Area Code Details for: 859






Time ZoneE
Parent NPA606
Relief Planning in ProgressNo
In Service Date04/01/2000


40507Lexington, KYFayette
40508Lexington, KYFayette
40505Lexington, KYFayette
40506Lexington, KYFayette
40511Lexington, KYFayette
40512Lexington, KYFayette
40509Lexington, KYFayette
40510Lexington, KYFayette
40504Lexington, KYFayette
40464Parksville, KYBoyle
40468Perryville, KYBoyle
40452Mitchellsburg, KYBoyle
40461Paint Lick, KYGarrard
40502Lexington, KYFayette
40503Lexington, KYFayette
40475Richmond, KYMadison
40476Richmond, KYMadison
40544Lexington, KYFayette
40546Lexington, KYFayette
40533Lexington, KYFayette
40536Lexington, KYFayette
40574Lexington, KYFayette
40575Lexington, KYFayette
40550Lexington, KYFayette
40555Lexington, KYFayette
40526Lexington, KYFayette
40515Lexington, KYFayette
40516Lexington, KYFayette
40513Lexington, KYFayette
40514Lexington, KYFayette
40523Lexington, KYFayette
40524Lexington, KYFayette
40517Lexington, KYFayette
40522Lexington, KYFayette
40347Midway, KYWoodford
40348Millersburg, KYBourbon
40339Keene, KYJessamine
40340Nicholasville, KYJessamine
40356Nicholasville, KYJessamine
40357North Middletown, KYBourbon
40350Moorefield, KYNicholas
40353Mount Sterling, KYMontgomery
40337Jeffersonville, KYMontgomery
40078Willisburg, KYWashington
40310Burgin, KYMercer
40040Mackville, KYWashington
40061Saint Catharine, KYWashington
40334Hope, KYBath
40069Springfield, KYWashington
40311Carlisle, KYNicholas
40330Harrodsburg, KYMercer
40405Bighill, KYMadison
40410Bryantsville, KYGarrard
40403Berea, KYMadison
40404Berea, KYMadison
40440Junction City, KYBoyle
40444Lancaster, KYGarrard
40422Danville, KYBoyle
40423Danville, KYBoyle
40392Winchester, KYClark
40372Salvisa, KYMercer
40383Versailles, KYWoodford
40361Paris, KYBourbon
40362Paris, KYBourbon
40390Wilmore, KYJessamine
40391Winchester, KYClark
40384Versailles, KYWoodford
40385Waco, KYMadison
40576Lexington, KYFayette
41033De Mossville, KYPendleton
41035Dry Ridge, KYGrant
41031Cynthiana, KYHarrison
41025Erlanger, KYKenton
41030Crittenden, KYGrant
41048Hebron, KYBoone
41051Independence, KYKenton
41046Glencoe, KYGallatin
41040Falmouth, KYPendleton
41042Florence, KYBoone
41015Latonia, KYKenton
41016Covington, KYKenton
41014Covington, KYKenton
41011Covington, KYKenton
41012Covington, KYKenton
41021Hebron, KYBoone
41022Florence, KYBoone
41019Covington, KYKenton
41017Ft Mitchell, KYKenton
41018Erlanger, KYKenton
41086Sparta, KYGallatin
41091Union, KYBoone
41085Silver Grove, KYCampbell
41076Newport, KYCampbell
41080Petersburg, KYBoone
41097Williamstown, KYGrant
41099Newport, KYCampbell
41095Warsaw, KYGallatin
41092Verona, KYBoone
41094Walton, KYBoone
41059Melbourne, KYCampbell
41063Morning View, KYKenton
41054Mason, KYGrant
41052Jonesville, KYGrant
41053Kenton, KYKenton
41074Dayton, KYCampbell
41075Fort Thomas, KYCampbell
41073Bellevue, KYCampbell
41071Newport, KYCampbell
41072Newport, KYCampbell
41010Corinth, KYGrant
40583Lexington, KYFayette
40582Lexington, KYFayette
40591Lexington, KYFayette
40588Lexington, KYFayette
40577Lexington, KYFayette
40579Lexington, KYFayette
40578Lexington, KYFayette
40581Lexington, KYFayette
40580Lexington, KYFayette
41005Burlington, KYBoone
41003Berry, KYHarrison
41007California, KYCampbell
41006Butler, KYPendleton
40598Lexington, KYFayette
41001Alexandria, KYCampbell

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