Area Code Details for: 386






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA904
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/15/2001


32720Deland, FLVolusia
32713Debary, FLVolusia
32706Cassadaga, FLVolusia
32721Deland, FLVolusia
32724Deland, FLVolusia
32723Deland, FLVolusia
32722Glenwood, FLVolusia
32138Grandin, FLPutnam
32139Georgetown, FLPutnam
32140Florahome, FLPutnam
32137Palm Coast, FLFlagler
32135Palm Coast, FLFlagler
32697Worthington Springs, FLUnion
32136Flagler Beach, FLFlagler
32132Edgewater, FLVolusia
32126Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32127Port Orange , FLVolusia
32759Oak Hill, FLVolusia
32125Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32123Allandale, FLVolusia
32123Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32124Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32129Port Orange, FLVolusia
32130De Leon Springs, FLVolusia
32131East Palatka, FLPutnam
32744Lake Helen, FLVolusia
32127Ponce Inlet, FLVolusia
32127Wilbur by the Sea, FLVolusia
32128Port Orange, FLVolusia
32178Palatka, FLPutnam
32180Pierson, FLVolusia
32181Pomona Park, FLPutnam
32177Palatka, FLPutnam
32175Ormond Beach, FLVolusia
32176Ormond Beach, FLVolusia
32643High Springs, FLAlachua
32198Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32616Alachua, FLAlachua
32615Alachua, FLAlachua
32193Welaka, FLPutnam
32187San Mateo, FLPutnam
32189Satsuma, FLPutnam
32190Seville, FLVolusia
32174Ormond Beach, FLVolusia
32148Interlachen, FLPutnam
32149Interlachen, FLPutnam
32157Lake Como, FLPutnam
32147Hollister, FLPutnam
32141Edgewater, FLVolusia
32142Palm Coast, FLFlagler
32143Palm Coast, FLFlagler
32170New Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
32655High Springs, FLAlachua
32173Ormond Beach, FLVolusia
32658La Crosse, FLAlachua
32164Palm Coast, FLFlagler
32168New Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
32169New Smyrna Beach, FLVolusia
32056Lake City, FLColumbia
32060Live Oak, FLSuwannee
32054Lake Butler, FLUnion
32055Lake City, FLColumbia
32064Live Oak, FLSuwannee
32066Mayo, FLLafayette
32061Lulu, FLColumbia
32062Mc Alpin, FLSuwannee
32013Day, FLLafayette
32024Lake City, FLColumbia
32007Bostwick, FLPutnam
32008Branford, FLSuwannee
32052Jasper, FLHamilton
32053Jennings, FLHamilton
32025Lake City, FLColumbia
32038Fort White, FLColumbia
32071O Brien, FLSuwannee
32118Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32119Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32116Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32117Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32122Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32123Port Orange , FLVolusia
32120Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32121Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32096White Springs, FLHamilton
32105Barberville, FLVolusia
32083Raiford, FLUnion
32094Wellborn, FLSuwannee
32114Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32115Daytona Beach, FLVolusia
32110Bunnell, FLFlagler
32112Crescent City, FLPutnam

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