Area Code Details for: 251






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA334
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date06/18/2001


36568Saint Elmo, ALMobile
36569Saint Stephens, ALWashington
36571Saraland, ALMobile
36562Perdido, ALBaldwin
36564Point Clear, ALBaldwin
36567Robertsdale, ALBaldwin
36572Satsuma, ALMobile
36577Spanish Fort, ALBaldwin
36578Stapleton, ALBaldwin
36579Stockton, ALBaldwin
36574Seminole, ALBaldwin
36575Semmes, ALMobile
36576Silverhill, ALBaldwin
36561Orange Beach, ALBaldwin
36548Leroy, ALWashington
36549Lillian, ALBaldwin
36550Little River, ALBaldwin
36544Irvington, ALMobile
36545Jackson, ALClarke
36547Gulf Shores, ALBaldwin
36551Loxley, ALBaldwin
36558Millry, ALWashington
36559Montrose, ALBaldwin
36560Mount Vernon, ALMobile
36553Mc Intosh, ALWashington
36555Magnolia Springs, ALBaldwin
36556Malcolm, ALWashington
36580Summerdale, ALBaldwin
36611Mobile, ALMobile
36612Mobile, ALMobile
36613Eight Mile, ALMobile
36608Mobile, ALMobile
36609Mobile, ALMobile
36610Mobile, ALMobile
36615Mobile, ALMobile
36619Mobile, ALMobile
36628Mobile, ALMobile
36633Mobile, ALMobile
36616Mobile, ALMobile
36617Mobile, ALMobile
36618Mobile, ALMobile
36607Mobile, ALMobile
36584Vinegar Bend, ALWashington
36585Wagarville, ALWashington
36587Wilmer, ALMobile
36581Sunflower, ALWashington
36582Theodore, ALMobile
36583Tibbie, ALWashington
36590Theodore, ALMobile
36604Mobile, ALMobile
36605Mobile, ALMobile
36606Mobile, ALMobile
36601Mobile, ALMobile
36602Mobile, ALMobile
36603Mobile, ALMobile
36543Huxford, ALEscambia
36460Monroeville, ALMonroe
36461Monroeville, ALMonroe
36470Perdue Hill, ALMonroe
36454Lenox, ALConecuh
36457Megargel, ALMonroe
36458Mexia, ALMonroe
36471Peterman, ALMonroe
36481Vredenburgh, ALMonroe
36482Whatley, ALClarke
36502Atmore, ALEscambia
36473Range, ALConecuh
36475Repton, ALConecuh
36480Uriah, ALMonroe
36451Grove Hill, ALClarke
36427Brewton, ALEscambia
36429Brooklyn, ALConecuh
36432Castleberry, ALConecuh
36401Evergreen, ALConecuh
36425Beatrice, ALMonroe
36426Brewton, ALEscambia
36436Dickinson, ALClarke
36445Frisco City, ALMonroe
36446Fulton, ALClarke
36449Uriah, ALMonroe
36439Excel, ALMonroe
36441Flomaton, ALEscambia
36444Franklin, ALMonroe
36503Atmore, ALEscambia
36530Elberta, ALBaldwin
36532Fairhope, ALBaldwin
36533Fairhope, ALBaldwin
36527Daphne, ALBaldwin
36528Dauphin Island, ALMobile
36529Deer Park, ALWashington
36535Foley, ALBaldwin
36540Gainestown, ALClarke
36541Grand Bay, ALMobile
36542Gulf Shores, ALBaldwin
36536Foley, ALBaldwin
36538Frankville, ALWashington
36539Fruitdale, ALWashington
36526Daphne, ALBaldwin
36509Bayou La Batre, ALMobile
36511Bon Secour, ALBaldwin
36512Bucks, ALMobile
36504Atmore, ALEscambia
36505Axis, ALMobile
36507Bay Minette, ALBaldwin
36513Calvert, ALWashington
36523Coden, ALMobile
36524Coffeeville, ALClarke
36525Creola, ALMobile
36518Chatom, ALWashington
36521Chunchula, ALMobile
36522Citronelle, ALMobile
36741Furman, ALWilcox
36753Mc Williams, ALWilcox
36695Mobile, ALMobile
36691Mobile, ALMobile
36693Mobile, ALMobile
36766Oak Hill, ALWilcox
36919Silas, ALChoctaw
36921Toxey, ALChoctaw
36913Melvin, ALChoctaw
36768Pine Apple, ALWilcox
36908Gilbertown, ALChoctaw
36689Mobile, ALMobile
36640Mobile, ALMobile
36660Mobile, ALMobile
36641Mobile, ALMobile
36644Mobile, ALMobile
36652Mobile, ALMobile
36663Mobile, ALMobile
36675Mobile, ALMobile
36685Mobile, ALMobile
36688Mobile, ALMobile
36670Mobile, ALMobile
36671Mobile, ALMobile

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