Area Code Details for: 219






Time ZoneEC
Parent NPA-
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date01/01/1947


46352La Porte, INLa Porte
46350La Porte, INLa Porte
46356Lowell, INLake
46355Leroy, INLake
46349Lake Village, INNewton
46346Kingsford Heights, INLa Porte
46345Kingsbury, INLa Porte
46348La Crosse, INLa Porte
46347Kouts, INPorter
46360Michigan City, INLa Porte
46374San Pierre, INStarke
46373Saint John, INLake
46376Schneider, INLake
46375Schererville, INLake
46372Roselawn, INNewton
46365Mill Creek, INLa Porte
46361Michigan City, INLa Porte
46371Rolling Prairie, INLa Porte
46368Portage, INPorter
46342Hobart, INLake
46310Demotte, INJasper
46308Crown Point, INLake
46312East Chicago, INLake
46311Dyer, INLake
46307Crown Point, INLake
46302Boone Grove, INPorter
46301Beverly Shores, INPorter
46304Chesterton, INPorter
46303Cedar Lake, INLake
46319Griffith, INLake
46327Hammond, INLake
46325Hammond, INLake
46341Hebron, INPorter
46340Hanna, INLa Porte
46324Hammond, INLake
46321Munster, INLake
46320Hammond, INLake
46323Hammond, INLake
46322Highland, INLake
47942Earl Park, INBenton
47929Chalmers, INWhite
47946Francesville, INPulaski
47943Fair Oaks, INJasper
47922Brook, INNewton
46409Gary, INLake
46408Gary, INLake
46411Merrillville, INLake
46410Merrillville, INLake
47948Goodland, INNewton
47978Rensselaer, INJasper
47977Remington, INJasper
47995Wolcott, INWhite
47980Reynolds, INWhite
47964Mount Ayr, INNewton
47957Medaryville, INPulaski
47951Kentland, INNewton
47963Morocco, INNewton
47959Monon, INWhite
46407Gary, INLake
46384Valparaiso, INPorter
46383Valparaiso, INPorter
46390Wanatah, INLa Porte
46385Valparaiso, INPorter
46382Union Mills, INLa Porte
46379Sumava Resorts, INNewton
46377Shelby, INLake
46381Thayer, INNewton
46380Tefft, INJasper
46391Westville, INLa Porte
46404Gary, INLake
46403Gary, INLake
46406Gary, INLake
46405Lake Station, INLake
46402Gary, INLake
46393Wheeler, INPorter
46392Wheatfield, INJasper
46401Gary, INLake
46394Whiting, INLake

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