Area Code Details for: 301






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


20891Kensington, MDMontgomery
20892Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20886Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20889Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20894Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20897Suburb Maryland Fac, MDMontgomery
20898Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20895Kensington, MDMontgomery
20896Garrett Park, MDMontgomery
20886Montgomery Village , MDMontgomery
20878Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20879Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20876Germantown, MDMontgomery
20877Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20880Washington Grove, MDMontgomery
20884Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20885Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20882Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20883Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20899Gaithersburg, MDMontgomery
20913Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20914Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20912Takoma Park, MDMontgomery
20913Takoma Park , MDMontgomery
20915Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20993Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20997Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20916Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20918Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20911Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20903Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20904Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20901Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20902Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20905Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20908Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20910Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20906Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20907Silver Spring, MDMontgomery
20824Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20825Chevy Chase, MDMontgomery
20818Cabin John, MDMontgomery
20816Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20817Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20827Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20837Poolesville, MDMontgomery
20838Barnesville, MDMontgomery
20833Brookeville, MDMontgomery
20830Olney, MDMontgomery
20832Olney, MDMontgomery
20815Chevy Chase, MDMontgomery
20792Upper Marlboro, MDPrince George's
20797Southern Md Facility, MDPrince George's
20791Capitol Heights, MDPrince George's
20788Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20790Capitol Heights, MDPrince George's
20799Capitol Heights, MDPrince George's
20813Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20814Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20812Glen Echo, MDMontgomery
20810Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20811Bethesda, MDMontgomery
20861Ashton, MDMontgomery
20862Brinklow, MDMontgomery
20860Sandy Spring, MDMontgomery
20857Rockville, MDMontgomery
20859Potomac, MDMontgomery
20866Burtonsville, MDMontgomery
20874Germantown, MDMontgomery
20875Germantown, MDMontgomery
20872Damascus, MDMontgomery
20868Spencerville, MDMontgomery
20871Clarksburg, MDMontgomery
20855Derwood, MDMontgomery
20847Rockville, MDMontgomery
20848Rockville, MDMontgomery
20842Dickerson, MDMontgomery
20839Beallsville, MDMontgomery
20841Boyds, MDMontgomery
20849Rockville, MDMontgomery
20853Rockville, MDMontgomery
20854Potomac, MDMontgomery
20852Rockville, MDMontgomery
20850Rockville, MDMontgomery
20851Rockville, MDMontgomery
21750Hancock, MDWashington
21754Ijamsville, MDFrederick
21749Hagerstown, MDWashington
21746Hagerstown, MDWashington
21747Hagerstown, MDWashington
21759Ladiesburg, MDFrederick
21762Libertytown, MDFrederick
21758Knoxville, MDFrederick
21755Jefferson, MDFrederick
21756Keedysville, MDWashington
21742Hagerstown, MDWashington
21721Chewsville, MDWashington
21722Clear Spring, MDWashington
21720Cavetown, MDWashington
21718Burkittsville, MDFrederick
21719Cascade, MDWashington
21740Hagerstown, MDWashington
21741Hagerstown, MDWashington
21734Funkstown, MDWashington
21727Emmitsburg, MDFrederick
21733Fairplay, MDWashington
21783Smithsburg, MDWashington
21788Thurmont, MDFrederick
21782Sharpsburg, MDWashington
21780Sabillasville, MDFrederick
21781Saint James, MDWashington
21795Williamsport, MDWashington
21798Woodsboro, MDFrederick
21793Walkersville, MDFrederick
21790Tuscarora, MDFrederick
21792Unionville, MDFrederick
21779Rohrersville, MDWashington
21770Monrovia, MDFrederick
21771Mount Airy, MDFrederick
21769Middletown, MDFrederick
21766Little Orleans, MDAllegany
21767Maugansville, MDWashington
21777Point of Rocks, MDFrederick
21778Rocky Ridge, MDFrederick
21775New Midway, MDFrederick
21773Myersville, MDFrederick
21774New Market, MDFrederick
21717Buckeystown, MDFrederick
21532Frostburg, MDAllegany
21536Grantsville, MDGarrett
21531Friendsville, MDGarrett
21529Ellerslie, MDAllegany
21530Flintstone, MDAllegany
21541Mc Henry, MDGarrett
21542Midland, MDAllegany
21540Luke, MDAllegany
21538Kitzmiller, MDGarrett
21539Lonaconing, MDAllegany
21528Eckhart Mines, MDAllegany
21504Cumberland, MDAllegany
21505Cumberland, MDAllegany
21503Cumberland, MDAllegany
21501Cumberland, MDAllegany
21502Cumberland, MDAllegany
21523Bloomington, MDGarrett
21524Corriganville, MDAllegany
21522Bittinger, MDGarrett
21520Accident, MDGarrett
21521Barton, MDAllegany
21709Frederick, MDFrederick
21710Adamstown, MDFrederick
21705Frederick, MDFrederick
21703Frederick, MDFrederick
21704Frederick, MDFrederick
21715Brownsville, MDWashington
21716Brunswick, MDFrederick
21714Braddock Heights, MDFrederick
21711Big Pool, MDWashington
21713Boonsboro, MDWashington
21702Frederick, MDFrederick
21555Oldtown, MDAllegany
21556Pinto, MDAllegany
21550Oakland, MDGarrett
21543Midlothian, MDAllegany
21545Mount Savage, MDAllegany
21562Westernport, MDAllegany
21701Frederick, MDFrederick
21561Swanton, MDGarrett
21557Rawlings, MDAllegany
21560Spring Gap, MDAllegany
20613Brandywine, MDPrince George's
20612Benedict, MDCharles
20617Bryantown, MDCharles
20616Bryans Road, MDCharles
20608Aquasco, MDPrince George's
20680Ridge, MDSaint Mary's
20611Bel Alton, MDCharles
20609Avenue, MDSaint Mary's
20622Charlotte Hall, MDSaint Mary's
20622Charlotte Hall , MDCharles
20624Clements, MDSaint Mary's
20623Cheltenham, MDPrince George's
20619California, MDSaint Mary's
20618Bushwood, MDSaint Mary's
20621Chaptico, MDSaint Mary's
20620Callaway, MDSaint Mary's
20682Rock Point, MDCharles
20705Beltsville, MDPrince George's
20706Lanham, MDPrince George's
20703Lanham, MDPrince George's
20704Beltsville, MDPrince George's
20709Laurel, MDPrince George's
20710Bladensburg, MDPrince George's
20707Laurel, MDPrince George's
20708Laurel, MDPrince George's
20687Scotland, MDSaint Mary's
20690Tall Timbers, MDSaint Mary's
20684Saint Inigoes, MDSaint Mary's
20686Saint Marys City, MDSaint Mary's
20695White Plains, MDCharles
20697Southern Md Facility, MDPrince George's
20692Valley Lee, MDSaint Mary's
20693Welcome, MDCharles
20625Cobb Island, MDCharles
20659Mechanicsville, MDSaint Mary's
20660Morganza, MDSaint Mary's
20656Loveville, MDSaint Mary's
20658Marbury, MDCharles
20664Newburg, MDCharles
20667Park Hall, MDSaint Mary's
20661Mount Victoria, MDCharles
20662Nanjemoy, MDCharles
20640Indian Head, MDCharles
20643Ironsides, MDCharles
20636Hollywood, MDSaint Mary's
20637Hughesville, MDCharles
20650Leonardtown, MDSaint Mary's
20653Lexington Park, MDSaint Mary's
20645Issue, MDCharles
20646La Plata, MDCharles
20670Patuxent River, MDSaint Mary's
20632Faulkner, MDCharles
20630Drayden, MDSaint Mary's
20635Helen, MDSaint Mary's
20634Great Mills, MDSaint Mary's
20627Compton, MDSaint Mary's
20626Coltons Point, MDSaint Mary's
20628Dameron, MDSaint Mary's
20607Accokeek, MDPrince George's
20601Waldorf, MDCharles
20677Port Tobacco, MDCharles
20674Piney Point, MDSaint Mary's
20675Pomfret, MDCharles
20604Waldorf, MDCharles
20606Abell, MDSaint Mary's
20602Waldorf, MDCharles
20603Waldorf, MDCharles
20745Oxon Hill, MDPrince George's
20746Suitland, MDPrince George's
20743Capitol Heights, MDPrince George's
20744Fort Washington, MDPrince George's
20747District Heights, MDPrince George's
20750Oxon Hill, MDPrince George's
20752Suitland, MDPrince George's
20748Temple Hills, MDPrince George's
20749Fort Washington, MDPrince George's
20735Clinton, MDPrince George's
20736Owings, MDCalvert
20726Laurel, MDPrince George's
20731Capitol Heights, MDPrince George's
20737Riverdale, MDPrince George's
20741College Park, MDPrince George's
20742College Park, MDPrince George's
20738Riverdale, MDPrince George's
20740College Park, MDPrince George's
20787Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20772Upper Marlboro, MDPrince George's
20758Friendship, MDAnne Arundel
20774Upper Marlboro, MDPrince George's
20773Upper Marlboro, MDPrince George's
20771Greenbelt, MDPrince George's
20769Glenn Dale, MDPrince George's
20768Greenbelt, MDPrince George's
20770Greenbelt, MDPrince George's
20762Andrews Air Force Base, MDPrince George's
20783Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20753District Heights, MDPrince George's
20785Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20784Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20782Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20777Highland, MDHoward
20775Upper Marlboro, MDPrince George's
20757Temple Hills, MDPrince George's
20781Hyattsville, MDPrince George's
20725Laurel, MDPrince George's
20718Bowie, MDPrince George's
20719Bowie, MDPrince George's
20720Bowie, MDPrince George's
20717Bowie, MDPrince George's
20712Mount Rainier, MDPrince George's
20715Bowie, MDPrince George's
20716Bowie, MDPrince George's
20721Bowie, MDPrince George's
20722Brentwood, MDPrince George's
20723Laurel, MDHoward
20724Laurel, MDAnne Arundel

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