssex
23153Sandy Hook, VAGoochland
23298Richmond, VARichmond City
23154Schley, VAGloucester
23148Saint Stephens Church, VAKing and Queen
23149Saluda, VAMiddlesex
23150Sandston, VAHenrico
22535Port Royal, VACaroline
22538Rappahannock Academy, VACaroline
23295Richmond, VARichmond City
23155Severn, VAGloucester
23156Shacklefords, VAKing and Queen
23297Richmond, VAChesterfield
23291Richmond, VARichmond City
23285Richmond, VARichmond City
23284Richmond, VARichmond City
23163Susan, VAMathews
23161Stevensville, VAKing and Queen
23162Studley, VAHanover
23282Richmond, VARichmond City
23175Urbanna, VAMiddlesex
23278Richmond, VARichmond City
23173Richmond, VARichmond City
23169Topping, VAMiddlesex
23279Richmond, VARichmond City
23289Richmond , VARichmond City
23289Richmond, VAHenrico
23290Richmond, VARichmond City
23288Henrico, VAHenrico
23286Richmond, VARichmond City

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