Area Code Details for: 865






StateTennessee (TN)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA423
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date11/01/1999

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37996Knoxville, TNKnox
37932Knoxville, TNKnox
37930Knoxville, TNKnox
37931Knoxville, TNKnox
37933Knoxville, TNKnox
37890White Pine, TNJefferson
37901Knoxville, TNKnox
37888Washburn, TNGrainger
37886Walland, TNBlount
37871Strawberry Plains, TNJefferson
37928Knoxville, TNKnox
37881Thorn Hill, TNGrainger
37927Knoxville, TNKnox
37924Knoxville, TNKnox
37878Tallassee, TNBlount
37929Knoxville, TNKnox
37882Townsend, TNBlount
37997Knoxville, TNKnox
37998Knoxville, TNKnox
37876Sevierville, TNSevier
37920Knoxville, TNKnox
37940Knoxville, TNKnox
37939Knoxville, TNKnox
37934Knoxville, TNKnox
37938Knoxville, TNKnox
37922Knoxville, TNKnox
37995Knoxville, TNKnox
37950Knoxville, TNKnox
37921Knoxville, TNKnox
37923Knoxville, TNKnox
37919Knoxville, TNKnox
37912Knoxville, TNKnox
37914Knoxville, TNKnox
37934Farragut , TNKnox
37902Knoxville, TNKnox
37909Knoxville, TNKnox
37934Concord, TNKnox
37918Knoxville, TNKnox
37917Knoxville, TNKnox
37915Knoxville, TNKnox
37916Knoxville, TNKnox
37868Pigeon Forge, TNSevier
37763Kingston, TNRoane
37764Kodak, TNSevier
37760Jefferson City, TNJefferson
37748Harriman, TNRoane
37754Heiskell, TNKnox
37769Rocky Top, TNAnderson
37777Louisville, TNBlount
37779Luttrell, TNUnion
37774Loudon, TNLoudon
37771Lenoir City, TNLoudon
37772Lenoir City, TNLoudon
37742Greenback, TNLoudon
37709Blaine, TNGrainger
37710Briceville, TNAnderson
37708Bean Station, TNGrainger
37701Alcoa, TNBlount
37705Andersonville, TNAnderson
37716Clinton, TNAnderson
37737Friendsville, TNBlount
37738Gatlinburg, TNSevier
37725Dandridge, TNJefferson
37717Clinton, TNAnderson
37721Corryton, TNKnox
37801Maryville, TNBlount
37849Powell, TNKnox
37853Rockford, TNBlount
37854Rockwood, TNRoane
37831Oak Ridge, TNAnderson
37846Philadelphia, TNLoudon
37848Powder Springs, TNGrainger
37864Sevierville, TNSevier
37865Seymour, TNSevier
37866Sharps Chapel, TNUnion
37861Rutledge, TNGrainger
37862Sevierville, TNSevier
37863Pigeon Forge, TNSevier
37807Maynardville, TNUnion
37820New Market, TNJefferson
37828Norris, TNAnderson
37806Mascot, TNKnox
37802Maryville, TNBlount
37803Maryville, TNBlount
37804Maryville, TNBlount
37830Oak Ridge, TNAnderson
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