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StateTennessee (TN)
Time ZoneCentral Time
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1954

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38567Hickman, TNSmith
38563Gordonsville, TNSmith
38569Lancaster, TNSmith
37132Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37131Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37130Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37133Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37138Old Hickory, TNDavidson
37136Norene, TNWilson
37135Nolensville, TNWilliamson
37060Eagleville, TNRutherford
37062Fairview, TNWilliamson
37122Mount Juliet, TNWilson
37127Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37059Dowelltown, TNDekalb
37129Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37128Murfreesboro, TNRutherford
37235Nashville, TNDavidson
37236Nashville, TNDavidson
37238Nashville, TNDavidson
37234Nashville, TNDavidson
37229Nashville, TNDavidson
37230Nashville, TNDavidson
37232Nashville, TNDavidson
37244Nashville, TNDavidson
37246Nashville, TNDavidson
37250Nashville, TNDavidson
37243Nashville, TNDavidson
37240Nashville, TNDavidson
37241Nashville, TNDavidson
37242Nashville, TNDavidson
37070Goodlettsville, TNDavidson
37031Castalian Springs, TNSumner
37071Gladeville, TNWilson
37069Franklin, TNWilliamson
37066Gallatin, TNSumner
37067Franklin, TNWilliamson
37068Franklin, TNWilliamson
37074Hartsville, TNTrousdale
37075Hendersonville, TNSumner
37076Hermitage, TNDavidson
37073Greenbrier, TNRobertson
37072Goodlettsville, TNDavidson
37030Carthage, TNSmith
37029Burns, TNDickson
37064Franklin, TNWilliamson
37116Madison, TNDavidson
37115Madison, TNDavidson
37118Milton, TNRutherford
37121Mount Juliet, TNWilson
37063Fosterville, TNRutherford
37119Mitchellville, TNSumner
37089La Vergne, TNRutherford
37088Lebanon, TNWilson
37087Lebanon, TNWilson
37090Lebanon, TNWilson
37032Cedar Hill, TNRobertson
37065Franklin, TNWilliamson
37095Liberty, TNDekalb
37228Nashville, TNDavidson
37165Slayden, TNDickson
37166Smithville, TNDekalb
37167Smyrna, TNRutherford
37153Rockvale, TNRutherford
37037Christiana, TNRutherford
37152Ridgetop, TNRobertson
37141Orlinda, TNRobertson
37186Westmoreland, TNSumner
37187White Bluff, TNDickson
37188White House, TNRobertson
37184Watertown, TNWilson
37172Springfield, TNRobertson
37179Thompsons Station, TNWilliamson
37181Vanleer, TNDickson
37146Pleasant View, TNCheatham
37145Pleasant Shade, TNSmith
37149Readyville, TNCannon
37051Cumberland Furnace, TNDickson
37056Dickson, TNDickson
37148Portland, TNSumner
37055Dickson, TNDickson
37057Dixon Springs, TNSmith
37143Pegram, TNCheatham
37151Riddleton, TNSmith
37046College Grove, TNWilliamson
37049Cross Plains, TNRobertson
37048Cottontown, TNSumner
37150Red Boiling Springs, TNMacon
37215Nashville, TNDavidson
37216Nashville, TNDavidson
37217Nashville, TNDavidson
37214Nashville, TNDavidson
37211Nashville, TNDavidson
37212Nashville, TNDavidson
37213Nashville, TNDavidson
37222Nashville, TNDavidson
37224Nashville, TNDavidson
37227Nashville, TNDavidson
37221Nashville, TNDavidson
37218Nashville, TNDavidson
37219Nashville, TNDavidson
37220Nashville, TNDavidson
37202Nashville, TNDavidson
37203Nashville, TNDavidson
37204Nashville, TNDavidson
37201Nashville, TNDavidson
37036Charlotte, TNDickson
37189Whites Creek, TNDavidson
37190Woodbury, TNCannon
37209Nashville, TNDavidson
37210Nashville, TNDavidson
37035Chapmansboro, TNCheatham
37208Nashville, TNDavidson
37205Nashville, TNDavidson
37206Nashville, TNDavidson
37207Nashville, TNDavidson
37022Bethpage, TNSumner
37016Auburntown, TNCannon
37015Ashland City, TNCheatham
37086La Vergne, TNRutherford
37026Bradyville, TNCannon
37024Brentwood, TNWilliamson
37014Arrington, TNWilliamson
37011Antioch, TNDavidson
38547Brush Creek, TNSmith
37012Alexandria, TNDekalb
37010Adams, TNRobertson
37013Antioch, TNDavidson
38560Elmwood, TNSmith
37085Lascassas, TNRutherford
37082Kingston Springs, TNCheatham
38552Chestnut Mound, TNSmith
37080Joelton, TNDavidson
37077Hendersonville, TNSumner
37083Lafayette, TNMacon
37027Brentwood, TNWilliamson
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