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StateCalifornia (CA)
Time ZonePacific Time
Parent NPA760
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date11/21/2009

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92011Carlsbad, CASan Diego
92282Whitewater, CARiverside
92256Morongo Valley, CASan Bernardino
92260Palm Desert, CARiverside
92257Niland, CAImperial
92301Adelanto, CASan Bernardino
92304Amboy, CASan Bernardino
93596Boron, CAKern
92283Winterhaven, CAImperial
93592Trona, CASan Bernardino
92261Palm Desert, CARiverside
92277Twentynine Palms, CASan Bernardino
92278Twentynine Palms, CASan Bernardino
92276Thousand Palms, CARiverside
92274Thermal, CARiverside
92275Salton City, CAImperial
92266Palo Verde, CAImperial
93562Trona, CASan Bernardino
92267Parker Dam, CASan Bernardino
92280Vidal, CASan Bernardino
92270Rancho Mirage, CARiverside
92065Ramona, CASan Diego
92059Pala, CASan Diego
92058Oceanside, CASan Diego
92067Rancho Santa Fe, CASan Diego
92070Santa Ysabel, CASan Diego
92069San Marcos, CASan Diego
92068San Luis Rey, CASan Diego
92363Needles, CASan Bernardino
92366Mountain Pass, CASan Bernardino
92371Phelan, CASan Bernardino
92356Lucerne Valley, CASan Bernardino
92057Oceanside, CASan Diego
92055Camp Pendleton, CASan Diego
92352Lake Arrowhead, CASan Bernardino
92329Phelan, CASan Bernardino
92332Essex, CASan Bernardino
92010Carlsbad, CASan Diego
92313Grand Terrace, CASan Bernardino
92307Apple Valley, CASan Bernardino
92308Apple Valley, CASan Bernardino
92310Fort Irwin, CASan Bernardino
92079San Marcos, CASan Diego
92342Helendale, CASan Bernardino
92078San Marcos, CASan Diego
92081Vista, CASan Diego
92096San Marcos, CASan Diego
92091Rancho Santa Fe, CASan Diego
92086Warner Springs, CASan Diego
93238Kernville, CAKern
93240Lake Isabella, CAKern
92007Cardiff by the Sea, CASan Diego
92239Desert Center, CARiverside
92241Desert Hot Springs, CARiverside
92242Earp, CASan Bernardino
92008Carlsbad, CASan Diego
93512Benton, CAMono
93513Big Pine, CAInyo
93255Onyx, CAKern
93283Weldon, CAKern
93285Wofford Heights, CAKern
92210Indian Wells, CARiverside
92003Bonsall, CASan Diego
92211Palm Desert, CARiverside
93205Bodfish, CAKern
96107Coleville, CAMono
96133Topaz, CAMono
92234Cathedral City, CARiverside
92235Cathedral City, CARiverside
92236Coachella, CARiverside
92222Bard, CAImperial
92225Blythe, CARiverside
92226Blythe, CARiverside
93514Bishop, CAInyo
92023Encinitas, CASan Diego
92022El Cajon, CASan Diego
92248La Quinta, CARiverside
93558Red Mountain, CAKern
92026Escondido, CASan Diego
92024Encinitas, CASan Diego
92253La Quinta, CARiverside
92254Mecca, CARiverside
92255Palm Desert, CARiverside
92036Julian, CASan Diego
92018Carlsbad, CASan Diego
92251Imperial, CAImperial
93526Independence, CAInyo
93529June Lake, CAMono
93530Keeler, CAInyo
93515Bishop, CAInyo
93516Boron, CAKern
93522Darwin, CAInyo
93555Ridgecrest, CAKern
93556Ridgecrest, CAKern
92247La Quinta, CARiverside
93542Little Lake, CAInyo
93545Lone Pine, CAInyo
93549Olancha, CAInyo
92372Pinon Hills, CASan Bernardino
92397Wrightwood, CASan Bernardino
92561Mountain Center, CARiverside
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