Area Code Details for: 423






Time ZoneEC
Parent NPA615
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date09/11/1995


37406Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37407Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37405Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37403Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37404Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37408Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37412Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37414Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37411Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37409Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37410Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37384Soddy Daisy, TNHamilton
37385Tellico Plains, TNMonroe
37381Spring City, TNRhea
37379Soddy Daisy, TNHamilton
37380South Pittsburg, TNMarion
37391Turtletown, TNPolk
37401Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37402Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37397Powells Crossroads, TNMarion
37396Whiteside, TNMarion
37397Whitwell , TNMarion
37415Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37618Bluff City, TNSullivan
37620Bristol, TNSullivan
37617Blountville, TNSullivan
37615Johnson City, TNWashington
37616Afton, TNGreene
37621Bristol, TNSullivan
37642Church Hill, TNHawkins
37643Elizabethton, TNCarter
37641Chuckey, TNGreene
37625Bristol, TNSullivan
37640Butler, TNJohnson
37422Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37424Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37421Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37416Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37419Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37450Chattanooga, TNHamilton
37605Johnson City, TNWashington
37614Johnson City, TNWashington
37604Johnson City, TNWashington
37601Johnson City, TNWashington
37602Johnson City, TNWashington
37377Signal Mountain, TNHamilton
37321Dayton, TNRhea
37322Decatur, TNMeigs
37320Cleveland, TNBradley
37316Conasauga, TNPolk
37317Copperhill, TNPolk
37323Cleveland, TNBradley
37329Englewood, TNMcminn
37331Etowah, TNMcminn
37327Dunlap, TNSequatchie
37325Delano, TNPolk
37326Ducktown, TNPolk
37307Benton, TNPolk
37308Birchwood, TNHamilton
37304Bakewell, TNHamilton
37302Apison, TNHamilton
37303Athens, TNMcminn
37309Calhoun, TNMcminn
37314Coker Creek, TNMonroe
37315Collegedale, TNHamilton
37312Cleveland, TNBradley
37310Charleston, TNBradley
37311Cleveland, TNBradley
37332Evensville, TNRhea
37363Ooltewah, TNHamilton
37364Cleveland, TNBradley
37362Old Fort, TNPolk
37354Madisonville, TNMonroe
37361Ocoee, TNPolk
37367Pikeville, TNBledsoe
37373Sale Creek, TNHamilton
37374Sequatchie, TNMarion
37371Athens, TNMcminn
37369Reliance, TNPolk
37370Riceville, TNMcminn
37338Graysville, TNRhea
37340Guild, TNMarion
37337Grandview, TNRhea
37333Farner, TNPolk
37336Georgetown, TNMeigs
37341Harrison, TNHamilton
37351Lupton City, TNHamilton
37353Mc Donald, TNBradley
37350Lookout Mountain, TNHamilton
37343Hixson, TNHamilton
37347Jasper, TNMarion
37644Elizabethton, TNCarter
37816Morristown, TNHamblen
37818Mosheim, TNGreene
37815Morristown, TNHamblen
37813Morristown, TNHamblen
37814Morristown, TNHamblen
37819Newcomb, TNCampbell
37825New Tazewell, TNClaiborne
37826Niota, TNMcminn
37824New Tazewell, TNClaiborne
37821Newport, TNCocke
37822Newport, TNCocke
37765Kyles Ford, TNHancock
37766La Follette, TNCampbell
37762Jellico, TNCampbell
37756Huntsville, TNScott
37757Jacksboro, TNCampbell
37770Lancing, TNMorgan
37810Mohawk, TNGreene
37811Mooresburg, TNHawkins
37809Midway, TNGreene
37773Lone Mountain, TNClaiborne
37778Lowland, TNHamblen
37829Oakdale, TNMorgan
37874Sweetwater, TNMonroe
37877Talbott, TNHamblen
37873Surgoinsville, TNHawkins
37870Speedwell, TNClaiborne
37872Sunbright, TNMorgan
37879Tazewell, TNClaiborne
37891Whitesburg, TNHamblen
37892Winfield, TNScott
37887Wartburg, TNMorgan
37880Ten Mile, TNMeigs
37885Vonore, TNMonroe
37845Petros, TNMorgan
37847Pioneer, TNCampbell
37843Parrottsville, TNCocke
37840Oliver Springs, TNRoane
37841Oneida, TNScott
37851Pruden, TNClaiborne
37867Shawanee, TNClaiborne
37869Sneedville, TNHancock
37860Russellville, TNHamblen
37852Robbins, TNScott
37857Rogersville, TNHawkins
37755Helenwood, TNScott
37682Milligan College, TNCarter
37683Mountain City, TNJohnson
37681Limestone, TNWashington
37669Kingsport, TNSullivan
37680Laurel Bloomery, TNJohnson
37684Mountain Home, TNWashington
37690Telford, TNWashington
37691Trade, TNJohnson
37688Shady Valley, TNJohnson
37686Piney Flats, TNSullivan
37687Roan Mountain, TNCarter
37657Flag Pond, TNUnicoi
37658Hampton, TNCarter
37656Fall Branch, TNWashington
37645Mount Carmel, TNHawkins
37650Erwin, TNUnicoi
37659Jonesborough, TNWashington
37664Kingsport, TNSullivan
37665Kingsport, TNSullivan
37663Kingsport, TNSullivan
37660Kingsport, TNSullivan
37662Kingsport, TNSullivan
37692Unicoi, TNUnicoi
37731Eidson, TNHawkins
37732Elgin, TNScott
37730Eagan, TNClaiborne
37727Del Rio, TNCocke
37729Duff, TNCampbell
37733Rugby, TNMorgan
37752Harrogate, TNClaiborne
37753Hartford, TNCocke
37745Greeneville, TNGreene
37743Greeneville, TNGreene
37744Greeneville, TNGreene
37711Bulls Gap, TNHawkins
37713Bybee, TNCocke
37707Arthur, TNClaiborne
37694Watauga, TNCarter
37699Piney Flats, TNSullivan
37714Caryville, TNCampbell
37724Cumberland Gap, TNClaiborne
37726Deer Lodge, TNMorgan
37722Cosby, TNCocke
37715Clairfield, TNClaiborne
37719Coalfield, TNMorgan

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