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StateIndiana (IN)
Time ZoneEastern Time
Parent NPA219
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/15/2002

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46773Monroeville, INAllen
46772Monroe, INAdams
46771Mongo, INLagrange
46774New Haven, INAllen
46776Orland, INSteuben
46777Ossian, INWells
46778Petroleum, INWells
46770Markle, INWells
46763Laotto, INNoble
46761Lagrange, INLagrange
46760Kimmell, INNoble
46764Larwill, INWhitley
46769Linn Grove, INAdams
46766Liberty Center, INWells
46765Leo, INAllen
46779Pleasant Lake, INSteuben
46791Uniondale, INWells
46789Stroh, INLagrange
46788Spencerville, INAllen
46792Warren, INHuntington
46795Wolcottville, INLagrange
46794Wawaka, INNoble
46793Waterloo, INDekalb
46787South Whitley, INWhitley
46782Preble, INAdams
46781Poneto, INWells
46780Pleasant Mills, INAdams
46783Roanoke, INHuntington
46786South Milford, INLagrange
46785Saint Joe, INDekalb
46784Rome City, INNoble
46713Bippus, INHuntington
46711Berne, INAdams
46710Avilla, INNoble
46714Bluffton, INWells
46725Columbia City, INWhitley
46723Churubusco, INWhitley
46721Butler, INDekalb
46706Auburn, INDekalb
46701Albion, INNoble
46571Topeka, INLagrange
46565Shipshewana, INLagrange
46702Andrews, INHuntington
46705Ashley, INDekalb
46704Arcola, INAllen
46703Angola, INSteuben
46730Corunna, INDekalb
46747Hudson, INSteuben
46746Howe, INLagrange
46745Hoagland, INAllen
46748Huntertown, INAllen
46759Keystone, INWells
46755Kendallville, INNoble
46750Huntington, INHuntington
46743Harlan, INAllen
46737Fremont, INSteuben
46733Decatur, INAdams
46731Craigville, INWells
46738Garrett, INDekalb
46742Hamilton, INSteuben
46741Grabill, INAllen
46740Geneva, INAdams
46796Wolflake, INNoble
46868Fort Wayne, INAllen
46867Fort Wayne, INAllen
46866Fort Wayne, INAllen
46869Fort Wayne, INAllen
46896Fort Wayne, INAllen
46895Fort Wayne, INAllen
46885Fort Wayne, INAllen
46861Fort Wayne, INAllen
46860Fort Wayne, INAllen
46859Fort Wayne, INAllen
46862Fort Wayne, INAllen
46865Fort Wayne, INAllen
46864Fort Wayne, INAllen
46863Fort Wayne, INAllen
46897Fort Wayne, INAllen
46992Wabash, INWabash
46990Urbana, INWabash
46982Silver Lake, INKosciusko
47326Bryant, INJay
47381Salamonia, INJay
47371Portland, INJay
47369Pennville, INJay
46941Lagro, INWabash
46899Fort Wayne, INAllen
46898Fort Wayne, INAllen
46943Laketon, INWabash
46980Servia, INWabash
46962North Manchester, INWabash
46946Liberty Mills, INWabash
46807Fort Wayne, INAllen
46806Fort Wayne, INAllen
46805Fort Wayne, INAllen
46808Fort Wayne, INAllen
46815Fort Wayne, INAllen
46814Fort Wayne, INAllen
46809Fort Wayne, INAllen
46799Zanesville, INAllen
46798Yoder, INAllen
46797Woodburn, INAllen
46801Fort Wayne, INAllen
46804Fort Wayne, INAllen
46803Fort Wayne, INAllen
46802Fort Wayne, INAllen
46816Fort Wayne, INAllen
46854Fort Wayne, INAllen
46853Fort Wayne, INAllen
46852Fort Wayne, INAllen
46855Fort Wayne, INAllen
46858Fort Wayne, INAllen
46857Fort Wayne, INAllen
46856Fort Wayne, INAllen
46851Fort Wayne, INAllen
46825Fort Wayne, INAllen
46819Fort Wayne, INAllen
46818Fort Wayne, INAllen
46835Fort Wayne, INAllen
46850Fort Wayne, INAllen
46845Fort Wayne, INAllen
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