Area Code Details for: 731






Time ZoneC
Parent NPA901
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date02/12/2001


38069Stanton, TNHaywood
38067Saulsbury, TNHardeman
38070Tigrett, TNDyer
38389Yorkville, TNGibson
38061Pocahontas, TNHardeman
38059Newbern, TNDyer
38388Wildersville, TNHenderson
38063Ripley, TNLauderdale
38075Whiteville, TNHardeman
38220Atwood, TNCarroll
38201Mc Kenzie, TNCarroll
38392Mercer, TNMadison
38391Denmark, TNMadison
38079Tiptonville, TNLake
38077Wynnburg, TNLake
38390Yuma, TNCarroll
38080Ridgely, TNLake
38042Hickory Valley, TNHardeman
38376Shiloh, TNHardin
38047Lenox, TNDyer
38044Hornsby, TNHardeman
38041Henning, TNLauderdale
38040Halls, TNLauderdale
38375Selmer, TNMcnairy
38374Scotts Hill, TNDecatur
38050Maury City, TNCrockett
38381Toone, TNHardeman
38380Sugar Tree, TNDecatur
38387Westport, TNCarroll
38382Trenton, TNGibson
38377Silerton, TNHardeman
38052Middleton, TNHardeman
38379Stantonville, TNMcnairy
38378Spring Creek, TNMadison
38233Kenton, TNGibson
38256Springville, TNHenry
38236Mansfield, TNHenry
38235Mc Lemoresville, TNCarroll
38259Trimble, TNDyer
38260Troy, TNObion
38257South Fulton, TNObion
38258Trezevant, TNCarroll
38237Martin, TNWeakley
38253Rives, TNObion
38254Samburg, TNObion
38242Paris, TNHenry
38251Puryear, TNHenry
38238Martin, TNWeakley
38255Sharon, TNWeakley
38241Palmersville, TNWeakley
38240Obion, TNObion
38223Como, TNHenry
38222Buchanan, TNHenry
38225Dresden, TNWeakley
38224Cottage Grove, TNHenry
38475Olivehill, TNHardin
38393Chewalla, TNMcnairy
38221Big Sandy, TNBenton
38302Jackson, TNMadison
38226Dukedom, TNWeakley
38281Union City, TNObion
38301Jackson, TNMadison
38261Union City, TNObion
38271Woodland Mills, TNObion
38230Greenfield, TNWeakley
38229Gleason, TNWeakley
38232Hornbeak, TNObion
38231Henry, TNHenry
38334Finger, TNMcnairy
38333Eva, TNBenton
38337Gadsden, TNCrockett
38336Fruitvale, TNCrockett
38330Dyer, TNGibson
38329Decaturville, TNDecatur
38332Enville, TNChester
38331Eaton, TNGibson
38007Bogota, TNDyer
38006Bells, TNCrockett
38012Brownsville, TNHaywood
38008Bolivar, TNHardeman
38339Guys, TNMcnairy
38338Gibson, TNGibson
38340Henderson, TNChester
38001Alamo, TNCrockett
38328Darden, TNHenderson
38313Beech Bluff, TNMadison
38311Bath Springs, TNDecatur
38315Bethel Springs, TNMcnairy
38314Jackson, TNMadison
38305Jackson, TNMadison
38303Jackson, TNMadison
38310Adamsville, TNMcnairy
38308Jackson, TNMadison
38324Clarksburg, TNCarroll
38321Cedar Grove, TNCarroll
38327Crump, TNHardin
38326Counce, TNHardin
38317Bruceton, TNCarroll
38316Bradford, TNGibson
38320Camden, TNBenton
38318Buena Vista, TNCarroll
38021Crockett Mills, TNCrockett
38347Jacks Creek, TNChester
38346Idlewild, TNGibson
38351Lexington, TNHenderson
38348Lavinia, TNCarroll
38343Humboldt, TNGibson
38342Hollow Rock, TNCarroll
38345Huron, TNHenderson
38344Huntingdon, TNCarroll
38358Milan, TNGibson
38359Milledgeville, TNMcnairy
38357Michie, TNMcnairy
38356Medon, TNMadison
38362Oakfield, TNMadison
38352Luray, TNChester
38355Medina, TNGibson
38361Morris Chapel, TNHardin
38363Parsons, TNDecatur
38371Sardis, TNHenderson
38025Dyersburg, TNDyer
38370Saltillo, TNHardin
38039Grand Junction, TNHardeman
38372Savannah, TNHardin
38034Friendship, TNCrockett
38037Gates, TNLauderdale
38369Rutherford, TNGibson
38365Pickwick Dam, TNHardin
38366Pinson, TNMadison
38030Finley, TNDyer
38024Dyersburg, TNDyer
38368Reagan, TNHenderson
38341Holladay, TNBenton
38367Ramer, TNMcnairy

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