Area Code Details for: 714






StateCalifornia (CA)
Time ZonePacific Time
Parent NPA213
Relief Planning in ProgressYes
In Service Date01/01/1951

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92684Westminster, CAOrange
92704Santa Ana, CAOrange
92683Westminster, CAOrange
92685Westminster, CAOrange
92702Santa Ana, CAOrange
92703Santa Ana, CAOrange
92701Santa Ana, CAOrange
92648Huntington Beach, CAOrange
92711Santa Ana, CAOrange
92605Huntington Beach, CAOrange
92706Santa Ana, CAOrange
92707Santa Ana, CAOrange
92646Huntington Beach, CAOrange
92647Huntington Beach, CAOrange
92615Huntington Beach, CAOrange
92626Costa Mesa, CAOrange
92856Orange, CAOrange
92846Garden Grove, CAOrange
92857Orange, CAOrange
92863Orange, CAOrange
92859Orange, CAOrange
92840Garden Grove, CAOrange
92838Fullerton, CAOrange
92842Garden Grove, CAOrange
92844Garden Grove, CAOrange
92843Garden Grove, CAOrange
92886Yorba Linda, CAOrange
90620Buena Park, CAOrange
92870Placentia, CAOrange
92885Yorba Linda, CAOrange
92871Placentia, CAOrange
92866Orange, CAOrange
92864Orange, CAOrange
90622Buena Park, CAOrange
92868Orange, CAOrange
90621Buena Park, CAOrange
92802Anaheim, CAOrange
90623La Palma, CAOrange
92805Anaheim, CAOrange
92808Anaheim, CAOrange
92806Anaheim, CAOrange
92735Santa Ana, CAOrange
92712Santa Ana, CAOrange
92799Santa Ana, CAOrange
90624Buena Park, CAOrange
90630Cypress, CAOrange
92832Fullerton, CAOrange
92831Fullerton, CAOrange
92834Fullerton, CAOrange
92837Fullerton, CAOrange
92836Fullerton, CAOrange
92887Yorba Linda, CAOrange
92811Atwood, CAOrange
92821Brea, CAOrange
92823Brea, CAOrange
92822Brea, CAOrange
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